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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by iPie uDie, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Glaydur

    Glaydur Lava Slime

    light up entire world .. /lighting .. Make sure you have WordEdit.dll though
  2. Siveria

    Siveria Tim

    Doesn't seem to be a download for that yet.
  3. Atgood1

    Atgood1 Green Slime

    I dont have an unblock for my .dll, and when i try to launch the .exe nothing happens :confused:
  4. Glaydur

    Glaydur Lava Slime

    It's on another thread. It is on the same section as where this thread is.
  5. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Any way that this could have compatibility with the game launcher gui (I'm pretty sure it would just involve running over terrariaoriginalbackup.exe, rather that terraria.exe, but what do I know)?
  6. Cooldudepoke

    Cooldudepoke Cursed Man

    Hello, I have not tried your API yet, as i'm waiting for a good API to make mods that can add new world modes similar to hardmode, items, npcs, etc...

    Also when reading the docs, I noticed you said you would need permission to make a Terraria.exe mod(i'm not sure what the word is), Correct me if i'm wrong but I think you can make those kinds of mods as long as you use a binary difference patcher such as bspatch.exe. Which is what tconfig and others use(if I remember right).

    Anyway Great Job, Thanks!

    ~ Cooldudepoke
  7. Kyle873

    Kyle873 Devourer

    I'm working on trying to light up the whole world, but it's difficulty without directly modifying the game's lighting code.
  8. Devzzz

    Devzzz Green Slime

    This won't work for me, all i get is TehModAPI has stopped working, when i double click it :S
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  9. keda009

    keda009 Cursed Man

    Mp isn't working
  10. Shoot

    Shoot Cave Bat

    How exactly would I go about getting a post-draw event?
  11. thelordkhon

    thelordkhon Cave Bat

    Hope It will goes for all things =D btw what is moon.cecil?
  12. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    I'm getting the same issue. I'm running it in Vista.
  13. Cobellanez

    Cobellanez Cursed Man

    It needs to be in the Terraria steam folder. If it already is, then I have no idea.
  14. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    Did you unlock the DLL? I had the same issue prior unlocking it.
  15. saison

    saison Blazing Wheel

    I unlocked DLL and it is in le Terraria folder.
  16. iPie uDie

    iPie uDie Green Slime

    Ok everyone, I've now added an installer. If you've got Terraria via Steam and are getting problems. Re-download the API, extract the filesinside ANYWHERE, then run "Installer.exe". It will do it all for you. Then just re-download any mods you want in a zip file, put them in your mods folder. Viola. Can't get simpler.

    This is confirmed working. If you are getting problems. It's your end, not mine as of this point.
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  17. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Is this with the game launcher gui or not?
  18. iPie uDie

    iPie uDie Green Slime

    No, sorry. It will be next actual update however.
  19. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    OH, ok, I was just wondering because eikester said it would be in the next update and i couldn't tell if this was considered an actual update or not. How far are you from an actual update would you say?
  20. iPie uDie

    iPie uDie Green Slime

    I'm waiting on a reply from Kane which will determine the capability/style of the API in the future. Once I get a reply from Kane I'll continue the development of the API. Then I'll begin updating the API again. Also the update to the post was just the same files being put in a zip with a new installer, no actual updates to the API were made, sorry =\. You can use the LauncherGui yourself to add the API though.
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