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  1. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    These mods were built for tConfig 0.23.9, though they'd probably work for other versions if you tried hard enough. Maybe.

    Item UP! - Currently my main mod. Used Rocko's ARPG as a base, but I think it's grown enough to have become it's own mod. Just don't try to use the two at the same time, I don't know what will happen. o,o
    Details... (open)

    - Main Download -​
    (Contains Classic Edition, Grinding Edition and the source for both!)
    Item UP! is a mod which adds a semi-RPG experience to Terraria, without taking away the "Gear is progression" feel of the game. EXP is collected by defeating mobs, which in turn will power up your equipment. When a mob dies, he drops an amount of EXP Orbs dependant on how much money it drops on death.
    • EXP drops from defeated mobs.
    • EXP drops are based on how much money the mobs drop on death. (Making it compatible with mod enemies!)
    • ITEMS Level Up when they have collected enough EXP.
    • +3% Damage and +1% Crit Chance per level, up to level +10!
    • RARER items take more EXP to level up!
    • Designed with multiplayer compatibility in mind!
    • Lucky Potion to double EXP pickups temporarily! (Show a Water Bottle to the Guide for the recipe.)
    • Small "info-text" whenever you collect EXP or level up! Trust me, I've been playing with this for about a week or two now and it's never gotten annoying. It works. It's awesome. :D
    • Optional Grinding Edition, for those who like to collect lots of EXP!
    Changelog (open)

    1.0 - Initial Release (Unreleased)
    • Basic EXP System
    1.1 - (Unreleased)
    • Item rarity scale
    • EXP based on money dropped
    • "Level up!" and "X EXP" popups when appropriate.
    • Added Lucky Potion
    • Added "Maxed Out!" popup when equipment reaches Level +10.
    • Re-added the ability for Lv. +10 equipment to gain EXP, so you can see how much "excess EXP" you get. Why not? :D
    1.2 - Grinding Edition
    • Added Grinding Edition
    • G: Exponential EXP gain, instead of linear.
    • G: Level Cap raised to +50.
    • G: Level Up bonuses changed: +1% Damage / +0.25% Crit per level.
    • No changes to Ordinary Edition.
    1.3 - (Current Release)
    • Merged Classic and Grinding Edition into one .obj file.
    • Fixed the glitch where Reforge bonuses didn't work.
    • Moved the tool tips to slots 7 and 8.
    • Grinding Ed. Only: Equipment now takes less EXP to level up.

    Known Bugs (open)

    1.3 - (Current Release)
    • "Stackable" throwaway equipment can be levelled up, like grenades, spiky balls and ammo. Anything with a "damage" value levels.
    • Cannot pick up EXP Orbs with a full inventory in multiplayer.
    • EXP Orbs do not fly around the player with a full inventory in singleplayer and multiplayer.
    • EXP Orbs pointlessly fly around the player if he's holding an item which cannot level up. (Should I keep this one? I like having the EXP follow me until I pick an item which levels.)
    • Reforging a weapon will lose it's EXP and Levels.

    Also, Rocko.. If you wanna use this mod (Or an edited version of it) in your mod, feel free. I did use yours as a base, so it's only fair!

    Misc Pack - Any of the random things that I make or do will be included here.
    Details... (open)


    The Misc Pack just contains any of the random items that I decide to add.

    [​IMG] Aero Charm
    The Aero Charm is an accessory which provides an infinite Featherfall Potion buff.
    [Workbench] Crafted with: 10x Featherfall Potion, 10x Feather

    [​IMG] Dirt Sword
    It's what you think it is.
    [Anywhere] Crafted with: 5 dirt

    [​IMG] Health Band
    The Health Band is an accessory which provides an infinite Regeneration Potion buff.
    [Workbench] Crafted with: 10x Regeneration Potion, 1x Band of Regeneration, 5x Life Crystal, 10x Daybloom

    [​IMG] Healy Staff
    The Healy Staff is a rather makeshift staff which heals the player at the cost of mana. It has not been balanced at all. 10 HP gets healed for every 20 Mana used.
    [Workbench] Crafted with: 10x Regeneration Potion, 5x Life Crystal, 1x Dirt Rod

    Mining Helmet
    .. It's been made cheaper. That's it. Personally, I always found that by the time I could AFFORD the thing is the time that it wouldn't be of much use when I bought it.
    Baught for 2 Coins at Merchant.

