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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by ShockZzV1.3, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. ShockZzV1.3 Zombie

    Well, terra blade cant match the DPS that vamp knives have, so this idea will not be OP, but more of something to make the hardest blade to get in the game a new flare. My idea is to have a Terra blade + Vampire knives + broken hero blade = a life drain Terra blade with a new sprite. (or maybe a vampire boss that drops a material to craft this?)
  2. FinalSunny Toxic Sludge

    eeew no , we already have vampire knives , and also Terra Blade is a final thing .
  3. ShockZzV1.3 Zombie

    Then how about True Excalibur + True knights edge + vamp knives instead of broken hero sword, to make a whole new item completely.
  4. FinalSunny Toxic Sludge

    Let's not make op weapon more op
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  5. ShockZzV1.3 Zombie

    Let me know when you see a terra blade do more then 2.5k dps. That's what the vamp knives are. THATS OP. The terra, is not.
  6. Darentei Green Slime

    Give Terra Blade the ability to hold down the key, and perhaps shoot a bolt with every swing. Well, anything really. I still love the weapon, but I'm saddened it is overshadowed by other items. Since being melee means being forced to risk constantly taking damage, it puts you at a disadvantage against semi-ranged weapons such as Vampire Knives or the scythe, especially because you have to get up close to fully utilize the Terra Blade (hitting with both swing and bolt). This is made worse by the face that there is a cooldown on the bolt. The result is very unreliable DPS.
  7. ShockZzV1.3 Zombie

    Yeah, so give it life drain to make up for the damage you have to tank.. makes sense..
  8. Darentei Green Slime

    I can dig it. I still prefer the idea of shooting really fast though :>
    But it does indeed make sense. Lifesteal so far have been the deciding factor in the most powerful weapons.

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