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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Shockah, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. orbittwz

    orbittwz Slimed Zombie

    you misunderstood me i guess, i know about the mods for tconfig which are obsolete now...
    i hope that when tAPI will be released, the authors of those popular mods will re-develop their mods for tAPI.
  2. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    I'm not sure that many people will port their mods for 1.2 actually. I believe most will just make new mods, seeing as many have gotten better at modding over time, and perhaps think they can do better than last time, and because redoing old mods is boring. Those are my two reasons for not wanting to update my mods, anyway.
  3. Zoodletec

    Zoodletec Wandering Eye

    IMO think most larger mods will eventually port to 1.2. I would imagine none will be exact ports. I myself plan many changes and even taking on a few members. The game grew...so I think the mods should grow too =]
  4. Duglink

    Duglink Cursed Man

    Well, no matter if the tConfig mods get ported or not, there'll probably still be people making new mods for tAPI.
    Also, with Terraria 2 coming out, there'll be a final release to Terraria 1 eventually, which means even when tAPI development dies in the far future, it'll still be here for the mods piling up. Not that people will play Terraria 1 by that time, but still, mods will be made no matter if it's ports from old mods or completely new mods =)
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  5. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    terraria 2 coming out? Duggy you do know that 1.2 just came out right? that took more than half a year of dev just to upgrade....

    terraria 2, IF it were officially announced (recall red was just musing), it'd be under dev for a year at least, so for the most part lets just forget it was even mentioned

    as for porting, yeah no.... most people will start new ventures, and if they have enough love for their tconfig mods, they might include bits and pieces of them in evolved fashion, but for many this is a fresh start, and its a good thing, some mods could really use it

    just be patient, you'll see them soon enough, a few people already have hype threads out there, though personally I prefer to keep my info on the down-low. I prefer the sneak attack approach, you wont even feel it til its connected to your cerebral cortex, then it'll be like Heisenberg's blue
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  6. ColdPhoenix

    ColdPhoenix Angel Statue

    from tconfig mods i realy missed "Never Enough Devices", cuz i like mechanics.
    also like mob(boss) mods, sometimes new furniture items(not colors, cuz painting now exists)
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  7. Zer0 Th3 Fall3n

    Zer0 Th3 Fall3n Blazing Wheel

    I would love to be one of the team members if you would wan't me to join Zoodletec :p

    I am sure just like minecraft as long as game additions exist people will use them.
  8. Duglink

    Duglink Cursed Man

    Well, yeah, Terraria 2 will take ages, but last time I checked, regular Terraria wasn't getting any updates past the halloween stuff... Or is it :O? God, I gotta go check this up later...
    Either way, not a lot of games are updated infinitely. Eventually in year 21xx (Or sooner), Terraria will be left there without any more updates, and we'll have this stance where there's a modding tool for easy modding, a game not getting updated for mods to always be up to date, and mods will be piled up like Epic Meal Time's food expenses! Everyone will be happy!

    So yeah, no matter what comes out, ported or new mods, there are going to be mods. And that's all that matters, right? Right?... Well, I'm gonna go make some sprites so I'm ready for tAPI public release 1, knowing my spriting skills, I should start really early...
  9. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    What I wanna see is the tilesets with half and corner blocks, so I can start my art. I have a few oldies I guess I can work on
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  10. Zer0 Th3 Fall3n

    Zer0 Th3 Fall3n Blazing Wheel

    I agree that does sound like a smart move ... is there a way to make this ideal work early.
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  11. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    You gonna work on any mods when tapi is out? Would love to see your sprites in a mod.
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  12. Duglink

    Duglink Cursed Man

    Isn't there tilesets like that in the game files? I assumed you could just extract some with an XNB Exporter, but what do I know... I'll try and see if I can do it, got nothing better to do anyways

    Edit: Bah, they don't have the slopes in there as far as I can see... Well, I'll keep looking.
    Could it be a possibility that they did some drawing stuff for slopes instead of having .xnb files for them?
  13. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    The game draws the slopes and half blocks using code , take a look at a wood block's slope to try and grasp how it works.
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  14. Sapharan

    Sapharan Penguin

    That looks kinda like diplocephalus from Castlevania: Syphony of the Night. Difference is that diplocephalus has female body as a tail.
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  15. Duglink

    Duglink Cursed Man

    Figured so, thanks for clearing that up! Not that I needed it, but it's always nice to know a little more about the game code.
    I have a question though, I never tried this out in tConfig, but how hard would it generally be to implement wings? Sorry if this is kind of a n00bish question, but I just wanted to know before diving into spriting a buttload of wings
  16. Grox the Great

    Grox the Great Snatcher

    If you meant tAPI, tAPI is not even out yet so on that front, it's impossible because...it's not out yet, lol. When it IS released, we will most likely have a way to add custom wings, but since we're still developing I can't tell you exactly how.

    If you meant tConfig, it has support for custom wings, see DrawBeforeWings() on the wiki.
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  17. Zero-Exodus

    Zero-Exodus Wraith

    Sorta based off it , its not exactly terraria but can be adapted , was for a contest on another site
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  18. naistaec

    naistaec Green Slime

    Hi everyone, i'm new here.

    I've basically spent a week playing terraria non-stop since the 1.2 was released. Now i'd like to add some mods, something i have never done before.

    I've been reading forums and the obsdian modpack looks really good (you guys probably now it). From what i've learned i need tAPI to make it work, that's how i ended up here.

    My question is, is there a date yet for a public release of tAPI ?
  19. PoroCYon

    PoroCYon Crimera

    No, and we have no idea when it will be finished. We currently have a nasty NetMessage bug.
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  20. naistaec

    naistaec Green Slime

    hum, don't you love when those happen ^^

    You guys do an amazing work you have all my support, keep it up!

    Even though you can't really tell date precisely, are we talking weeks or months before an early release ?
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