Terraria 1.2 Official Soundtrack

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. NSwa Slimer

    Lunar Boss and Space.. Hmm So much for no space biome eh Redigit? lol.
  2. Nattter_ Bunny

    This is soooo sweet! :D
  3. NeyoPRO Demon Eye

    Oh god, the nostalgia..
  4. Buddha Undead Viking

    Well, we can say, we are lucky, that this month doesn't has 31 days at once...
    And, 3 days left, and it's christmas ti... wait, wrong scene...
  5. Braxton Wise Cave Bat

    The ocean is also my favorite. Next to Plantera's, of course ;)
  6. Slurm Slimed Zombie

    This is me:

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  7. Dark Wall Of Flesh The Groom

    SO EPIC, the old Tracks are still cool, but these... These are so fantastic! Scott evolved them so much, but keeping the old style. 11\10
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  8. Linkle Cursed Man

    This is so awesome.
    My favourite is TOTALLY the crimson song. Just everything about the Crimson biome so far looks awesome. I totally wanna live in one lol.
  9. EpsiNinja Giant Worm

    Plantera and Lunar Boss are officially my favorite songs ever.
  10. Linkle Cursed Man

    Wow, after reading through all of the comments, I think I'm the first person to say anything about the crimson song, let alone claim it as my favourite. :O
    But still, that song tho... Especially near the end when the bassy stuff kicks in... *shudder*
  11. Dark_Reaper115 Eskimo Zombie

    Epic Heavy Metal song is Plantera Boss Fight song?!
    I NEED to buy this so badly !!!
    Also... it would be epic if we could have sountrack on Steam :D
  12. The Blue Knight Angel Statue

    You're not alone in thinking that some of them don't fit in. Don't get me wrong there are definately some epic themes in there but a lot of them sound too..... cluttered? Like, there's too much going on in a lot of them and I feel like sour notes are never a good idea (The first bit of the mushroom biome). Anyway I hope this post is seen as constructive critisism and not just negativity.
  13. Loki ISP Moderator

    Epic stuff! Really digging the new tunes. :)

    Out of curiosity....what would both the interest level and/or feasibility be of a remix album (along the lines of the epic stuff we got in the PDJ contest?)....asking that question of community and devs alike.

    I'd love it, personally....but no idea at all what anyone else thinks.
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  14. Linkle Cursed Man

    Idk, personally, I think it works in the case of the mushroom biome song. Think about it this way: when the average american or what have you thinks of mushrooms, it's eventually going to boil down to mushrooms being used as a drug, specifically one that makes you trippy. The beginning of the mushroom song gives that kind of trippy feeling almost.
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  15. Falcer Angel Statue

    Oh jeez the sound tracks are so wonderfully done. And a Space and Golem boss? Well now we have spoilers for the 4 new bosses. Hmmm it says Lunar...so maybe I'm wrong and it isn't in space, but during that said Eclipse event? Exciting stuff Red, keep it up!
  16. YungDrod Angel Statue

    I listened to it all the way through and probably will buy it. Great job!
  17. TheDarkLink98 Angel Statue

    I love Plantera and Eclipse, they're just epic <3
  18. darkstarzx2 Hell Bat

    Nope, I won't do it. I will not listen to that. Promised myself I wouldn't spoil 1.2 except for pictures! No videos, no soundtracks, nothing! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME DO IT! :D
  19. Rossmallo Voodoo Demon

    Knowing what the Crimson looks like and what I've heard it is, the music accomponying it scares the HELL out of me...
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  20. Ov3r Mouse

    Awesome stuff!

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