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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Shockah, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

  2. Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    ......Good to hear the devs are making progress.
    ......I don't know if this has been addressed, but how easy (or difficult) will it be to transfer some of our favourite tConfig mods over to tAPI? Would tAPI somehow be able to read the source of those mods and rebuild them from there, or would we have to wait for creators to remake their mods (or, for the more knowledgeable players, remake the mods themselves)?
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  3. PoroCYon Crimera

    All mods will have to be rewritten.
  4. Copern Mouse

    Just from the simple example code I can already tell tAPI is going to be oh so much better than tConfig. Good job guys.

    Edit: IMO GetModInfo would make more sense as a virtual or abstract ModInfo property.
    //omitted code
    private static readonly ModInfo modInfo;
    static ImaMod()
        ModInfo info = new ModInfo();
        info.name = "TestMod";
        info.version = "r1";
        info.author = "Shockah";
        modInfo = info;
    public override ModInfo ModInfo
            return modInfo;
    //omitted code
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  5. Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Appreciate the progress all of you are giving. Keeping new-modder friendliness should be a cause though.

    As for the survey, I would prefer a separate application, as automatic effectively makes it harder to add things and test a large amount of them, then when the game crashes, and I can't revert easily.
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  6. omega101 Zombie

    okay so lets asume i dont want to punch someone for discontinuing tconfig. i got a question:
    Will the way to mod items stay the same llike this:

    setName=Dragon Set

    or will we have to relearn everything?
  7. PoroCYon Crimera

    There won't be inis.
  8. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    JSON though.
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  9. omega101 Zombie

    I know that, but do you have an idea how a new piece of armor code will look?

    BTW im sticking with tconfig
  10. PoroCYon Crimera

    "item": {
        "name": "armor",
        "defense": 5,
        "setName": "armorSet"
        // etc
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  11. Fraidar Green Slime

    Nice! I was very surprised when i heared about tAPI. I found that topic in 5 minutes and i am really happy, that will by so easy to make mods now. Guys, good wokr at the moment, i'm interested what would you do in future. Good luck and don;t drop the idea.
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  12. omega101 Zombie

    from what ive seen it will be even more annoying now. im sticking to 1.1.1 and tconfig
  13. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Do it then. No one cares. Modding isn't really supposed to be something newbies should do, be happy you'll BE ABLE to do it anyways.

    EDIT: Btw. You meant 1.1.2.
  14. Zer0 Th3 Fall3n Blazing Wheel

    Shockah I want to say I am very greatful personally and I am litterally as excited to see this as I was the release of 1.2! Modding kept terraria alive way beyond its lifespan and I personally appreciate the ability to mod! I also want to ask if there is a place to learn proffesional .json code. I would like to also if at all have a rough idea of folder structure and setup in advanced because I am going to be starting my own mini mods.
  15. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    There is no such thing as "professional JSON code", because JSON isn't code. It's just a way of storage. Think of it as of advanced INI files, allowing nesting structures (objects and arrays).

    Currently, tAPI uses the Documents/My Games/Terraria/tAPI folder for storing all things. tAPI/Players, tAPI/Worlds, tAPI/Mods. Mods should be put as folders with sources in tAPI/Mods. For example, mod Accessory Slots+ should be put in tAPI/Mods/Accessory Slots+, and its whole code right in this folder.
    We didn't decide on the other paths just yet, so I can't say just yet.
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  16. Xyore Green Slime

    What a large overhaul. As flexibility increases, so does complexity I assume. I also see this as a sort of "loyalty test" for those who are truly determined to mod or convert existing mods to 1.2. My deepest gratitude to the tAPI team.
  17. Fraidar Green Slime

    I'm totally newbie in modding but i really want to learn how to make mods, so i will wait for tAPI and when i make my first mod, i think it will be pretty nice. I want to make a custom music box. It will be able to do in tAPI?
  18. Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Anything is possible with a little of knowledge. Although... I don't know, aren't there music boxes for new 1.2 music? If yes, why would you want to add any?
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  19. Zer0 Th3 Fall3n Blazing Wheel

    I didn't know that :p I will look into how it works then. Thank you for the prompt response.
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  20. Fraidar Green Slime

    I want to make a Music Box with "epic sax guy" music. I can't make it in normal terraria and i'm really determined to do that. If it posiible, i will make it. (Sorry for mistakes but i'm from Poland and i don't know English very good)
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