Terraria 1.2/1.1.3 Speculation Thread.

Discussion in 'Update Discussion' started by Mining Penguin, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Hello guys, since there isn't 1 yet, and I know I posted my other thread about this in the "Suggestions area. I didn't know there was this :p. But post what you guys would like to see in a major update 1.2. Or another small update 1.1.3. For me I think there should be a Goblin village and maybe a new NPC in the village that you can save? More trees, apple trees, lemon trees, so you can cook more. Ladders, and some stairs too. Now what do you guys think?
  2. Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Blackberrys to spawn Raccoons (that are always grey, not blue, like your shirt, why thank you).
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  3. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Maybe even blackberrys, that would be cool to maybe have a racoon in a house. :D
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  4. Cooli Squirrel

    I think there should be a real estate mob so you can pay to have your land set, after that (so its not TOTTALY useless) We can use hired guards (new mob) to guard our homes (the option if you dont buy land is only follow or wait)!

    EDIT: Just one addition that would get people going.
  5. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    I also really like this idea, it would be nice to have some people guard, but wouldn't you sort of need to be near your house for enemies to spawn for them to kill them? I am getting at the wait option. But the follow option can be helpful for fighting Slimes and other enemies while mining Ores and such.
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  6. Cooli Squirrel

    Yeah, I suppose. Also, if they were to change how enemies would spawn I think it may be better to make it so the enemies spawning would be at random locations, then despawn overtime. You ld chang the spawning options depending on your core level (Hardcore, ect.).
  7. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Yeah, they would sort of have to do that for that idea to come into the game wouldn't they?
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  8. BingyBongy Zombie

    hey penguin ! :D

    i saw a movie about a bunny pet that would come with a special edition of terraria,
    pets in terraria would most definatly get BAWLER-STATUS :D:D:D:D
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  9. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    I'm agreeing but I prefer the things I said before in my earlier posts before pets, they aren't major.
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  10. BingyBongy Zombie

    Yeah true i give you that, but they can add so much more stuff to this game it has so much potential, its almost unbelievable what they can do with this game, they can expand it with whatever they come up with. We will most likely like it cause we do with whatever they release :D
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  11. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Your right...
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  12. BingyBongy Zombie

    I'm God ofcourse im right :eek:
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  13. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Your right, I'm Jesus?
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  14. BingyBongy Zombie

    Lol you are , and I AM YOUR FATHER:cool:
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  15. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Lets stop wandering off, lets have some suggestions come in.
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  16. Fishbertus Devourer

    I just want my asteroid suggestion XD
    btw, a new update JUST came out.
  17. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Well this is for the new updates that will be coming out and I can't really play the new version right now. I have a bought version and a cracked version...
  18. Triforce Frankenstein

    We could use these to make combustible lemons!
  19. Mining Penguin Cursed Skull

    Compustible lemons! YES!
  20. Fishbertus Devourer

    Ba ba baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Evil laugh.
    Then we need engineers NPC!

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