Teleportation device / magic spell to teleport to destinations

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Razerpro, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Razerpro

    Razerpro Green Slime

    In my large world it takes a heck of a long time to get from one side to the other. I was thinking of maybe being able to create 2 teleporters that are linked so you can set up a room to go to different areas of the map.

    Either that or a magic spell to remember atleast one other location
  2. MeaRainmaker

    MeaRainmaker Squirrel

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  3. Jonny_Monroe

    Jonny_Monroe Green Slime

    Morrowind's Mark and Recall spells come to mind...
  4. IIalak

    IIalak Green Slime

    Mark and recall is how the bed/magic mirror system works, there is nothing wrong with it but it has it's limits. The OP seems to more want a (simple) portal system where point A is permanently connected to point B, and neither item can be moved. An example of this would be setting up a portal a room in your house and at an ocean, so you can magic mirror home, walk across your house, and be at the edge of the map.
  5. Razerpro

    Razerpro Green Slime

    Yeah i was thinking more of a way to have multiple teleporters.

    For example X ammount of bars combined with other things creates a teleporter pair. Then you could set up a room with however many portals you wanted to go to the jungle or a sky base or wherever you wanted
  6. MeaRainmaker

    MeaRainmaker Squirrel

    I get an infraction for supporting an idea? COOL.
  7. GBits

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  8. Failmore

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    That's for one word response, actually...

    Ontopic: saw similar threads before, but still worth supporting.
  9. Flaafy222

    Flaafy222 Cursed Skull

    Not a spell, but as a placable item YES.
  10. Kusanagi

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    I think it might also be because of the size of the signature. From the looks of it, its just on the limit of the signature size or it went over. Can't really tell there xD

    Anyways back onto the idea, like Failmore said its been suggested a good amount of times already. Your take as well Ive seen to the letter in one or two other threads, so just as a heads up please use the search function before posting an idea. It helps keep the forum clean from duplicates. The dev team too were toying around with the idea already (as mentioned in one of the dev blogs). So its more a waiting game to see what they come up with.
  11. MeaRainmaker

    MeaRainmaker Squirrel

    Yes but i posted a 1 word thing supporting a thread.

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