    [​IMG] Red Lens
    An accessory which gives you permanent Invisibility buff while equipped.. but also gives you Poison.
    [Workbench] Crafted with: 5x Deathweed, 5x Invisibility Potion, 10x Black Lens (... What was I thinking when I made it cost 10 Black Lenses? o,o)

    [​IMG] Space Blaster (Hardmode Item)
    An upgraded version of the Space Gun. I wanted a good Mana gun in Hardmode, and so this was born. Sprite from Starbound.
    [Anvil] Crafted with: 1x Space Gun, 15x Cobalt Bar

    [​IMG] Water Bubble
    An accessory which gives a permanent Gills potion while equipped.
    [Workbench] Crafted with: 1x Bottled Water, 10x Shark Fin, 5x Gills Potion

    [​IMG] Z Saber (Hardmode Item)
    A request. A slightly upgraded Green Phasesaber designed to look like the Z Saber from Megaman Zero. Sacrifices auto-swing for slightly better damage and speed.
    [Anvil] Crafted with: 1x Green Phasesaber, 10x Crystal Shard

    [​IMG] Takendan Salesman (NPC)
    Moves into your town when the Eye of Cthulhu and the Eater of Worlds both have been defeated.
    Over 20 lines of dialogue!
    Sells various items which are common, but annoying to mine in bulk. He also sells White Mage, Red Mage and Black Mage armour occasionally. (Originally intended for use with Omnir's Modpack, but edited to work alone. But you should play Omnir's Modpack, it's awesome.)

    Changelog (open)

    1.0 - Initial Release (Current Release)
    • Aero Charm
    • Dirt Sword
    • Health Band
    • Healy Staff
    • Mining Helmet
    • Red Lens
    • Space Blaster
    • Water Bubble
    • Z Saber
    • Takendan Salesman (aka. Me!)

    Known Bugs (open)

    1.0 - (Current Release)
    • Healy Staff drains Mana when you use it and your HP is full.
    • Takendan Salesman has an empty name in multiplayer. (I have NO IDEA why this happens!)
    • Z Saber's sprite does not glow like the Phaseblade / Phasesaber.
    • Dirt Sword is useles.. owait that's not a bug

    Cauldron Mod (Concept) - Currently not even started to code on, just a concept. Going to try to turn it into a mod. This'll be my big project! =3
    Show Spoiler

    What is CauldronMod?

    CauldronMod is a mod I want to make for Terraria. It revolves around a "cauldron" item, allowing you to mix and match ingredients to make special potions which have effects depending on the ratio of the ingredients. Think of the cauldron system in Minecraft 1.9 Prerelease 2 (You'll need the mod to activate the Cauldron Block though). I want it to be like that.

    The Cauldron will be interacted with by placing ingredients into it, and adding water, just like in Minecraft 1.9 Pre2. When you right-click the Cauldron, a GUI will come up with an "input" slot and an "output" slot, which lets you interact with the cauldron.
    Putting an ingredient into the "input" slot will add it to the cauldron mixture, altering the effects of the to-be-potion inside.
    Putting a water bottle or water bucket into the "input" slot will add water to the mixture (1x for bottle, 3x for bucket), diluting the mixture and returning an empty bottle / bucket in the output slot.
    Putting a empty bottle in the "input" slot will add the cauldron's contents to it and output 1 Special Potion. This will drain the cauldron's contents, like it does in MC 1.9 pre2. A cauldron can hold 3 servings.
    Putting a Special Potion of exactly the same type[/b] as the mixture into the input slot will put the liquid back in, and output an empty bottle. This is useful if you want to just output a potion to "test" what you've just made, by reading the effects of a potion but not actually drinking it. You'll often be making potions with negative side-effects, so this is very useful.

