Team Fortress 2 weapon textures

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  1. BillNye Demon Eye

    WORK IN PROGRESS! I will post updates with every new weapon texture I complete!
    Constructive criticsm and comments appreciated!

    Since people have requested that I complete this pack, I will start working on it again. I was caught up with my tConfig modding, and forgot about this.

    If anyone would like to improve upon my horrible spriting skills (Im sorta new to it), go ahead.

    Download was killed by SOPA

    Upcoming Retextures:
    Flare Gun as the Fire Flower
    Sand Man as the Wooden Sword
    Pistol as the Handgun
    The Winger as the Pheonix Blaster
    Direct Hit as the Star Cannon
    Half-Zatoichi as the Muramusa
    The Three-Rune blade as the Iron Shortsword

    The Ambassador
    Retextures the Flintlock Pistol
    Details: red handle with color scheme similar to the TF2 version, slightly enlarged barrel, no engraving iron sight on front & back

    Sniper Rifle
    Retextures the Musket
    Details: Scope added on top of the barrel, recolored butt stock, darkened barrel,
    Clipping problems may occur, I have not seen any that greatly distort the sprite of the gun

    The Demoman's Grenades
    Retextures Grenades
    Details: Nades are bright red
    Item_168.png Projectile_30.png

    The Righteous Bison
    Retextures the Space Gun
    Details: Golden barrel of lazer gun like the righteous bison
    Item_127.png Projectile_20.png

    The Direct Hit
    Retextures the Star Cannon
    Details: Deals high damage with a low blast radius (oh really now?), character holds the sprite by the end of the rocket instead of by the handle
  2. BillNye Demon Eye

    If any of my retextures have any problems, just post here and the details of the problem. Ill get a fix out as soon as I can
  3. portal Green Slime

    WOW I love TF2 this will go great with the map iam doing :)
  4. BillNye Demon Eye

    I wont be able to do all tf2 weapons, but Ill try to get as many done as possible
  5. Glace Eskimo Zombie

    Cool. It's too bad I just uninstalled TF2. It's a good game, but it lags too much on my computer and I had a hard time finding multiplayer games for some reason.
  6. BillNye Demon Eye

    too bad ):

    They just added 2 new misc items for engie, and a new reskin of the rocket launcher. They also added a whole crap-load of new weapons and sets.
  7. Lyra Fire Imp

    Pretty good texture pack, will be using this for a TF2 based PVP game I'll be having with my friends.
  8. BillNye Demon Eye

    Ive decided to up this to a full retexture pack. Hopefully I can edit the sounds, too!
  9. Williamm53 Green Slime

    I am getting this when done, I love TF2.
  10. Bub Slimed Zombie

    To fix the grenades, try making sure that they are right against the edges ==> sgdggsd.png
  11. BillNye Demon Eye

    Hm, thanks for the tip, Bub. My grenade texture doesnt touch the top of the border.
  12. Whikton Hornet

    I love you keep at it
  13. Googie2149 Green Slime

    If you're going to edit the original sprite, could you stick with the same resolution of make all of it HD? It's a little annoying with 2x2 'pixels' next to 1x1 pixels.
  14. jordzkie Green Slime

    needs demoknight sword.
  15. JackBread Clinger

    Looks pretty cool, but mixing the 2x2 pixels Terraria uses and regular-size pixels doesn't look too good.
  16. Dfuzz Green Slime

    This is amazing!
    I love TF2 and hope too see more of these weapons.
  17. jayfray Green Slime

    the sniper could look better, haven't played tf2 for a while but it looks like you just added a scope to a musket
  18. Ayevee Green Slime

    If you did the Shiv in HD then I'd use it.
  19. jayfray Green Slime

    also can you please mke the aqua scepter the pyro flamethrower, it would make sense, like you can change the color of the projectile to red and instead of a constant stream of water its a constant stream of fire
    Dfuzz likes this.
  20. asasin247 Green Slime

    I used to play tf2 all the time :) It would be cool if you edited some of the hats to look more tf2-ish as well. Ex: Ghastly Gibus = Top hat, Summer hat = ....umm I forget most of them but you get the idea ;)

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