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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by swordwrath, May 22, 2011.

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  1. swordwrath

    swordwrath Green Slime

    hi everyone, i'm here to bring you a new server me and my friend are playing on. we are going to have a 2v2 pvp server. me and my friend on 1 team. and 2 of you on the other!

    Do not swear: swearing will get you a ban. (with a warning 1st) don't do it.

    Do not have pvp off or be on the wrong team. this will result in a warning then a ban

    And do no...well thats it it seems.. ill add more rules if i forgot something

    All you need is hamachi!
    (we will NOT voice chat (mic is broken))

    Does not need to be a new char!! old and new chars are accepted

    post an entry below and i will pm you hamachi id pass and server pass. enjoy
  2. Emil

    Emil Green Slime

    Yes! Me and my friend are looking for some 2v2 battles, PM me and I'll bring my friend :D
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