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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by iPie uDie, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. 7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Yeah, i guess I'll have to do that... darn.
  2. Bug reporter Green Slime

    Do you know when your gonner have a stable version the dynamic texture pack?? also i found a bug when i was trying to place a slime staue using world edit and it placed a normal statue instead
  3. 7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Note: To anyone who already has the terraria game launcher gui installed and wants this as an option in it download this file, extract in the terraria directory, and enjoy. Also make sure that you have downloaded and extracted tehmod previously.

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  4. iPie uDie Green Slime

    at current World Edit only supports 1x1 block placement. It's not a bug placing objects just isn't a feature yet.

    Also Dynamic Texture Pack is stable, it just doesn't work for some people (unknown reason) and if you change whilst in game it sometimes crashes. A failsafe is included or in game crashes though it saves before changing. Also some textures do not load. That's all
  5. Bug reporter Green Slime

    do you know when is kyle gonner release his kmod?
  6. Kyle873 Clinger

    kMod has been released. Check my post on the first page for details and download link!
  7. F.Yo.Couch Green Slime

    I did everything but still cannot get it to work. when i start it up it says that it has stopped working. please help it looks so great
  8. iPie uDie Green Slime

    1. Why did you quote that?
    2. You're now in the wrong topic.
    3. Did you use the installer? If the installer is not capable of doing the API installation for you. I'm not providing support. Terraria via Steam or I'm not holding hands.
  9. 7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    Whenever I try to run this with kmod I get a tehmod has stopped working error. I can normally get it working just fine though.
  10. F.Yo.Couch Green Slime

    Exactly what i get
  11. lug1a Green Slime

    for some reason only mod that works is world editor.
    all others crash.
  12. iPie uDie Green Slime

    kMod wasn't released properly haha. He forgot another .dll he needed.

    @lug1a Were the Texture Pack / ResoChangers you downloaded in a zip or just plain .dll?
  13. lug1a Green Slime

    yessss my bad i dont think i un blocked them

    edit: eeehh nope didnt help still crashes
  14. Kyle873 Clinger

    Alright, re-uploaded the archive, everything should be good now.
  15. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Na sorry that was the forums bad, I updated the links to .zip files BUT THE SHITTY FORUMS NO APPLY EDIT -___-
  16. 7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    With the new download I still get a tehmod has stopped working and needs to close error.
  17. Kyle873 Clinger

    It's being looked into.

    Re-re-re-re-...yeah, I reuploaded it. Everyone try again.
  18. lug1a Green Slime

    k it loads kmod and world editor
    but when i click on the execute script button it freezes for a second then crashes
  19. Kyle873 Clinger

    Did you miss the part where I said that wasn't working properly yet?
  20. Bug reporter Green Slime

    Kyle Your Mod Works now thanks

    EDIT: bless world doesn't work
    EDIT 2: when using the Itemstore Is there anyway to go back to the category?
    EDIT 3: breaking shadow orb crashes the game
    EDIT 4: Your Mod is awesome except for the crashing and stuff
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