    To get started with a Cauldron, you'll want to fill it up using a Water Bucket, and then start adding ingredients. The ingredients will require experimentation to see what works best, and should hopefully act as they would in MC 1.9 Pre2's cauldron system. While you can easily make bad potions, you can also make potions which are vastly superior to the default. (ie: Gravitation 5:00, Tipsy 3:00 and Featherfall 8:00 in one potion!)

    The ingredients would work on a "ratio" system, water included. So you could have in one cauldron, a ratio of "2 blinkroot, 3 water, 4 fireblossom, 1 obsidian", then extract a potion and result with "1.3 blinkroot, 2 water, 2.6 fireblossom, 0.6 obsidian". The ratio is still the same, so the same potion will be made, but there are less ingredients left inside. Basically, think how it works realistically. Sciencey and all that.

    Also, due to how they work, Special Potions are probably not gonna be able to stack. So use the Bag Slots plugin and make a Potion Pouch or something.
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  2. Qxr

    Qxr Green Slime

    Cool! I like the main idea of this mod
  3. eddylovegames

    eddylovegames Giant Worm

    yeap!you got me,sir
  4. Jumpitydude

    Jumpitydude Green Slime

    Hmm... This looks half interesting. I'm interested in the misc stuff. A few things;

    I cannot help but agree with the thing about the mining helmet. Thank goodness I'm not alone on that.
    10 Black lenses does seem excessive, especially with the poison debuff already on it. I think it could be changed to one black lens or 10 normal lenses.
    I'd like to see more Megaman weapons in Terraria. I may not like the X series very much, but nice to see that sort of thing in here.

    And I do believe that's all I have to say before trying it out. I'll get back to you after I've played with it a bit.
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  5. Daveyx0

    Daveyx0 Squirrel

    The Misc Pack adds some nice items indeed. So the Takendan Salesman represents your character? I would love to see a unique sprite for the NPC though. Small and good mod.
  6. Jumpitydude

    Jumpitydude Green Slime

    Things have almost gone smoothly. Almost. The Water Bubble doesn't work at all. Even when I go into water, the air gauge still appears.

    Everything else I've tried works smoothly enough.
  7. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    Well, the code for a lot of the items in the Misc pack is quite old (except Z Saber, Space Blaster and Takendan Salesman).. It's probably a given that a few of them would stop working due to updates.

    I'm surprised people are more interested in my Misc pack than the RPG system though. o,o The Misc items took surprisingly little effort compared to the RPG system. (Well, all except for Takendan Salesman.. took me a while to get him to do what I wanted o,o)

    @Jumpitydude: It's from Megaman Zero, not Megaman X. At least, that's what THoD (The person who requested it) said.

    @Daveyx0: I am a TERRIBLE SPRITER! Why else would all the items be recolours or sprite rips (Space Blaster)? The only custom sprites were the Healy Staff (Which is a slight edit of The Breaker) and the Z Saber (Which is entirely custom).
    So yeah, no custom sprite today. Or ever. Unless someone else does it.. not gonna happen.
  8. FatObeseBird

    FatObeseBird Eskimo Zombie

    put a item.consumable (boolean) check for your ItemUp so items that get used up wont level up
        if(item.damage>0 && item.consumable==false)
    another suggestion is to put the variables in front of everything else for easier edits. few people (like me who constantly changes values to balance) host a server and wish to change the % of damage/crit per level

    P.S. love the mod
  9. Yoraiz0r

    Yoraiz0r The Wizard

    I don't really want to uhm , nitpick.
    But , writing 'boolean==false' is rather silly , you can just add a ! (not sign) at the start
    e.g. if(item.damage > 0 && !item.consumable)

    Also , this is a very nice mod , can't believe I forgot to like it when I first saw it. ._.
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  10. Darkercloud

    Darkercloud Lava Slime

    NeonJ, I really love the item up mod you made. My only complaint is I wish your items could go more than level 10. Great work.
  11. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    I only made it to Lv. 10 because I thought that you shouldn't keep on grinding. If I had more levels, I'd have to lower the bonus. :<

    And Yoraiz0r liked this? Winsauce. xD

    I'll resume working on the fix mentioned above when I stop messing around playing Tekkit and The Story of Red Cloud. xD

    The thing is with coding is that you can write it both ways and it'll have exactly the same effect - it's all about that you prefer to do.

