Super Tubular Terraria Tea Time

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Triforce, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. TehDarkNoob Flying Fish

    Hoe iz diz not kewt
  2. Triforce Flying Snake

    Cuz I said so.
  3. SillyMind69 Fire Imp

    I like turtles! :D
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  4. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

    How duh fuhjk dud u got dat futage ofd meh?
  5. Triforce Flying Snake

    I like pretty songs.
  6. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

  7. Triforce Flying Snake

    Prove it.
  8. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

    Yesterday I saw you listening to Justin Bieber
  9. Triforce Flying Snake

    Just cuz FOX & Friends played a Bieber song yesterday doesn't mean that I enjoyed it.
  10. TehDarkNoob Flying Fish

    I liek eelektru
  11. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

    Yus u did
  12. Triforce Flying Snake

    Nu-uh. I think you're being a liar.
  13. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

  14. TehDarkNoob Flying Fish

    Leeur leeur pentz en feeur
  15. Alcoholic Snail Demon Eye

    furry yiff
  16. Triforce Flying Snake

    Heeeeyyyy guuuyyyyssss let's get back on topic.
  17. TehDarkNoob Flying Fish

    Colorado flood damage survey from a car window:
    Wrecked car to the far right
    General damage
  18. Triforce Flying Snake

    Good thing I don't live there.
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  19. TehDarkNoob Flying Fish

    I used to live in the most affected area. Now I live 45 minutes away.
  20. Triforce Flying Snake

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