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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by iPie uDie, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Kyle873 Clinger

    1. You can't bless the world unless you are in hard mode.
    2. R, read the instructions.

    You're right, Bless World is broken. I'll look into it later.
  2. F.Yo.Couch Green Slime

    When i click "Run Script Files" it freezes. just letting you know
  3. lug1a Green Slime

    my fault
  4. Ceberux Demon Eye

    help plz i have problems using it.......... everytime i use it it tells me:''TehModAPI has encountered a problem and needs to close. We apologize for anyinconvenience.'' then there is a line that divides the window and the other part says:''If you are in the process, you may miss the information that is working.''
  5. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Did you use the installer?
  6. Ceberux Demon Eye

  7. Bug reporter Green Slime

    Hey do your mod support texture pack or is that in the dynamic texture pack mod?
  8. iPie uDie Green Slime

    That question kind of answers itself, you make a folder named "tpacks" and put each of your texture pack folders with images inside in it.
  9. Bug reporter Green Slime

    Thank you answering my question i also have another question what features do u plan to implent to TehModAPI
  10. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Once again it depends on Kane, though I doub't that I'll ever get a response from him. So I'm going ahead with the full mod path. First I plan on doing A SHITLOAD of code cleaning up, I've already removed 1.8mb of pure code in a single class, and then continue to make everything dynamic. That way I can add hundreds of methods to do anything you want basically, new item, new drop, new chest loot, new monster, new npc, new projectile, new recipes, new MP packets, etc.
  11. Bug reporter Green Slime

    please help or give me the instructions

    the texture pack doesn't work
    1.i make a new folder called tpacks
    2.i put a texture pack in the tpacks fodler
    3.run the TehModAPI
    4.no texture pack
  12. iPie uDie Green Slime

    Sorry I'll update the OP with some more info just realised i completely forgot to.

    inside the "tpacks" folder put a folder and give it a name e.g. "Texture Pack", then put all the IMAGES into that texture pack folder. Hang on I'll make an image.

  13. Bug reporter Green Slime

    oh where do i put the tpacks folder.do i put it in my terraria folder or my mod folder
  14. Bug reporter Green Slime

    do i need any file to do this because i still having same problem
  15. Ceberux Demon Eye

    man i put one mod in mods folder and it crashes help plz D:
  16. iPie uDie Green Slime

    You have the Dynamic Texture Pack mod in the mods folder yes?
  17. Ceberux Demon Eye

    yes but i tried without it and it doesnt work D:
  18. Afatsum Green Slime

    You generous bastard.
    Add a friggin' Adfly link or i will throw all of my money at you in form of 50 cents.
    I have 150 dollars.
  19. iPie uDie Green Slime

    You need the texture packs mod to be able to use custom texture packs.

  20. Bug reporter Green Slime

    Dynamic texture pack mod just deosn't work for me
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