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  1. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    Tctoocold's Sprites.png

    Redigit Caps -
    Full Diving Suit/ Motorcross
    Diving armour.png MotoCross Full.png
    Random Armor
    Armor Necro TC.png Aqua.png Stone or Bones.png Berthgar.png
    Obsidian Armor/ Norse Armor
    Obisdian Armour.png Viking 1.png
    Moose Hide/Bearskin
    Moose Hide 1.png Bearskin Hat.png
    Ancient Armor
    Ancient Armour 2x2.png
    Corruption Armor
    Corruption Armour 1.png Corruption Armour 2.png Corruption Armour 3.png Corruption Armour 4.png

    Imp King


    Obsidian Broadsword
    Obsidian Broadsword.png
    "Luminescence"/Ice Sword
    Luminescence.png Highlands Sword By TC.png
    Ice Flail or "Frosty Flail"
    Highlands Flail TC.png

    I am Currently Doing requests, I reserve the right to refuse or not do them/do them out of order

    Currently Accepting requests for:
    - Custom/Cool Lettering (Like your Terraria Online name etc)
    - Terraria monster/character custom sprites
    - Pixel Art (Basically Non-Terraria style)
    Example/Best Requests (open)

    ShadowCrazy - ShadowCrazy Head2.png Request.png ShadowCrazy.png
    Mordale - Mordale Blood Sword.png Blood Mage Mordale.png
    Merch - Merch Avatar.png

    If you are going to make a request, please use a reference picture
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  2. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

  3. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

  4. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

  5. Spoolooni Green Slime

    You've got some interesting armor designs there, though the rest are rather repetitive. I also may suggest adding a string of some sought to the disco ball, it would definitely make a legitimate suggestion to implement such a thing.
  6. xXBlueXx Dark Caster

    These are cool! I like the ninja looking armor, it looks awesome and I can't wait to see more of 'em!:D
  7. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    Thanks :)

  8. Spoolooni Green Slime

    I really love the diving suit. Unfortunately, the obsidian armors seems bulky.
  9. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    mm i thought the suit turned out really well
  10. Spoolooni Green Slime

    They look more like football equipment.
  11. len8946 Green Slime

    I like the light obsidian armour but it doesnt look like you could see through it ;P
    Oh and the diving suit looks awesome broski ;P
  12. stephen Green Slime

    As a request, do you think you could try some basic Terraria sprites that a lot of people would recognize? Such as a default looking character sort of thing, and different monster sprites or tool/item sprites? I'd like to be able to use them on my YouTube channel background to make it Terraria themed.
    Good work on your existing sprites. I like how they look, which is why I'm asking you for some unaltered existing Terraria sprites.

  13. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    With different colored clothing or all the same?
  14. stephen Green Slime

    Not to overload you with a request or anything, but I was thinking(for a youtube background) to have one bar, a "good" themed bunch of sprites, and the other side would have "evil" themed sprites. Does that make sense? As long as they look like the characters, enemies, and items i'm okay with it. Let me know what you're thinking!
  15. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

    Ok so just to clarify you wan lets just say 5 evil looking chars, 5 5 evil looking enemies
    and five good looking (themed) sprites/enemies??

    if so, will be done in about less than 5 hrs lol i have to go out for about 3 of those hours
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  16. stephen Green Slime

    Yeah, you know what a youtube page looks like right? Those bars on the sides. I'd like to put YOUR pixel art around the sides. One side /good/ and one side /evil./ Just 5 "good" characters, enemies, items... Like bunnies, our default character... that kind of thing.
    Other side "evil." like skeleton, an evil default character. You can try if you want and if you don't like it quit. I just want people to recognize it's Terraria. Good luck if you're gonna try! And if I end up using it, I can give you credit and link them in the description if you'd like. We can talk about that later though. I don't have a big YouTube channel. Just starting out.
  17. mrmcmo Eskimo Zombie

    I want a flaming pinky that iswearing a sombrero.
  18. Tctoocold Bone Serpent

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  19. Merch Fire Imp

    Can I have a- forget it :p Anyway cool sprites :D
  20. stephen Green Slime

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