Team AVO. We must stop them.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Demonator, Oct 23, 2011.

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  1. Demonator Guest

    Guys. We have had multiple threats and now well here we go:

    [18:13] <IRClounge9022> welll my reign of terror will now continue with team AVO and their fans
    [18:15] <IRClounge9022> you can tell i watch them
    [18:15] <IRClounge9022> im contacting them

    These are threats to us. And I do not want it to happen to you!

    [18:16] <IRClounge9022> meh I'm going to find another server

    To all fellow server owners. Be aware be very aware. This may not be true but have all your mods watching over the server :mad:
  2. Relinies-the-Wizard Face Monster

    AVO seriously CANNOT be stopped. Atleast, not as a whole. You can stop them on individual servers, though. IPbans, Steam ID bans, Name bans, but still. They can change IP, they don't have to have a steam ID, and they can easily change name. Thanks for the warning though.
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  3. Cobaltcakes Illuminant Slime

    Team AVO?

    I'm missing something, here. :/
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  4. Demonator Guest

  5. pokecatch Hornet

    there's one way these griefers can be stopped. let them slip ONE REAL HACK. Once they do, the swat will be at them in no time.
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  6. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    Are you serious? Personally I don't have a problem with them but I can't relate to you because I don't wallow around in random public servers.

    How do public servers even work? A majority of players would have to move deep underground.
  7. Cobaltcakes Illuminant Slime

  8. KXI System Green Slime

    Better yet private your server.

    I mean professional griefing, I have no idea why someone would waste their life that much. If anything I'll be prepared against them, its more fun to watch a griefer grief then do a quick undo and watch them rage >:D
  9. Haunt Fire Imp

    Psh, even if you somehow stop them, there's still a couple thousands of other griefers running around >.>
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  10. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    They are forever alone so they must attack people's servers.
  11. Matros Koshkin Green Slime

    In the name of the retributors, i shall stop those xenos.
  12. KXI System Green Slime

    Indeed, but watching the forever alone's rage when their 54 minutes of destruction is fixed in a second... me gusta.
  13. MadCow Doctor Bones

    So correct me if I'm wrong.
    Team Avo=Griefing team for no reason other than seeing people rage?
  14. KXI System Green Slime

    That's griefing in general.

    I know, what has the world become.
  15. pokecatch Hornet

    I'd bet you 2 gold that people who are doing this are minors.
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  16. Haunt Fire Imp

    I've only supported one vid of theirs, the one where the managed to grief the religious server
    Those guys had it coming .-.
  17. Lord Carver Possessed Armor

    I think avo got trolled hard there. Christians don't play terraria.
  18. Haunt Fire Imp

    It was a Minecraft server, where people were 'baptized" against their will and forced to give offerings upon threat of ban.
  19. KXI System Green Slime

    I feel as if I am suppose to post a *face palm* meme picture upon reading this statement, but my maturity dictates otherwise.
  20. Haunt Fire Imp

    That one was probably fake though
    Somehow one of them got op'd
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