PC Terraria 1.1.1: Christmas Update!

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Redigit, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    Terraria 1.1.1 is now live! Here are the changes:

    Bug Fixes / Performance
    ● Reduced the amount of RAM needed to run Terraria.
    Added an option to turn backgrounds off.
    Improved the automatic game quality adjuster.
    Lighting update won’t skip as much on lower quality levels.
    Items dropped on death for hardcore and mediumcore characters will retain their conditions.
    Space Gun now has a value.
    Water Bolt can now have conditions.
    Diving Helmet now works correctly.
    Walls now correctly show behind Glass Blocks.
    You can now untie bound NPC’s with Autopause enabled.
    Mediumcore and hardcore players will drop their cursor item on death.
    Coins held on the cursor will correctly be dropped on death.
    Dryad’s Corruption and Hallow status numbers are correct.
    Wyverns are less common and will be less likely to spawn near the ground.
    Mana Flower's price has been increased.
    Fixed the shadow glitch of trippy lighting.
    Music Boxes no longer dupe when placed on platforms.
    Fixed an issue that caused stacked coins to go missing from chests during multiplayer.
    Cursed Torch item now emits light in water.
    Harpoon can now be reforged.
    Lighting will now be set to Retro instead of crashing if Terraria is unable to switch to the new lighting mode.
    Keybindings will no longer sometimes be set to "None" automatically.
    Bombs thrown by clowns will now show that the wall has been destroyed in multiplayer.
    Crystal Shards now give off light in retro and white color mode.
    Hallowed Armor only has graphical effects with the helmet.
    Players now have hair under their hats.
    Statues no longer turn into Armor Statues when they are smashed from the top.
    Clowns only throw bombs when their target is alive.

    Added Candy Cane Blocks & Walls.
    Added Green Candy Cane Blocks & Walls.
    Added Snow Blocks.
    Added Snow Bricks & Walls.
    Added Red, Green, and Blue Lights.
    Added Presents that are dropped by monsters during the holiday season.
    Added Snow Globe.
    Added Santa’s Outfit.

    Added Snowman Gangsta.
    Added Mister Stabby.
    Added Snow Balla.
    Added Santa Claus.

    Snow biomes will always be created during world gen during the holiday season. There is a 1 in 3 chance for snow biomes to be created during world gen during the rest of the year.


    Edit by confuzzledyma: 2:00 PM Dec. 30: (notes gotten from Redigit on Steam)"A small fix to stop Santa from spawning when it's not Christmas time" This will make him stop spawning after the 1st of Jan.
  2. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks so much Redigit for bring us a Winter / Holiday Update! I know you did not have to and you put a lot of effort in for us to have this so I really thank you for your wonderful work and making Terraria one of the most amazing games out there. Thanks again for this privilege!

    Terraria kicked ass in 2011 and will always be known for that!
  3. Ijwu

    Ijwu Crimera

    Nice. I was waiting for this. I'm sure it'll rock.​
    As soon as I saw that Steam finished downloading Terraria I rushed over here. xD​
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  4. TheCurlyWonder

    TheCurlyWonder Doctor Bones


    Edit: This is a great patch, I love how there are little minor bugfixes/different options to improve the game, as well as new content!

    Overall, a great update, thanks Redigit! ;)
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  5. Zman12380

    Zman12380 Dark Caster

    'Nuff said
  6. polar7rulz

    polar7rulz Zombie


    Update for my favorite season(winter) ^_^


    Snow Globe - Summons the Frost Legion.
  7. Blitzkriegx

    Blitzkriegx Green Slime

    Snow biomes... fuck yea.
  8. Pig

    Pig Tim

    aaa.png Snooooooooow <3!
  9. DarkGollum

    DarkGollum Cursed Skull

    Nice. But sadly. Still didn,t expand the 5 limit maps.... Gonna need to create a folder to move some maps because i can't create any other
  10. Necrovore

    Necrovore Demon Eye

    WOOHOO Holiday patch! And bugfixes make the best presents. :p
  11. testraloss

    testraloss Green Slime

    *Heart Attack*
  12. dwdwzzz

    dwdwzzz Cursed Man

  13. Allie

    Allie Green Slime

    Sweet, just got the update.
  14. Forsaken

    Forsaken Green Slime

    Nice... Now I just need to recieve the update:D
  15. Ryukiroku

    Ryukiroku Squirrel

    I approve this message.
  16. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling


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  17. Flightergear

    Flightergear Green Slime

    I love snow. Great work.
  18. RedStar

    RedStar Demon Eye

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I will go play now !
  19. marezh

    marezh Green Slime

  20. Gusty_GB

    Gusty_GB Demon Eye

    No snow balls to throw at friends?
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  21. The Crazy Slime

    The Crazy Slime Green Slime

    Are the new blocks pre generated?
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