TERRARIA 1.1 server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Aliencomander1245, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Aliencomander1245 Green Slime port 7777 it's no whitelist or password hoping to get a moon charm but it's just a new server bring whatever you want ;)
  2. Glaydur Lava Slime

    go to cmyip.com and give us your external IP .. That's how we can connect to your server.
  3. Aliencomander1245 Green Slime

    I checked that's my ip it's in My favoRites
  4. Grey (Other Computer) Green Slime

    put in ipconfig in the console as a admin, than look for IPv4 DNS, than post it
  5. pimp5427 Green Slime

    No, go to: ipchicken.com
    Just copy + paste that IP into this chat.
  6. Aliencomander1245 Green Slime

    If it doesnt work try the port is 7777
  7. pimp5427 Green Slime

    Nope, still an internal IP.
  8. Aliencomander1245 Green Slime

    I checked at ip chicken that IS my ip
  9. Grey (Other Computer) Green Slime

    Join mineS:

  10. pimp5427 Green Slime

    You guys, you have to PORTFORWARD.
  11. Grey (Other Computer) Green Slime

  12. Aliencomander1245 Green Slime

    I'm 100% sure the one on the first post is TGE correct one
  13. pimp5427 Green Slime

    Try mine: Port = 7777
  14. Vesparian Green Slime

    Even yours isn't working, pimp.
  15. pimp5427 Green Slime

    Retry, I was doing something else.
  16. Grey (Other Computer) Green Slime

  17. pimp5427 Green Slime

    Well, everyone got Hamachi? C:
  18. Vesparian Green Slime

    I'm not a fan of hamachi, Always lags the connection regardless of how fast your internet is.
  19. Grey (Other Computer) Green Slime

    I do!
  20. dawnbomb Green Slime
    pass: today
    goal: the wizard

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