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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by thedarkangel, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. thedarkangel

    thedarkangel Cursed Man

    Download here:
    or here...

    I updated the texture pack to version 1.1
    I made some minor changes about some tiles, clouds, projectiles, items, etc. I think it is not necessary to make a list about what have changed, is enough to say that the version 1.1 is better than 1.0.

    I have received many positive reviews, and it motivated me to finish this huge work, EACH SPRITE (or almost) was changed for better resolution and 3D aspect, don't be surprised if some sprites don't seem like before, what matters is the final result!

    GIVE ME SUGESTIONS!!!I'm here to hear what you have to say, you're free to give your opinion and if you want, give sugestions about new sprites, etc. You can recommend some others texture packs to me and I can give my "3hd touch" on it! Just comment on this topic.

    Why is your english is so bad?
    If you notice my bad english, don't worry, english is not my natural language, but I try to make my words "understandable"

    I made a trailer, watch it:

  2. I'm speechless! It look epic! Will you release it compatible with Tccl? (i mean with the files in .png form?)
  3. thedarkangel

    thedarkangel Cursed Man

    Yes, I will :D
  4. LeoMav

    LeoMav Squirrel

    Please release link for download! =PPPPPPP
  5. He needs to finish some sprites before releasing the pack, altough a little beta version to see would be really nice! ^^
  6. thedarkangel

    thedarkangel Cursed Man

    Ok guys, I'll work some more and maybe next week I'm going to release it, just trying to make everything perfect :)
  7. Faraz Qureshi

    Faraz Qureshi Green Slime

    Wow that almost looks like a new game! Amazing work! Keep it up!
  8. sauceless

    sauceless Green Slime

    I would just like to use a completed HD texture pack for once in Terraria's history. Seeing as many have started a HD pack but none have ever finished is pretty annoying. Hope your able to finish this & soon!
  9. haku411

    haku411 Slimed Zombie

  10. Sn3ky

    Sn3ky Slimed Zombie

    OH MAH GOD!! THIS...........................IS................................AMAZING!!!!

    I support this 100% I hope it gets done too. This looks amazing.
  11. Kefka319

    Kefka319 Cursed Man

    Nice, can't wait until it's finished.
  12. altermaven

    altermaven Dark Caster

    nice to see a fresh take on this. I'd definitely get it. Once it's out, that is. :)
  13. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    backgrounds are very immersive I would make them less vague though
  14. Buttered Lettuce

    Buttered Lettuce Green Slime

  15. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    This is....wow....nice work....
  16. JaviTS

    JaviTS Cursed Man

    Woow! Looks AMAZING!
  17. Fevix

    Fevix Green Slime

    I'm going to be that lone voice in the crowd and say it: I think this pack is trying too hard. HD is fine, 3dism is fine, but this feels like it's taking it too far.

    Not saying I'm not going to give it a go when it gets released, but just looking at those screenshots gives me a small headache from the intense colors and contrast.
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  18. thedarkangel

    thedarkangel Cursed Man

    You don't need to try it if you don't wanna do so. But you can read the comments after the release, so you can change your mind, and I played this with friends and had no problem about the colors, I'll not say that you won't have a headache, but...let's see later..
  19. XanMan54321

    XanMan54321 Green Slime

    This looks AMAZING!!!
    I would love a download link even if it isn't finished, and another when it IS finished!
  20. Fevix

    Fevix Green Slime

    I try not to condemn things from my first impression, that would have led me to never try Terraria in the first place, and I now love Terraria. I'll be at least trying this pack once it's released, and if I like it, I'll keep it.

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