Pre 1.2 [Temp] Flat maps and more!

Discussion in 'Released Maps' started by PauliusM, May 26, 2011.

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  1. PauliusM

    PauliusM Piranha

    Welcome to flat map thread!
    Here you can feed all kind of flat maps.
    This maps are special created for building and adventure map creating.
    These map aren't for cheating and please don't use them if have not "completed" the game.
    If there will be any new block in the game I will add a new flat map.

    Very big thanks to Krish and Preston I won't forget what you have done :D

    If you want to supportis these maps add this banner in your singature:


    Map list :
    (Press on S or M or L to download)
    (No picture need'ed maps are flat, lol)
    Tip: Use search (ctrl +f) to find faster what you need
    Tip: Use lucky horseshoe if you dont want to die!

    1. Clean map flat (S|M|L)
    2. Wood flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    3. Amethyst flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    4. Ash flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    5. Blue brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    6. Clay flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    7. Copper brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    8. Copper flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    9. Corruption grass flat (S|M|L)
    10. Corruption stone flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    11. Diamond flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    12. Dirt flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    13. Emerald flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    14. Glass flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    15. Gold flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    16. Golden brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    17. Grass flat (S|M|L)
    18. Green brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    19. Hellstone brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    20. Hellstone flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    21. Iron flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    22. Jungle grass flat (S|M|L)
    23. Lava flat (S|M|L)
    24. Meteorite flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    25. Mud flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    26. Mushroom grass flat (S|M|L)
    27. Obsidian brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    28. Obsidian flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    29. Pink brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    30. Red brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    31. Ruby flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    32. Sand flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    33. Sapphire flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    34. Silver brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    35. Silver flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    36. Stone brick flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    37. Stone flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    38. Topaz flat [​IMG] (S|M|L)
    39. Water flat (S|M|L)
    40. All maps! (S|M|L)
    *S = Small
    *M = Medium
    *L = Large
  2. Fear

    Fear Green Slime

    Awesome PaulisM, btw how do you make these :p

    Very nice template for a building server. :)
  3. PauliusM

    PauliusM Piranha

    Sorry I cant say...
  4. Beauseant

    Beauseant Green Slime

    Thanks for making this, should make making adventure maps a lot easier.
  5. Seppuku

    Seppuku Green Slime

    he's most likely using map editing software, as this would take quite literally forever to do manually
  6. DaNerd

    DaNerd Hornet

    OES NOES....HAX!!!!!!!
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  7. PauliusM

    PauliusM Piranha

    Added one new map from request
  8. rds1993

    rds1993 Green Slime

    request a new map for me i need a flat world made of 10% gold 40 % lave and 50
    % of hellstone? can you do 1?
  9. Doctor Doodler

    Doctor Doodler Cursed Man

    Make one out of stone but with patches of lava here and there.
  10. eastwood6510

    eastwood6510 Green Slime

    Cool maps man :)
  11. Sephu

    Sephu Piranha

    I would like a map from top to bottom of pure Obsidian (In its raw form.) If thats possible. I intend to use a system like that for an adventure map I'm making and that would make it easy as heck. :D
  12. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    Thanks! Now I can use this as a PvP building map with my friends. :>
  13. jetex1911

    jetex1911 Green Slime

    Could you make me a regular one? You know, top layer grass, some small lakes, dirt layer, rock layer, obsidian layer?
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  14. Raptoot

    Raptoot Green Slime

    Dude pleas tell us how your doing this :*
  15. pigmyninja

    pigmyninja Dungeon Guardian

    just some suggestion for Flat worlds Ocean Lava ocean just above underworld dirt sand and totaly filled with walls up to the top
    Drig likes this.
  16. Kane Slavuta

    Kane Slavuta Green Slime

    Props! :D
  17. PauliusM

    PauliusM Piranha

    If I would tell, this thread would be deleted.
  18. Retardia

    Retardia Green Slime

    Can you please create a dirt map but of small size please? Would be very much appreciated.
  19. Dasqe4

    Dasqe4 Green Slime

    *Edit* - Link Removed(I don't want to be banned

    I'm assuming the creator of the maps used (TEdit)?
  20. PauliusM

    PauliusM Piranha

    This maps are made of small map. If you need less dirt pm with photo how the map should look and I will make it.
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