Super Mario Texture Pack! v1.0.6

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  1. Rawkus

    Rawkus Green Slime

    This is my first time making a texture pack ever, and my first time using a Photoshop like software, hope you enjoy =)!

    Link to texture Pack:

    1. Download and install Terraria Texture Pack here!
    2. Download this texture pack from the link.
    3. Extract that file anywhere using WinRar
    4. Place the "Images2" folder into your Terraria's content folder. Normally (c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\terraria\content)
    5. Do not rename any folders or files!
    6. Launch Terraria via the Terraria Texture pack exe.
    Description: I replaced Nights Edge with a Mario Hammer, Fallen Star with Mario Star power up, and replaced Flower of Fire. I replaced all of the NPC's that live in your house, as well as the dungeon guy. And all of the bosses. I changed most of the creatures such as all of the slime types, rabbits, goblins, harpies, jellyfish, eye, zombies, the eaters, as well as the fire imp, and others. I replaced all three types of the mushrooms and the mushroom tree. I also changed the clouds at the start up and in game, along with the the backgrounds of both as well. I may be forgetting others but got most of them =).

    Screenshots: tried to get the image to show in here all i could see was a box sorry instead here are the links to the pictures...
    Dungeon Boss
    Day Time Back Ground
    King Slime
    Start Up Menu
    NPC's expect for dungeon boss and Golbins
    All Three Mushrooms and one of the slime types
    Flower of Fire
    Fallen Star and Zombie/Eye

    Post any comments or questions below and i will try my best to read them all =).
  2. Roll Volnut

    Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    Sloppy and resized, with images that look like they were ripped from a game with the magic wand tool x.x
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  3. Blitzkriegx

    Blitzkriegx Green Slime

    Most stuff (all I think) are resized like Fany said, and the NPCs go through the ceiling and floors. You might not want to just paste something in place of mobs, because it doesn't match Terraria, and most of the times it looks weird. (Except Mikes TLOZ texture pack)
  4. SpinBuilder

    SpinBuilder Green Slime

    Jeez. At least use sprites from the 16 bit mario games. Actually, A super mario world pack sounds like a good idea. Either way, this isn't terribly nice looking, especially with the original terraria tiles.
  5. Crenox

    Crenox Green Slime

    Sprites, not pictures man.

    And for the menu, you should've made the sun from the game.
  6. Space Sphere

    Space Sphere Fire Imp

    The best word to describe it.
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  7. Crenox

    Crenox Green Slime

    No, not even that word.

    Worse then that.
  8. Mudkips

    Mudkips Cursed Skull

    This is the worst texture pack to date.
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  9. SpinBuilder

    SpinBuilder Green Slime

    And then, you go back to the "texturepacks" forum to see "[WIiP 1Bitx oNE BeT tECSTER pACK!!!"
  10. WolfMimir

    WolfMimir Cursed Skull

    Im sorry but this is not a texture pack, u just used pics from the internet, this is a pixel game not a photo game, look akward and feels really rushed, sorry from me u get -10000000000/10 for destroying a pixel game.....
  11. Mvhnexus

    Mvhnexus Piranha

    yeah its not great, but its the posters first texture pack
  12. illegal danish

    illegal danish Green Slime

    Yeah, geez give the guy a break, its his first texture pack after all. I Wouldn't say its the worst out there, I've definitely seen some bad ones, but A for effort lol. Sprites just aren't very good for it. But I do like the dungeon boss lol
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  13. SpinBuilder

    SpinBuilder Green Slime

    I fucking hate that excuse. It's their first pack, so what?! That doesn't excuse them for putting no effort into a pack. The images used are clearly ripped straight from Google images, with white still surrounding the edges. There's many issues with them, such as the background getting stretched vertically and just plain clashing. I don't see any effort at all. All I see is a lazy excuse to try to gain praise.
    Compare this image to the "dungeon boss" image in the op.
  14. illegal danish

    illegal danish Green Slime

    calm down lol, yes its obvious that they didn't do a stellar job, but my guess is that they're doin it to learn how and/ probably also for anyone who wants a mario texture pack.
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  15. SpinBuilder

    SpinBuilder Green Slime

    You obviously didn't read/understand my post. Just because It's their first texture pack doesn't mean they should put zero effort into it. Obviously not everyone's going to be a prodigy with texture packs, but really, With a little effort, this could have been at least somewhat good. The OP should have looked up some tutorials, used some other packs as reference, and realized the difference between pictures ripped from screenshots from a 3d and 2D sprites/tiles.
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  16. illegal danish

    illegal danish Green Slime

    Yeah, alright, so he definitely coulda worked a little harder on it, but it is his first and he had no experience. But Hey, at least he's learning how to correct everything through the comments.
    B: For creativity
    D: For Effort
    So that averages a C for the whole thing
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  17. Glace

    Glace Eskimo Zombie

    I don't know about you but...

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  18. Mike

    Mike Dark Caster

    Something I would recommend is using sprites from 2D mario games instead of pictures from 3D games. This makes the sprites easier to work with and edit. I also recommend scrapping the background you added in and leaving the default background in. The Mario background you added looks really squished and doesn't really match up with the rest of the tiles since the background has a ground in it. Also, make the fire flower at an angle that makes it swing correctly.

    I do think your Skeletron looks nice. With some more touching up, it could look really cool. Remember, don't resize the sprites un-proportionally unless it still looks ok afterwards.
  19. The skeletron looks nice, the rest of it though is horrible.
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