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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Raizeneir, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Raizeneir

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    I am running a Tconfig server on my laptop through my wireless connection using hamachi, and after adding in some mods I've lately been running into issues really fast in terms of both lag and server crashing. It'll start with minor lag and then become not being able to pick items up off the ground, and I really don't know how to fix this issue. any advice would be appreciated.
    current mods are:
    omnir's nostalgia (digging)
    omnir's furniture
    omnir's weapons
    alchemy mod
    classy dyes and furniture
    classy extras
    classy magic
    classy melee
    classy vanity
    project en
    races of terraria
    never enough accessories
    never enough devices
    never enough weaponry
    stacks up
    accessory slots +
    health up
  2. guyguyga

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    That's a lot of mods. That could be your problem, especially if you're running on a slow computer. Not only that, but some of the mods that you have are HUGE modpacks. You've basically gotten close to doubling or tripling the amount of items, npcs, and tiles that tConfig has to process, not to mention a few extra players. Disable or delete some of them and see if that will do the trick.
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  3. Bullseye55

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    Tconfig multiplayer has almost never been perfect, and is extremely buggy. Not to discourage you.

    Currently there is a lag issue with multiplayer.

    Next Tconfig release will have Tconfig running faster than normal Terraria. :p

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