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Discussion in 'Working in Progress Mods' started by Revos, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Revos Mouse

    Updated: 2-13-13 7:20am est
    Version 0.03 Beta

    The mod is now supportive of brand new characters and worlds. 3 new early game enemies(and the awesome items they can produce), have replaced the Steampunk enemies. The harder enemies will spawn after EoW!

    The newest version of my mod comes with a custom Wave Bank. In my opinion it really helps you get into the feel of the mod. If you don't know how to replace your wave bank just ask!


    Running Mod Totals:
    1 Town Npc
    6 Enemy Npcs
    1 Boss
    2 Armor Set(+1 this release)
    1 Tier of Equipment
    5 Weapons(+3 this release)
    1 Building Tile(new this release!)
    1 Wall(new this release!)


    The goal of this mod is to enhance and extend the Terraria experience. In the long run I hope to utilize some element of PLOT in the mod to add depth. For right now I'm not sure how I will do that. Perhaps I will make a custom map like with the Red Cloud mod(although certainly not as linear or game changing). Anyhow I would appreciate if people take a look and give me some feedback.

    Thanks to GrtAndPwrflTrtl for his help with C#!!
    Thanks Knight9910 for helping me get my damn particle effect working on the new Spell.


    From this point forward the Mod will be compiled with tConfig 0.28.5
    If you don't have it, get it here!

    Downloads Below:

    Magia Machina v0.2 unsupported
    Magia Machina v0.1 unsupported

  2. Kage World Feeder

    Nice Mod!
  3. Revos Mouse

    Thanks a lot!
  4. Revos Mouse

    by the way if you run my mod give me some feedback!
  5. Kage World Feeder

    Just Used The Mod Its Nice.I think the sprites look great.By The Way will you keep updating this mod?
  6. Revos Mouse

    yes it is actively being developed. the next update will include an adjustment to deal with the high difficulty of the mechanical monsters along with about 5 more early game monsters and a new early game armor set on par with iron equipment.
  7. Kage World Feeder

  8. Delta 7x Green Slime

    I very much like the concept of the Mod, it gives the game a new feel since the new mobs spawn right at the beginning of the game!

    I was however a tad disappointed that the Steel Pickaxe was as slow as it was, I'm not sure if that was intentional or if it was a bug but using the Copper Pickaxe in comparison seemed a bit more efficient even though the Steel Pickaxe provided more digging power.

    The Steel Hamaxe is just right, I wouldn't change much of anything about that except maybe fine-tuning the sprite a tiny bit so it's shaded a bit more.

    The steel sword is just right for the damage it does, as well as the Gear Sword which provides a weapon almost the equivalent of the Night's Edge.

    Overall the Mod wasn't bad for its first release and beginning, I look forward to seeing future updates or improvements of the Mod. It definitely has potential!
  9. Revos Mouse

    Thanks for the feedback Delta. I still have some tweaks as this is a very beta release at this point. i will look into changing the speed of the steel pick. in the long run these mobs wont spawn until after defeating EoW. i have a whole new cast of early game mobs along with new armor weapons and magic that can be obtained fairly quickly after creating a new world. just wondering did you edit the ini files or did you actually play until you got all the steel equipment i havent even gotten it all on my test world yet!!
  10. Delta 7x Green Slime

    Ooh, I see =p

    And I'm looking forward to seeing the updates! I had actually went into one of my older worlds where I had Molten and went from there, I didn't have enough for the steel armor so I couldn't try that yet, I'm still digging though to give it a try, seems like a suitable alternative to Shadow Armor which I think has the same defense
  11. Revos Mouse

    i thought the carbon ore would only spawn on a new world. good shit
  12. Delta 7x Green Slime

    Same character new world rather. Epic fail on my part =x
  13. Revos Mouse

    Oh ok got ya. Did you have any trouble getting any of the items required for the Bellows or crafting the Steel items?
  14. ChaosCron1 Cursed Man

    Hey When using the new update it says that the NPC Steam Dude isn't there so I can't open my save.
  15. Revos Mouse

    Yeah that was a placeholder name for the NPC. Ended up calling him The Engineer. Hmmm. Let me think of how we can solve it without killing your save.
  16. Revos Mouse

    Hey Chaos if you want i would be willing to compile a version of the update with the old npc name just for your use. I am a people pleaser. Get back to me if you need me to do this!
  17. Revos Mouse

    OP updated with new release!!
  18. ChaosCron1 Cursed Man

    That would be great, thank you.
  19. Revos Mouse

    Version 0.3 in the OP!!
  20. Revos Mouse

    Here's a downgraded version of 0.3 with the old npc name just for you: Click Me!!

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