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    This is my world i have unique areas dungeons and zones covering 90% of the surface of a large map, And as you may have guessed these few screenshots will not show even a fraction of the different areas and places in the map.

    README: This map is HARDMODE if you are not past the wall of flesh this map will be near impossible to explore! It is recommended that you get atleast cobalt gear before you attempt this map.

    This map is NOT LEGIT, It was simply made with only one thing in mind, Unique areas and scenery.

    Version 1.2

    Planned Changes-

    More demon structures.
    Better human town.
    More giant trees in the jungle.
    Refined Dwarven Ruins.
    Better Desert Ruins.

    The Map

    To the far left is a lighthouse, though currently still unfinished it is still an interesting place to explore, going east from there is the Desert Ruins, also unfinished but you can seem the general style the buildings will be.

    Continuing along we see the dungeon and the human kingdom, the only unfinished area here is the town inside the kingdom, there is also an airship residing here, the human kingdom ends at the corruption.

    At the corruption is the Crystal Scar, This area leads into the Hellgate a massive structure leading into the bottom of the world, The Gate also connects eastward to a giant obelisk that is the barrier between the corruption and the Elven Kingdom.

    The Elves take up the entire area from the end of the corrupted pits to the Moon Mist Desert, It includes the 2 main Elven districts and the old ruins, there is a lot to see here because there is a lot of vertical space used for this city.

    Going into the Moon Mist Desert you will notice many large rocks formations and strange glowing obelisks, this continues into some very like Moon Mist Flowers, these are large traversable structures that are unique to this desert, the desert ends just before the Dwarven Ruins seen on the map as a massive mountain with many tunnels inside it.

    The Dwarven Ruins are unfinished but you can still get through the area, Continuing east puts as at the last area, the Jungle it has a massive tree that gives life to the the whole area, I plan on adding several more of them and possibly some remote tribal villages.

    The Humans.

    I made the humans a bit more traditional but with a few slight twists, firstly their structures are the most massive of any of the other races, They use huge buildings and steam powered machinery.

    This picture hopefully captures their design style without getting into to much detail.
    This is the main method of transportation the humans use, A small town sits below the ship with a dock and many supply crates, the town (off Screen) needs some work but the airship is finished.

    The Forge of Sages, built by dwarves who mysteriously vanished before they finished the Tower of Babel.

    The Highlands.
    The Moon Mist Desert.
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    - Some very cool builds in there.:) You're channeling Stratzenblitz75 on that last pic!

    - Hit F11 and turn off your HUD for ingame pics

    - Did your dungeon come that way? It's one of the most compact I've seen with a simple, nearly straight drop...
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  3. OphelieSeize

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    Yeah it came that way, and i kinda forgot about the hiding HUD, Been over a year since i played this game.

    Also working on making the crystal scar more interesting/bigger right now.
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    Nice stuff, I'll be watching.:)

    And why not zip and upload your .wld right here rather than use a third party?
  5. OphelieSeize

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    You can upload files here? i was unaware.
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    Same way you did your pics, up to 10MB allowed per file.
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    Very nice! I love the unique scenery and design in the highlands, crystal scar, and especially the moon mist desert. I also see something of interest in the corruption... I don't download many worlds, but I think I'm gonna have to explore this one...

    Again, kudos for making these awesomely unique builds!
  8. OphelieSeize

    OphelieSeize Piranha

    Thanks, i'm working on refining the world right now, a lot of it was thrown in kind of fast just so i knew what was going where, hopefully i can expand and refine everything on the map.
  9. OphelieSeize

    OphelieSeize Piranha

    New Moon Mist Flowers i just finished.
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  10. OphelieSeize

    OphelieSeize Piranha

    Sky Temple i've been working on, it rests above the Highlands, Next update is almost done to, i should have it up in a few days.
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    Really, really nice stuff. Careful about multiple posting in a row - you can edit those together to remove the triple post. I got an infraction with no warning for that a long time ago.

    I swear you're just an alias for Stratz. You two share the same wonderfully strange vision of the world...
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  12. OphelieSeize

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    Alright thanks for the warning :D, and thanks for commenting, it's nice to hear feedback.

    also love your project, i remember when you first posted it around here, it's come a long way, nice to see someone follow through with a really big project like that.
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  14. OphelieSeize

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    I'll consider it, in the meantime i've almost finished 2 other side projects in Terra they still need fine details but they are in a good state for spoilers, i have several others going that aren't as far along but these should show some of whats to come.
    Terra2.png Terra.png

    The first is a giant forge that resides in the Dwarven city, The second is the Tower of Babel, a large tower constructed by the Dwarves that rests atop the mountain they reside in.

    Edit: been working on a new kind of building concept wanted to see what people thought before i placed it, i was gonna replace the dwarven tower with it or maybe put it in the desert.

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  15. OphelieSeize

    OphelieSeize Piranha

    I'll be updating this map again with the release of the next patch, and will be integrating all of the buildings unto a newly generated world and arranging everything over again, i've updated the page with some new screenshots of thing that will be in the next version.

    If you have any input or ideas for things you'd like to see in my map i'de love to hear it.

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