    Personally, I prefer the item.consumable == false method.
  12. Deagroth

    Deagroth Cursed Man

    I actually rather like the Item UP! concept. It reminds me of the Dark Cloud/Rogue Galaxy games. Will it work with weapons added from other mods? I doubt it, but will a weapon keep it's level if reforged?
  13. Tomi123

    Tomi123 Yellow Slime

    Great mods, please make more minimods, you sprite very well.
  14. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    It SHOULD work on weapons from other mods, but I haven't tested it.

    A weapon WILL keep it's level when reforged, but any "attack / crit" bonuses from the reforge will be removed. I have no idea how to fix this. (Also, if you have a good reforge, the weapon will take more EXP to level up. (ie: It's "TNL" increases, for those who play RPGs)

    .. Hard to call modifying the hue slider on Paint.NET "spriting", but thanks. xD (Though, I did sprite the Z-Saber from scratch, and the Healy Staff is just a modified The Breaker with bits added / removed, so those two I actually did edit the sprites of.)
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  15. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Hell Bat

    Hey looky that, I forgot to like the post to! :p

    I would rather the exp not be wasted if your weapon is maxed, maybe make an option for that using overrides? I'll take a look at the code and see if I can help you with fixing bugs that you have :)
  16. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    Half of me wants to add that, half of me doesn't. Though, I think the balancing factor of trying to "powerlevel" your items with better items is having to react fast with item switching.. I will add that when I find out how.
  17. Deagroth

    Deagroth Cursed Man

    I'll try it out with one of the weapons from MiraiMai's mod.

    Just a thought, but the reason the attack/crit bonuses are being removed could be because the level up bonus is overriding/replacing them? So if the level bonuses weren't the actual % changes maybe it would keep the reforge bonuses as well.

    I haven't done any modding, but that seems like the most logical explanation to me at least, though it would require figuring out how to balance any changes to the bonuses received on level up to work with all weapons (+base damage would work well for low damage/high rate of fire, but wouldn't be as effective on high damage/slow rof weapons).

    Also, would changing the '10' at every ilevel >\<\= to a higher number increase the maximum level that you can take a weapon to?

    Edit: It's working just fine with the Clockwork Spinshot.
  18. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Gotta ask -- you have the phaseblade lighting to work. Mind if I use the code -- with credit given?
  19. NeonJ

    NeonJ Dark Caster

    If I had a way to determine the damage buff a Reforge gives, I could add that onto the bonus. But my coding skill is a bit too weak for that. :<

    And changing the 10s SHOULD raise the max level, but remember that the mod is balanced for Level 10! :3 With the way I've currently had things set, Lv. 33 would DOUBLE a weapon's damage (and give it +33% crit chance!)

    .. I don't like constantly grinding. :< Which is why the level cap is low. xD I might release a "Grinding Edition" which pretty much balances it for Lv. 50 (And slightly increases the damage cap for it too. +1% Damage per level, +0.25% Crit per level. Max +50% Damage, +12.5% Crit, as opposed to +30% Damage, +10% Crit.)
    It doesn't fully work, unfortunately. Sure, the phaseblade lights up around it when it swings, but the sprite is still just as dark as any other >.<

    But sure, you can use it. Why would I release the source if I didn't want people to be able to view/edit/improve the code? :p
    Also zomg Omnir posted on my thread :3
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  20. Omnir

    Omnir Reaper

    Rock on >: D I got it to work decently satisfyingly. I'll look into lightning up the sprite.

    Edit: Ro'h, you're right :<! Now to figure that out...

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