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  1. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    Hello! :D
    This is my first serious tConfig mod, and it's made for my Terraria gamemode group ChoCo! :)

    Weapons (open)
    [​IMG]ChoCo Sword: 40 damage, 40% crit chance, made with 17 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG]ChoComasa: 25 damage, made with 1 Muramasa and 5 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG]Buster Sword: 50 damage, 4% crit chance, buyable from Memeej
    [​IMG] Space Sword: 50 damage, 20% crit chance, made with 15 ChoCo Bars and 20 Emerald
    [​IMG] Fearal Claws: 25 damage, emits light, made with 2 Feral Claws and 5 Emeralds
    [​IMG] ChoCarpoon: 50 damage, buyable from Walllster
    [​IMG] ChoCo Bow: 40 damage, buyable from Memeej

    [​IMG] ChoCorang: 45% crit chance, made with 20 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] ChoCoShark: 50 damage, made with 1 Megashark and 10 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] Grenade Launcher: made with 50 Grenades and 5 Iron Bars, uses Fallen Stars
    [​IMG] ChoColate Surprise: 50 damage, made with 50 Bombs and 10 Iron Bars, uses Fallen Stars
    [​IMG] Ninja Star: 16 damage, made with 50 Shurikens and 5 Iron Bars, shoots multiple at once
    [​IMG] ChoCo Rifle: 29 damage, 8% crit chance, uses 5 mana, made with 15 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] ChoCo Scythe: 40 damage, 25% crit chance, uses 10 mana, made with 16 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] SLB Cursed Flamethrower: 50 damage, 35% crit chance, made with 15 ChoCo Bars, uses 20 mana, shoots Eye Fire

    [​IMG] Spiky Rifle: 30 damage, made with 100 Spiky Balls and 1 Laser Rifle
    [​IMG] Vilecorn: 40 damage, made with 1 Vilethorn and 10 ChoCo Bars, uses 12 mana
    [​IMG] Yrimir's Fury: 50 damage, made with 1 Spell Tome, 1 Gold Crown and 10 Soul of Might
    [​IMG] Zapinator: 50 damage, uses 0 mana (Getting this item legitly is impossible)

    Tools (open)

    [​IMG] ChoCo Pickaxe: 100% pick power, 21 damage, 10% crit chance, made with 1 Nightmare Pickaxe, 1 Molten Pickaxe and 10 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] Chocaxe: 250% axe power, 18 damage, 15% crit chance, made with 1 Molten Hamaxe and 15 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] ChoCo Hammer: 150% hammer power, 25 damage, 10% crit chance, made with 12 ChoCo Bars

    NPCs (open)

    [​IMG] Wavve: 4400 hp, deals 50 damage, shoots Demon Sickles, Eye Fire and Green Lasers.
    [​IMG] Clarissa: 15000 hp, deals 50 damage (still needs a sprite)
    [​IMG]Super Luigi Bros: Aquired by owning SLB Cursed Flamethrower, sells his vanity and Greater Mana Potions
    [​IMG]Walllster: Aquired by owning a Harpoon, sells his vanity, Bunny Statue and ChoCarpoon
    [​IMG] Lorko: Aquired by being in hardmode, sells his vanity and all the softmode broadswords
    [​IMG] Baih: Aquired by owning Sanic Boots, sells his vanity, Swiftness Potion, Grenade Launcher and Hot Chocolate (still needs a sprite)
    [​IMG] Memeej: Aquired by owning ChoCo Boots, sells his vanity, ChoCorang, ChoCo Bow, Buster Sword and Whoopie Cushion
    [​IMG] Pony: It's friendly!
    [​IMG] Chocolatier: Drops ChoCo Ore, spawns at the end of the world

    Others (open)

