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  1. BinaryConstruct

    BinaryConstruct Lava Slime

    TEdit 3.5 is out, with support for Terraria 1.2.4
    What is Terraria Map Editor a.k.a. TEdit?
    TEdit is a stand alone, open source map editor for Terraria. It lets you edit maps just like (almost) paint!
    This thread is for feedback! It is an easy place to post issues and feature requests, so let me know if you have any.

    It will make one for you (wld.Tedit), but you should anyway.

    Change Log

    Download Latest Version - There will usually be a few versions, as well as the schematics. Now in installer format.

    Issues (posting bugs, crashes, feature requests) - check here if you have an issue, chances are it is already there and you can post a comment on the issue or attach a log

    Milestones (upcoming releases)

    Wiki - If you can't figure out how to use a tool or feature, please read!
    See the feature on Curse.com

    Tutorial by ahamling27

    Schematic Thread:

    Here is a cool video by ahamling27:


    • More Shortcuts (may be adding to settings in a later release, for now are fixed)
      • Ctrl+A - Select All
      • Ctrl+D - Clear Selection
      • DEL - Delete tiles in selection
      • Ctrl+C - Copy
      • Ctrl+V - Paste
      • Ctrl+Z - Undo
      • Ctrl+Y - Redo
      • Ctrl+S - Save
      • Ctrl+O - Open
      • Esc - Clear current paste buffer or clear selection
    • Tool Shortcut Keys (can be changed in settings.xml)
      • A - Arrow (Chest and Sign Editing)
      • B - Brush (Painting tiles, walls, wires and liquid)
      • F - Fill (Bucket fill tiles and/or walls)
      • E - Pencil (Painting tiles, walls, wires and liquid)
      • R - Picker (Left click picks tile/wall, right click picks tile mask/wall mask)
      • P - Point (Places spawn, dungeon and npc homes)
      • S - Selection (Select and area for editing or copying)
      • T - Sprite (Place a sprite from the sprite list)
      • Z - Toggle Eraser (Toggles erase mode for bucket, pencil and brush)
    Project Credits:
  2. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    So it's like McEdit on Minecraft? Except for Terraria?
  3. BinaryConstruct

    BinaryConstruct Lava Slime

    Yes, it has been around a while, I just haven't ever reposted it here till now. The chest editing of the last version wasn't well received.
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  4. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    This is pretty cool! I wish I was creative enough to do something with it. :cool:
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  5. jlochner

    jlochner Green Slime

    Omg this is wonderful! I like it :p If there was anyway you could pm the link... :D
  6. BinaryConstruct

    BinaryConstruct Lava Slime

    If a mod gives me approval and assurance this thread won't disappear, I'll post a link here. Till then try google. This is more of a "community bulletin" :)
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  7. jlochner

    jlochner Green Slime

    Couldn't find it on my first try. Will try harder later :p
  8. Ryushi

    Ryushi Green Slime

    My name is Ryushi and i approve of this
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  9. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Any plans for copy-pasting something from a world to another?

    Thats like... the only thing I'm looking for at this point.

    Nice work, either way.
  10. BinaryConstruct

    BinaryConstruct Lava Slime

    Yes, copy,paste,import,export (think of schematics in minecraft) will be in the final version of V2. This is a pre-release.
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  11. PointBlank

    PointBlank Green Slime

    Edit: Can you PM me a LINK?!
    Infraction has been given for this message by CrazyCocoK. Details | Jun 27, 2011
  12. John_Jtown

    John_Jtown Demon Eye

    ugh me too! Some awesome structures have been built on my servers worlds and i hate leaving them behind for a new world!
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  13. Ryushi

    Ryushi Green Slime

    Me ither. I got the inv edit thread though.
  14. jlochner

    jlochner Green Slime

    If I find it I will send you the link :p
  15. nenobr2

    nenobr2 Dark Caster

    I found it because i remembered ur username :3
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  16. Ryushi

    Ryushi Green Slime

    Dankeshe, Google hates me like you wouldn't believe.
  17. jlochner

    jlochner Green Slime

    Could u pm me the link plz? :D
  18. BinaryConstruct

    BinaryConstruct Lava Slime

    Sorry, have to find it for yourself. Currently, I have been informed by the forum administration that I should not post a link until they hear if mods are allowed, though this isn't really a mod I guess its in a similar category.
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  19. jlochner

    jlochner Green Slime

    There is a modloader that has been accepted by devs already. Look up Terraria+ on the forums.
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  20. Krazykorn

    Krazykorn Green Slime

    Love'd the first one, but the first had a few bugs? Or I just simply didn't know how to use it. Do you already have some sort of download link on Google or some website that has the second version of this? If so, then I'll start searching...

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