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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Shockah, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. Xedgeofreal

    Xedgeofreal Angel Statue

    Is it possible and will it be possible with TAPI to give weapons damage types other than melee, ranged, and magic, such as Light or Darkness that can function with armor/accessory/prefix bonuses and have toolTips unique to that type.
  2. scooterboot9697

    scooterboot9697 Bone Serpent

    Custom damage prefixes... That could help with so many mod possibilities! :cool:

    EDIT: I also think it'd be cool if there was the added possibility to add two different types of damage on the same item. For instance, you have a gun that deals 15 ranged damage, but also deals 5 fire damage (kinda like in Warframe).
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  3. Tuxlar

    Tuxlar The Groom

    Any damage hook would make this easy.
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  4. LestatV3

    LestatV3 Zombie

    Light Magic, Dark Magic, Fire Magic... bring us all of the damage! :D
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  5. Poggle566

    Poggle566 Slimed Zombie

    Magic magic.
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  6. Johnson120

    Johnson120 Cave Bat

    ... Anywho damage types would be great! But would it be possible to have prefixs using those types of damage types! Like legendary Terra Blade 25+ light damage Something like that..
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  7. Electroflux

    Electroflux Cursed Skull

    Are we going to need to learn coding as shown in the example pictures? TConfig was super easy for me to learn because (well, most of the basic scripts were provided on the wiki) it was more coherent and easy to understand. I'm not as sufficient in other languages.
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  8. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Cursed Man

    i think tapi will work like tconfig, only it'll use JSONs instead of INIs
  9. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    And you have to make a ModBase. So you have to code a teeny-tiny bit.
  10. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Cursed Man

    I'm guessing it'd be things like your mod's name and stuff?
  11. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of the Wizard

    Yes, you need a ModBase. For now at least. Yes, it's required only for the mod information (mod name, version, author, description). Yes, it could use just JSON, but for now it's only from code.
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  12. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Cursed Man

    i've been told that it's JSON, didn't you say anything about it before?
  13. Geneen

    Geneen Illuminant Slime

    In my opinion JSON looks more complicated than INIs which will make inexperiences modders want to learn more about coding before engaging in a mod, like myself. Looking forward to this tAPI guys, hurry up t-t.
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  14. Seud

    Seud Squirrel

    JSON is really simple to use and to understand. It's nothing more than a set of key/values. It's just like a phone book : You map something to something, the only difference is that instead of a phone number you can put anything : Another name, several phone numbers, and even other phonebooks.
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  15. Chaos Assassin

    Chaos Assassin Demon Eye

    Cant wait... Do the devs have any idea when it will be released, like before christmas or after?
  16. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    It's been said that it'll be released in 2013. Though, if there's another christmas update for Terraria, I guess it might take a bit longer.
  17. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    A few quick statements and then a small progress report...

    I did not post on this thread for a while on purpose, got a bit tired of dealing with every single misdirection it takes.

    Custom damage types will not be 'straight out' supported in tAPI since there is simply no 'clean' way to add support for them with every mod and there's no automagical coding that would make it always work the way the modder imagines it to be, if you want custom damage types you can always add them yourself in your own mod. (and in the circumstance you want others to use it, make them depend on that mod / make optional detection for it.)

    tAPI uses .NET framework 4.0 , we never plan to drop support for Windows XP users.

    As for progress so far, while it has been slow, we finished fixing the small stuff related to the update so its now functional, and almost all the menus are completely done by this point...here are a few screenshots.


    In summary the entire menu is a lot 'faster to use' than the vanilla one, with all the appearance colors not requiring you to go through multiple menus , and world creation applies to the same logic.

    In addition , world generation can actually use the seed feature now, and as expected it will generate the same world twice if you generate two worlds with the same seed.

    (for those worrying about the delete player button - the confirm deletion menu still exists , but you don't need to click delete and then the thing to delete separately anymore)

    Aaand I'm off to bed.
  18. Chaos Assassin

    Chaos Assassin Demon Eye

    Looks great, cant wait!
  19. Kage

    Kage Floaty Gross

    Thats some great progress and reminds me I need to get back to spriting for my mod I am preping sprites for
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  20. yotmam12

    yotmam12 Cursed Man

    so... estimated release time?
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