PC Terraria 1.1 Trailer

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Redigit Developer

    Down to one week left. Enjoy!
  2. Pig Tim

    Thank you Redigit, your game brings me soo much joy ;D.

    Now, brb while I have an eyegasm
  3. Kelp Moderator

    Over a million sales now? Congratulations guys. You've went a long way!

    As for the trailer, I'm watching it right now as I am typing and I must say - it looks fantastic. Nice work!
    The music is good too.
  4. So close, but so far away :(
    Sandgun, Spray and Pray!
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  5. qbicfeet Green Slime

    Finally! I can't wait.

    I like the musical arrangement by the way ;)
  6. MCMo Face Monster

  7. Forsaken Green Slime

    YAY!!!!! More torture before 1.1 comes out. I'm going to turn into a masochist with you guys teasing us like that.
    P.S. It was about time to see a new trailer.
  8. tiloup1441 Cursed Man

    aww i had to log in otherwise i wouldve had first
  9. polar7rulz Squirrel

    YEsssssssssssss !!!!
    I'm loving it !

    LOL that version of skeletron has 30000 HP O_O

    ...I saw, I want Terraria even more !

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  10. GermanJesus Flying Snake

    This is probably the greatest video of all time.
  11. Cobaltcakes Illuminant Slime

    I'm glad I finished my slice of Pumpkin Pie before watching this. If I hadn't I surely would've choked on it.
  12. Metal Slime Squirrel

  13. PNSAforce Demon Eye

    oh...my...GOD! This is AWESOME!
  14. Graceful Assassin No. XI MARLUXIA

    I knew we were going to get a Trailer! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVVVVA!

    Thanks once again Re-Logic for such a bad ass game.
  15. ILikeChicken Green Slime


    *See's Wall Of Flesh*

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  16. oreo Bone Serpent

    Only one thing to say. Mind = blown.
  17. Kidef242 Paladin

    My God.This is amazingly amazing.I took my eyes off,Cleaned them and put them back in...
  18. gmonkworld Green Slime

    wow me and my freind have been so exited about this we even made up our own story line =D thanks
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  19. Keirndmo Dark Caster

    WoF looks awesome and first page!
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  20. Mr.Person Moth

    OMFG NO WAY! Thanks so much! :D

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