    [​IMG] ChoCo Ore: Found underground, placable, most common in the Stone Layer
    [​IMG] ChoCo Bar: Made with 3 ChoCo Ore
    [​IMG] ChoCo Brick: Made with 1 Stone Block and 1 ChoCo Ore, placable
    [​IMG] Ody Rifle: Shoots pet bunnies, uses 5 mana (no sprite yet)
    [​IMG] Chook: A craftable Dual Hook, made with 1 Grappling Hook and 8 ChoCo Bars
    [​IMG] ChoCo Coin: Heals 50 life, made with 2 Silver Coins
    [​IMG] Hot Chocolate: Heals 200 life, buyable from Baih
    [​IMG] Croissant: Attracts the French, made with 25 Wood (not sure what to make it with yet)
    [​IMG]Clarissa Spawner: Summons Clarissa, made with 25 Wood (ditto)
    [​IMG]Troll Lance: Just don't make it. ( made with 1 Dirt Block)
    [​IMG] Monocle: Gives the Spelunker Buff, made with 10 Spelunker Potions, 1 Goggle, 1 Iron Chain and 3 Gold Bars
    [​IMG] Mana Orb: Regenerates mana, made with 1 Mana Crystal and 5 Mana Regeneration Potions
    [​IMG] Flying Nimbus: Uses 20 mana, made with 1 Cloud in a Bottle, 1 Mana Crystal and 5 Iron Bars
    [​IMG] Jetpack: Uses 5 mana, made with 1 Rocket Boots, 1 Mana Crystal and 5 Iron Bars
    [​IMG] Sanic Boots: Made with 1 Hermes Boots, 1 Anklet of the Wind and 1 Aglet
    [​IMG] ChoCo Boots: Made with 1 Jetpack and 1 Sanic Boots

    Here's a video of Deadlyz goofing around with an older version!

    It's released!Click here to download!
    I still need sprites for NPCs though.
    Special thanks to:
    The entire ChoCo gang

    Thanks for checking out my thread!
    ChoCo YouTube Channel
    ChoCo Public Steam Group
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  2. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    Oh, nice I can't wait for the NPC's!
  3. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Cursed Skull

    Hahah! Thats it, I'm sold as this mod is pure gold. Downloading now and this mod gets my personal approval. :D

    EDIT: Oh damn it, its not released. Guess im not downloading it then.
  4. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    Haha yeah, ChoCo Members allways laugh around with Sanic :p

    You can send me a PM or something to get a pre-release maybe? ;)

    xXISPELLZZXx Eskimo Zombie

  6. Reactorcore

    Reactorcore Cursed Skull

    If its fully functional, why not upload it officially? There are plenty of mods that promise more than they are released in their alpha/beta states, so theres no need to keep it from us.

    xXISPELLZZXx Eskimo Zombie

    Theres a lot of bugs considering the new minibosses and accesories in the newest update which added zapinator, croissant and a few others.

    Edit: So theres not much content to play around with.
  8. Apppelsiini

    Apppelsiini Green Slime

    ChoCo Bow...
    I see what you did there
  9. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    No matter what you do, permanent Spelunker is overpowered. So is gravitation.
  10. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    There is no infinite gravitation.
    The Jetpack and Flying Nimbus use mana :L
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  11. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    I know, I was just giving a warning.
  12. I approve of this mod, seeing as I'm a member of ChoCo. Cursed Flamethrower= Awesome.
  13. Apppelsiini

    Apppelsiini Green Slime

    Not necessarily. I bet you could get enough ore with just those 10 potions. Plus there are way more useful accessories.
  14. drsonic1

    drsonic1 Green Slime

    But you'd never have to find ore again! You could just dig to it!
  15. Wavve

    Wavve Squirrel

    Nice mod Memeej, can't wait for improvements and new stuff :)
    Wavve is pretty boss in this mod. Well... just like in real life ;)

    A member of the ChoCo Gang.
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  16. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    WOAH, umm.. awesome mod Memeej could I maybe try this some time? Aha only joking. Looking awesome, I uninstalled it so I forgot about the stuff and it'll feel so good when I get my hands on it again. xD LAWL

    //Walllster - ChoCo
  17. rjfc

    rjfc Squirrel

    Any1 else was expecting Chocobos when you read the title? ._.
  18. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    I don't know, do you want it? ;)
    Just hit me up with some ideas, i'm just waiting for the NPC Sprites atm :p
    Haha, i'm just doing some bugfixes now so i could release it maybe next week?
  19. bamseper

    bamseper Cursed Skull

    Waiting for them? What do you mean? O_O Who makes them? Why do i ask so much?
  20. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    Why you ask so much? No idea.
    I'm waiting for them because i'm really bad at original NPC spriting, and Scribblehog, the one who sprites them, is camping (but he'll come back today, YAY).
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