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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by W1K, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Thank you for your submissions!

    Hey guys, W1K here. I've noticed these days that the Modpacks list on the tConfig wiki (for who doesn't know it, it's here) is a bit neglected, wrongly managed and a lot of tConfig user don't even know it exist.

    As we know, there's no real official list for tConfig's modpacks (as the old unofficial one made by Klokinator stopped some time ago to be updated due to Klokinator's inactivity) so I came with this idea.

    Just some minutes ago I fixed up the list's page on the wiki and thought that it can be an excellent and clean list for all the modpacks around, in order by tConfig's build (so old non-developed ones will end on the bottom) and not just a single person will have the permission to edit it (so it will not stop to be updated if the one who made it goes inactive).

    My proposal is, let's use that page as our official tConfig's Modpacks official list!

    What i'm asking is, post here your modpack's submissions or updates and me or someone working for it (I hope I will not be the only one updating it) will add it to the list. Pretty simple.
    I noticed that time by time the list got pretty messed up, that's why I'm organizing this project, so people who can't edit wiki's page properly or too bored to follow the boring list's format will have an easy life and it will be easier to manage, or people directly editing it will hopefully give an extra attention in not messing things up.

    So, here's what I'm asking.

    For who wants to edit the page directly (I discouage this if you don't really know what you're doing) I'm asking to follow the list's format, order mods by tConfig's build version firstly and then order mods by name (not by Author) if they have the same tConfig's build version.

    For who wants just to submit a mod just ask on this thread and the mod will be added to the list as soon as possible. To make the work easier, I'm asking you guys to use this form to submit your mod, edit it following also the example below.
    | [(link to your profile or a way to get to you) (Your name or Author's name)]
    | [(Link to the modpack) (Modpack's name)]
    | tConfig's build version
    | Short description of your mod.
    Here, I'm using Omnir's modpack as an example.
    | [ Omnir]
    | [ Omnir's Modpacks]
    | 0.23.3
    | Adds a huge variety of new weapons obtainable by fighting a great number of new NPCs.
    You can, or simply not follow the form, but it will make the work easier and less boring for us.
    Note: You can attach a limit of two pics or example sprites. They will be in the mod's description on the wiki page. There is no size limit, they'll be manually resized if needed.

    Give your contribution to the community by helping listing your modpacks in a single and clean list for an easier browsing! This is all! Thanks for your attention.
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  2. SonicR

    SonicR Bone Serpent

  3. Eikester

    Eikester Possessed Armor

    Decorations and Wallpapers Pack
    Adds a bunch of Deco Items and Walls to the game


    Desert Pack
    some Desert themed Tiles like Sandstone Bricks/Walls, Vases etc.
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  4. W1K

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    Hooray! Clients! (lolwat)
    SonicR's Doctor Who mod was already on the list so I didn't change anything.
    Eikester's modpcaks added to the list.

    By the way, when tConfig will be updated, you guys can use this thread to make me know your mod is up to date. Kinda like a bump, but people this way will know your mods are still up and running.
  5. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    First off, awesome idea W1K!

    Second, hoping that this might prove helpful. While back I dredged through the entire modding forum and put together a simple list of every mod release I could find. I might have missed a spare handful, but to my knowledge this is still the most complete list of mod releases on the forum.
  6. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Thank ya!

    Yep, I remember that list, you did an awesome job with it.
    Thing is, I'm not just making an entire list of mods around, I'm mostly helping the ones who want to add their mods to the wiki's one. I'll probably never add mods not submitted here, if they really want, they can put them by themselves (thing is, the format of the list on the page was pretty messed up because of this, that's why I'm doing this in the first place).
    I'm not doing it for two reaspon.
    1° if they really want to be added there they can at least make a little effort by asking here, this way people can value how much the modders care about their mods and how much they support them and it would be boring to add a lot of random mods to a list if they don't even care about it.
    2° It's easier to manage as I don't need to search for every single mod and for their infos as the authors (or who wants, I never said only authors can submit their mods) will give them on the go.
  7. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    Atomsk's Mods
    Adding in Ore Spawning Items (So far only Onyx and Unobtanium) Mainly for use with Planetoids mod to add in custom Ores. I plan to make a FLCL Themed mod as well as other Anime themed Mods. Very [Constant WIP]
  8. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Added Atomsk's Mods. Thank ya for the submission!
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  9. Tim Hjersted

    Tim Hjersted Swamp Thing

    Tim Hjersted et al.
    Dark Souls Mod
    A huge Dark Souls inspired community-compilation mod drawing from over a dozen other mods, heavily remixed with many new additions. Mod also includes a custom soundtrack, an adventure map tailored to the mod, and a "Sand box" version for normal play.

    (does not include sand box version just yet, but will shortly)

    Nice idea W1k :) Thanks for organizing this. Now all we need is some sort of twitter hashtag to keep an easy eye on when new content is released by modders since it is sort of hard to follow when new content comes out. :eek:
  10. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Added only your nick for the author to keep it clean. It's already specified in the description that it's "from over a dozen other mods".

    Just glad to help the community. Anyway, as I said before, I'm not going to add mods to the list if their authors don't even care to submit it here. A simple and easy way to take less work and take just a bit of effort from everyone else. Also, I can't know what version the mod was built for, that's an info that only the author can give and it's pretty boring to make a descrption for something you don't even know what's about. About updating the existing entries, only the tConfig build is written, the only problem will be bumping own mods in this thread and I'll update the tConfig version if necessary. That's all.

    Also, as I said, not only the authors can submit mods. If someone wants to submit other mods, he's free to do it. It's just a work I don't want to take on my shoulders.
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  11. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Blazing Wheel

    *Sigh* I wanna contribute to this... but I still haven't gotten any of my Mods off the ground yet... :(
  12. W1K

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    Well, as long as you have a public thread or a working mod, I'll add it to the list. There's no restriction as long as the mod is working and developed.

    Also, thanks to the moderators for sticking the thread! Hopefully more ppl will notice it from now on.
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  13. Fish Bowl

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  14. W1K

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  15. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    The most recent stable version.
  16. scooterboot9697

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  17. W1K

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    Well, I'm gonna assume it's 0.23.3 then. Added to the list!

    Heh, thanks! Someone had to do this sooner or later. Also, added your too!
  18. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
  19. W1K

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    No problem! Anyway, as you didn't gave me a precise description, I took part of your small description on your thread ("A tConfig mod that adds 12 new Katanas into Terraria."). Hope it's fine.
  20. Fish Bowl

    Fish Bowl Cave Bat

    Well I don't know what else I would put... only thing I can think of is "Be a ninja in Terraria with 12 new Katanas!".

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