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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Redigit, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. NTpspE Green Slime

    Hey guys (new here :3 ) I thought i'd put my little bit of input in here for this whole situation.

    I've wanted Terraria since it came out at version 1.0.0, but because my laptop is incompatible with XNA, I was never able to play it, so I spent a lot of time watching let's plays and generally hyping up for when I could play the game. After installing windows 8 developer preview, all of a sudden my computer is compatible with XNA, (the installer ran) and so I then tried out Terraria 1.0.4, which ran perfectly, and then bought the game yesterday as I knew it would run.

    All this is AFTER finding out that development had stopped, because to be honest, sandbox games like this are only limited by your imagination. I don't think I'll stop playing Terraria for a long time, and will definately come back to it, as there are so many world possibilities, and ways to play.
    Yes lots of updates were promised and things like that, and I agree that breaking promises is a bad thing to do, but Red has fully explained his reasons, rather than simply saying "Bye folks".

    There is mod support for Terraria as far as I'm aware, so as soon as you find something you want to mod into the game, you can just do it, or find other mods for more content.

    As for the argument of Terraria being free, aren't games like GTAIV and Assasins Creed and loads others classed as Sandbox games? I think your meaning Creative Sandbox games specifically, but I'm pretty sure Red said it WOULD be going open source in his second part of "My fellow Terrarians".

    Meh, ima shut up now and play the game I bought for £5.99 (uk) and spend many hours doing lots of fun things :3 Thats what matters to me :D
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  2. DermWorm981 Lava Slime

    You can install some mods when your done with Vanilla Terraria.
  3. Septimal Blazing Wheel

    Beautiful...just...beautiful. I applaud you sir. Very well said. C:
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  4. Memasak Kurosaki Green Slime

    Thank you redigit :p are you doing a 1.1.3 update?
  5. jaxter0987 Cursed Skull

    He said he's making another update that will be a bug fix.
  6. Memasak Kurosaki Green Slime

    oh yay but will he add some simple things? I just think Terraria could be so much more if he keeps adding to it
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  7. Septimal Blazing Wheel

    Sorry, but it's already been stated that all future updates are null and void. Though, if you like, you have the wonderful Mod community to help you out, if you want new things! ;D
  8. Memasak Kurosaki Green Slime

    well I cant use mods because I have a mac...
  9. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    Use a Windows Emulator
  10. Memasak Kurosaki Green Slime

    I don't wanna pay 50 bucks just for windows (not trying to sound mean or anything)
  11. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    A Windows Emulator is a virtual working replicia of the Windows OS
    Most emulators for it are free
    The most common one used is VMWare
  12. Memasak Kurosaki Green Slime

    That one requires windows…..or at least a windows computer
  13. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    You have no idea what a emulator is do you
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  14. Sleaker Cursed Man

    Pretty sure he understands that it still requires a copy of Windows. VMWare only provides an emulation interface, it doesn't provide the full OS for free, you still must own a copy of the Windows operating system to install Windows via VMWare (you wouldn't be telling him to pirate software would you?)
  15. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    Windows 7 OS is literally 5 cents for a disc , And their are many free versions of it such as demo's and beta's
  16. Sleaker Cursed Man

    No, no and, no. The 'beta' you're probably thinking of is Windows 8 developer preview. Not windows 7. There's also, no such thing as a free copy of Windows 7, you must obtain a legitimate cd-key via purchasing the software.

    Anyhow, this is in no way related to the OP now and should be handled elsewhere.
  17. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    I own 7 Beta discs for Windows 7 OS(10 cents each+$1 shipping), So i just proved you wrong
  18. Septimal Blazing Wheel

    Your line of thinking is so immature it makes me giggle.
    [OT] How about we GET OT?
  19. Sleaker Cursed Man


    Which aren't legal to run any longer. If you have a suggestion on how Memasak Kurosaki can legitimately run Windows Software on his PC without purchasing anything, I'm sure he would be thrilled. My suggestion is VMWare + ReactOS - it may/may not work for you, I haven't tried it out like that, but it may work if you're willing to give it a shot.
  20. XTripleJaxX Dark Caster

    Want a simple solution?
    Pirate it
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