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    Hi guys, Klok here, and today I present a very special event. For a long time now, a factor of years in fact, I've been working on updating a previously abandoned game engine made in Rpg Maker XP. The engine is called FEXP, or as I'm calling it now, "Super FEXP".


    Super FEXP is a game development engine that lets you create your own Fire Emblem games, using a really simple and easy-to-understand interface. The original version which was lat updated in mid-2011, can be found here. While the forum used to be for answering questions for potential FEXP devs, the original FEXP creator, Bwdyeti, no longer is working on it and as such basically ignores the forum. He is actually creating a new Fire Emblem engine for his own game using XNA, the same engine used for Terraria.

    I have not yet released Super FEXP, however I am actively working on it everyday. On my own forum, Klokreations, my team and I work tirelessly to enhance it and add many new features, but especially recently we've been adding Classes and Animations, many of which can be found on my Youtube Channel.

    If you want to dive into Yeti's old version to be prepared for when I release Super FEXP in a few months, you can download it from the page I linked earlier. A tutorial on how to use the engine can be found here, and questions or requests/project feedback can be directed to my forum,

    I'm only posting this topic because it seems people on TO love having new engines to play with, and because I really hope a lot of people can get use out of Yeti and My work :)

    For some videos of games made with the FEXP engine, please see these two video series, the first of which I made, and the second of which Pwnage Kirby made, a member of my forum.

    (Part 1 of 3)

    (Part 1 of 4)

    As a bonus, this is another game Pwnage Kirby is developing after her ragefest entry!

    I hope to find more potential devs to work with! Also, I am not an experienced ruby coder, and if you are interested in helping expand the FEXP engine feature-wise, please get in contact with me. I've added some small things myself, but things like a streamlined save system, branching promotions from the Sacred Stones, and a world map system also from the Sacred Stones would be awesome additions that would really help the developer community.

    Thank you!
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    Make fire emblem games, you say? Is there going to be a tutorial feature as how to use it? Such as pop ups describing tools and such? This seems like something I wanna try as a massive fan of the FE series.
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    is this avalible to download
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