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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by iPie uDie, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

    Is this mod dead?Plus i liked this mod loader.
    Edit:I've seen the page 43,and look's like as a yes...
  2. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    Yes, it's officially abandoned. I'll look into it a bit if I have some free time and port it into something like Buildaria. Don't take my word though, my free time is really, really limited.
  3. wsensor

    wsensor Yellow Slime

    Ok on page 41(several and again on page 43 just 5 posts from the top are threads on an unofficial update for 1.1.2 that deathmax did for us.

    My post on page 43 has all the directions needed to install it.
  4. Sealab

    Sealab Cursed Man

    whats he talking about i never used any one else mod i only made my own, i was just making one with all the positives buffs that last for AGES for examples /th = thorns awesome mod really bummed this is down guess its back to java programming
  5. Nakano15

    Nakano15 Devourer

    I'll miss the Survival mod.XD.
    I've reached wave 13 on it.I think.
  6. Cobellanez

    Cobellanez Cursed Man

    I had actually been checking this everyday or so waiting for the update.
    But valid reasons are valid. Hope it turns out better.
  7. misterperson

    misterperson Green Slime

    Hey Death. I posted an Issue on Tshock earlier
    I want to know why neptunes shell causes death while nocliping in water
  8. trickster1992

    trickster1992 Green Slime

    come on redigit we all need this mod this is the best mod ever. I use this mod all the time when it was updated it was the best mod ever cos ppl could have texture packs like minecraft has texture pack. i use all sort of additon this this mod this is also th best in-game esitor there is i really miss this mod all thanks to u redigit for nor help out with the tehmodapi if i could then i would take ur place redigit but i idk where to start pleaseredigit we r asking u to help to get this mod back up again please
  9. Luke32141

    Luke32141 Snatcher

  10. (zero)mega

    (zero)mega Green Slime

    can i run itemaria whit this?
  11. 7UR7L3

    7UR7L3 Undead Viking

    No, I don't think you can.
  12. Reapperrcw

    Reapperrcw Green Slime

    Will you ever update this to the latest version of terraria ?
  13. Super Weegee1

    Super Weegee1 Blazing Wheel

    No, the creator quit. Proof:

  14. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    There's a fixed version on page 42 or so I believe. Get that and you're good.
  15. clairesnake

    clairesnake Green Slime

    I came across a problem on TehModAPI, when trying to use TehModAPI, non of my characters are there. NONE. But while using Terraria(The official Version), the characters are there. I was looking forward to the next update fixing this bug, but apparently there won't be a next update. Though giving up, will you please continue to fix bugs? Thank you.
  16. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    Working version for 1.1.2.
  17. luc andrews

    luc andrews Green Slime

    there is an error saying i dont have a pixel.png, i dont but there should not be one i think so how do i fix this
  18. jefuhr

    jefuhr Hornet

    *Worlds Tinniest Violin Plays*
  19. Lunatrius

    Lunatrius Cave Bat

    Install the version for Terraria 1.1.1, then copy the fix over those files. Or just grab the pixel.png file from the installer.
  20. Koojoh

    Koojoh Green Slime

    I know you say that you stoped Programing it but i think you should just finish it cuz Redigit said he stoped TERRARIA so one more man cmon one more update then its done...please?
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