Terraria 2: Rise of Kyodaina miira

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  1. donbot44 (db44)

    donbot44 (db44) Cursed Man

    Menus - details from top to bottom.
    Terraria logo (with the number 2 next to it.)

    "Select User" box
    (click) <user's name>
    (click) CREATE NEW USER
    (click) DELETE USER
    (click) EXIT

    once selected, you enter the main menu

    "Main Menu" Header

    (click) Story Mode SP - Play a pre-generated world and play through a story. Difficulty Changable when beaten.
    (click) Classic Mode SP - Play Classic mode (Terraria 1) in Single Player
    (click) Story Mode MP - Play a pre-generated world and play through a story in Multiplayer. random servers made by game.
    (click) Classic Mode MP - play Terraria-1-style Multiplayer.
    (click) Options
    (click) Log Out

    Character creation is the same. Options are the same.

    Story Mode SP and MP have the same bosses as Classic, but with more of them and an area acessable after acquiring the Zeus Pickaxe, obtained in "The Clouds" a biome that i came up with. it's like the underworld, but it is at the TOP of the map. you can make one of these picks by mining Shock Stone Ore and making them at a Godforge. cloud blocks can be scooped by buckets because they're made of water. however, if you want to travel through this area, you want to first use a water walking potion. you have to scoop up the clouds in order to go down. then, use a molten pick to mine the Shock Stone Ore. Beware of Harpeys and the dreaded (boss) Harpey Queen.

    Boss list:
    -Harpey Queen (story only, The Clouds, day, Random)
    -The Ultimate Wasp (story only, Underground Jungle, must have at least 300x300 blocks of space to spawn (randomly, while exploring or idle.))
    -King Slime (classic only)
    -The Eater Of Worlds (classic and story)
    -Eye of Cthulu (classic and story)
    -Skeletron (classic and story, dungeon)
    -(Final) Kyodaina miira (story only, Demonic Gauntlet, All players must be present. any player who enters the game while the fight is on will be warped to the fight.)

    Boss Bios MUST be requested.

    Shock Stone Bar items include
    Holy Armor
    Death's Bane (sword)
    Thunderbolt (Bow, uses mana to make lightning bolts. arrows will be used once depleted.)
    Hamaxe of the Gods
    The Holy Symbol (Equipable, 3 defense, allows entry by ALL players to enter the Demonic Gauntlet. use in front of demon altar)

    Demonic Gauntlet ENEMIES include:
    Angry Bones (skeletrons room)
    Harpeys (Harpey Queens room)
    Slimes (King Slimes room)
    Hornets (The Ultimate Wasps room
    Demon Eyes/Servants of Cthulu (eye of Cthulu's room)
    Devourer (Eater of Worlds room)
    Zombies (Kyodaina miiras Room)

    Kyodaina miira's Room is only accessable when all other bosses are beaten.

    Achivements are optional.

    Boss bios must be requested.
  2. Raccoon Sam

    Raccoon Sam Dark Caster

    Don't fix it if it's not broken.
  3. donbot44 (db44)

    donbot44 (db44) Cursed Man

    don't fix what?!
  4. Fredfbar

    Fredfbar Doctor Bones

    I don't get it, you want the devs to remake the game, and give it a new brand, instead of just making a upgrade, Terraria isn't in version 1.0 yet, this is useless, sorry.
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  5. donbot44 (db44)

    donbot44 (db44) Cursed Man

    ... i just thought a sequel would be awesome. :'( ouch.
  6. Fredfbar

    Fredfbar Doctor Bones

    Sorry, that was a little mean, a sequel might not be terrible, but not then the game isn't finished itself. ;)
  7. Lyra

    Lyra Fire Imp

    No, it already surpassed 1.0. It's in 1.0.5.
  8. Tehrror85

    Tehrror85 Green Slime

    The idea of a sequel = good
    The idea of making a sequel right now when the game isnt finished = so stupid

    The game isnt fully developed, it was released ahead of schedule with a lot of the game still untouched. You have no idea what Terraria is yet...why the hell would they make a sequel? This post is pointless.
  9. Matsu

    Matsu Corruptor

    ...*sigh*. This is not the first thread with this type of idea I have seen, so I will say what I have said before unless this is a free thing it is an awful idea. Why make a sequel when we can just add content to Terraria.
  10. Fredfbar

    Fredfbar Doctor Bones

    I worded that really poorly, I was trying to say that the developers said over a forum post somewhere they don't even consider the game 1.0 or something like that, I failed there.
  11. Chocofire

    Chocofire Clinger

    yup sequels wouldnt work right now, i guess maybe after the game is finished.
  12. PuppySin

    PuppySin Green Slime

    They said it isn't considered to be 1.1 yet because of "lack of content" this us found in 1.0.6 part 1.5
  13. Fredfbar

    Fredfbar Doctor Bones

    Thanks for telling me where I saw that quote from ;)

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