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  1. Eikester Possessed Armor

    !This tool is not compatible to Terraria 1.2.x!
    !Only works for tConfig 0.28.5 and above and Terraria 1.1.2!

    To make it work besides Terraria 1.2:
    • choose "Older Versions" from Game Launcher Menu -> Install Terraria 1.1.2
    • change the Installation directories in TCCLtC's and tConfig's Installer to "x:\pathToSteam\Steamapps\Common\Terraria\Older Versions\Teraria 112"
    • either run directly from TCCLtC.exe from that Directory or use Game Launcher's "Edit App" to change the Application Path




    Finally released TCCL for tConfig, not all functions tested but should work as expected, feel free to post Bugs/Errors if you find one.

    Both programs (TCCL and TCCL for tConfig) uses the same Folders and config files!

    Please read the original TCCL Thread

    Older Versions:
    Version 1.0: Download Installer

    Screenshot (open)


    Feel free to Donate if you like my work!
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  2. Novate Bone Serpent

    Oh man oh man *splodes*
    Cheers for this!
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  3. rangerofthewest Raincoat Zombie

    Oh man! So cool! You, sir, are at the top of my list! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!
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  4. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    Fuck yea! Nice work, Eike. I'm going to test it now.

    Just a question, will new versions of tConfig break compatibility everytime or it doesn't change the tConfig.exe directly at all?
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  5. Eikester Possessed Armor

    there was a Error when using Reload from the tConfig Settings Menu, error caused by
    TomShane.Neoforce.Controls.dll, Fixed!
    changed original TCCL Installer too because both programs uses the same dll

    i've tested with 23.1 and 23.3 so it should work for upcoming tConfig versions
  6. Surfpup Arapaima

    This is pretty cool. I'll have to try it out and see how it works. It would certainly be impressive if updates to tConfig didn't affect this.
  7. rangerofthewest Raincoat Zombie

    Agreed. I am testing out! It works very well so far!
  8. Kirome Snow Flinx

    *Now with sounds*

  9. Ceberux Demon Eye

    when i try it my antivirus alerted me, i skiped that cuz i trust you but when i started the game and it loaded my pack none of my images changed.
    another thing i noted is that now players with not-bought terraria can now play with mods cuz you can install gamelauncher to install tconfig(you can install game launcher but cannot use it without bought terraria) and then install this and play with mods.
  10. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

    Hoi Eike, it seems the installer have some problems replacing existing files. (I had to remove the old TCCL's files to be able to install the one with the fixed dll)
  11. Eikester Possessed Armor

    ah could be a missing flag in the inno installer script, i'll fix this asap, thx

    EDIT: should work now
  12. Kirome Snow Flinx

    Bug Time!

    Apparently if you try to reload mods the client crashes.
    It does turn them on/off fine but it just crashes every time.
  13. Eikester Possessed Armor

    can you tell me the exact error? also when have you downloaded? because the first version i've uploaded had this bug and it should be fixed now
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  14. Kirome Snow Flinx

    Ah ok then, I guess I should update.
    I did wonder if it was due to me not updating, but no one actually mentioned this.
    Actually you mentioned this and I'm an idiot.
  15. Zenobe Green Slime

    i have a wierd question, is it possible to run this on a server that doesnt have this installed? so can i use this when my friend doesnt have this, and still connect to his server?
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  16. wsensor Yellow Slime

    You would need just the regular TCCL than I think.
    Ignore my problem it magically fixed itself when I created a new world...

    Ok for some reason TCCL and TCCLforTconfig crash as soon as they are launched. It was working fine yesterday I uninstalled terraria/deleted folder reinstalled terraria and everything to try and fix the issue and it no longer works at all.
  17. Comrade Creeper Giant Worm

    virus? norton doesnt let me download it DX
  18. BlogDog123 Yellow Slime

    What does this do?
  19. W1K Another pointlessly long title with no purpose

  20. drewman Snatcher

    Help! My TCCL won't open, even after clicking it 8+ times

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