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  1. CookiezEater

    CookiezEater Green Slime

    I decided to create full list of mods for Surfpup's tConfig mod, you can submit your mods down here and i will add them in post.


    3 New swords:
    -Beam Of Truth
    -The Bushwacker
    -Flame Beam
    1 New Pickaxe:
    -Meteor Pickaxe

    It requires:​
    1 of each of the ore broadswords​
    5 Hellstone Bars​
    5 Meteorite Bars​
    Lawura's Builder Pack
    Fences, Glass, and much more!
  2. CookiezEater

    CookiezEater Green Slime

    My own items:
    Charged batteries:
    Charged Batteries used with gauss cannon, they can be stacked up to 100 batteries.
    Craft: 2 Fallen Stars=1 battery
    Tesla Beaton: Uses Charged Batteries to shoot, 80 damage
    Craft: 1 Illegal Gun Parts +10 Falled stars
  3. Kokoro

    Kokoro Demon Eye

    These can/are being added to its own wiki. I don't think this is necessary to be honest. The one thread and the wiki should be enough.
  4. Surfpup

    Surfpup Arapaima

    I think it's helpful with making more people aware of what they can add to the game with tConfig. Having everything in one location is also just a great convenience. Plus, this means I'm unofficially taking over the General section of the forums :p.
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