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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by mrkite, May 24, 2011.

  1. mrkite

    mrkite Eskimo Zombie

    I just put together an interactive Terraria map. You can pan and zoom your map, hover over blocks for information, jump to your spawn point, etc.



    Quick demonstration of the features:

    Note: Please don't complain that Use Textures is grayed out. That means you most likely pirated Terraria, and I'm not going to help you.

    Version 2.2.2 changes
    • Updated for terraria
    • Tries to find textures in the base steam folder if it can't find a terraria entry.

    Version 2.2.1 changes
    • Support new map format
    • Support new tiles and walls
    • Female armor stands
    • Chest names
    • Support upside-down sloped blocks
    • Some features (fog of war, server support) temporarily disabled. They'll be re-enabled in the next version.
    Version 2.1.3 changes
    • Added new blocks. Hopefully christmas trees work as well.
    Version 2.1.2 changes
    • Fix for steam config key finding problems
    Version 2.1.1 changes
    • Added blocks from
    • Support multiple Steam install locations
    Version 2.1 changes
    • Added halloween blocks
    • Fixed armor scaling
    • Improved liquid drawing with textures
    • Added painted tiles and walls
    Version 2.0.3 changes
    • Handle missing textures or incompatible fog of war maps more gracefully.
    Version 2.0.2 changes
    • Fixed the warning about unsupported walls
    Version 2.0.1 changes
    • Bug fix for old player files causing a crash on startup.
    Version 2.0 changes
    • Supports 1.2 map format and new tiles
    • Sloped tiles, half tiles
    • Optional fog of war prevents you from spoiling the map
    • Unique world backgrounds
    • Easy-access toolbar for lighting and block highlighting
    • Item finder to quickly find items in chests
    • Cleaned up wall drawing, should be more accurate
    Version 1.9.8 changes
    • Supports new terraria 1.1.2 map format
    Version 1.9.7 changes
    • Cut memory usage practically in half.
    Version 1.9.6 changes
    • Added experimental server support
    • Runs native 64-bit on 64-bit machines
    • No longer requires XNA for texture support.
    • Fixed background tiling
    • Doesn't lock open files, so it won't cause problems if Terraria decides to save the world while it's reading it.
    • Lighting is now done in the background.
    Version 1.9.5 changes
    • World Information window added to view menu
    • Jump to Dungeon added to navigation menu
    • Fixed a buffer overflow crash when zoomed out at the edges of the map.
    Version 1.9.4 changes
    • Reworked tile structure to be more ram friendly. You shouldn't run out of ram on large worlds now.
    • Displays progress stats in the loading dialog.
    Version 1.9.3 changes
    • Armor now faces the correct direction on mannequins
    • Possible armor crash bug fixed.
    Version 1.9.2 changes
    • Tries to reuse memory when loading the world. Should cut down on OOM errors.
    • Glass walls are now properly transparent.
    • Fixed hallowed tree top drawing bug.
    Version 1.9.0 changes:
    • New blends supported
    • Colored lighting supported
    • Toggle wires display
    • Handles new trees
    • Draws armor on mannequins
    • Draws NPC home baners
    • Displays prefixes in chests
    • You can now hilight variation tiles (e.g. Locked Gold Chest,)
    • Shows variation tile names
    • Handles Santa NPC
    • Draws background textures in texture mode.
    • Lighting code should be faster.
  2. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    This is awesome.

    The lighting mode doesn't seem to work, though - It just stops showing everything at a certain depth. I assume that's where the dirt layer starts?
  3. Tenkin

    Tenkin Green Slime

    Isn't mapviewers considered as some sort of cheating ?

    I don't want to get stamped as a cheater, but I've searched hours for jungle without finding it...
  4. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    Well, yes. It is technically cheating, but there's plenty of uses for it other than that.
  5. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Pretty sweet program, but I'm not sure why I would ever use this instead of the well known map viewer.
  6. Batroo

    Batroo Green Slime

    Glade to see you come over from Minecraft mrkite
  7. Patchumz

    Patchumz Dark Caster

    Blue condones mappers, so it's more than okay.

    And this is quite neat :).
  8. Junn

    Junn Green Slime

    i have a question, is this mapper in real-time as in changes gets updated immediately?
  9. mrkite

    mrkite Eskimo Zombie

    No, it doesn't. I'm planning on adding a "reload" feature though.
    Tejedu likes this.
  10. mrkite

    mrkite Eskimo Zombie

    Yup.. and of course the first thing I do is make a mapper :)
  11. Junn

    Junn Green Slime

    Ah, very cool! Like!
  12. Akiiru

    Akiiru Green Slime

    I like this. :)
  13. Herborist

    Herborist Green Slime

    So... any outstanding features that separate this from all of the other map viewers?

    It is easier to look at it, I will give you that.
  14. Batroo

    Batroo Green Slime

    Ah but your mapper for Minecraft was one of the better ones out there, so that bodes great things for this one.
  15. Andersmith

    Andersmith Green Slime

    It would be cool if you made this read from the temp files because I usually do rather long play sessions so it's a pain to have to exit each time I want the map updated.
  16. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    I'm liking this! :D
  17. mrkite

    mrkite Eskimo Zombie

    I'll look into it.. but won't promise anything.
  18. mamga

    mamga Green Slime

  19. burfo

    burfo Green Slime

    This is awesome!

    You should add a resource highlighting mode. By that I mean, let's say I'm looking for Topaz. So I select to highlight Topaz. That would make all the topaz nodes sparkle, or perhaps it would dim everything except the Topaz. That would be sweet.
  20. mrkite

    mrkite Eskimo Zombie

    I'm actually working on that right this instant... and yeah, haven't decided on the effect just yet.

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