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Discussion in 'PC' started by Ninami, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Ninami

    Ninami Green Slime

    Well I've been playing the game for about ~30 hours I think (Hard to say when I have my MP server up constantly). I've now killed all the bosses, looted all the items (I think, I don't know exactly how many items there is in Terraria), found the Floating Islands, raided the Underworld Jungle, flooded Hellworld and built some cool buildings with dungeon blocks/walls.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm completely in love with this game but I find it strange that the endgame is over so soon after ~30 hours, I know this is no MMORPG game but when I read about this game before it got released I got the feeling that there was more endgame than this. The stuff that takes the longest is going from making the world to building a house with anvils and iron gear. After that it goes pretty fast, hellworld, BAM you mine all the ores you can get, suddenly you got the best gear and can craft the best weapons. Now you can go dungeons and get all the best accessories.

    What I'm trying to say is I'd like more endgame that takes TIME, harder bosses. I don't know how, maybe you can create a harder world, like a HELL WORLD with more difficult monsters / bosses but with better loot after you complete a normal world.

    I'm just sad that I don't have much else to do than to build more houses and wait for new updates with more content.
  2. Soulz

    Soulz Green Slime

    Well its kind of your fault, its been about 4 days and you have put 30 hours into one game. You might want to try playing other games every other day so that one game isnt worn out in 4 days
  3. qbicfeet

    qbicfeet Green Slime

    Yeah, I agree. The game lost it's magic aura the second I got the end-game gear. However, since the game is under development I'm sure Re-Logic will balance the game out, and add content that is hard even for people with the best stuff. Hardmode worlds, perhaps?

    I'm speaking for myself right now, but I spent about 14 hours before I "beat" the game. Sure, if you're quick, the game ends quicker, but the game could still do some end-game content.
  4. Bow Artist3

    Bow Artist3 Green Slime

    I agree. I personally think you get the best items much too easy.
    I mean all are getting angry about not getting the hooks. Actually ALL items should be that hard to get like the hooks.
    If it would be harder to get these items it would be much more fun on longer time.
  5. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Problem with the game: Absolutely nothing to test all you get.

    Huge amount of items, almost nothing to test it on. Almost no variety in monsters, almost no special monsters to find. Most bosses are summonable, instead, it should be a thrill to find bosses' lairs and get special, rarer loot from them.

    Basically, the game over focuses on items and far not enough on what you can use it on. Heck, most enemies at some point just are not threatening. They give you so much cool stuff, but monsters have nothing special. Even bosses have no actual special non-melee abilities, except spawning minions. That really, really made me sad.

    Whats wrong with ranged enemies, after all? And by all the gods, why the only one ranged attack the monsters use in the game goes through WALL.

    I'm sorry, but I'm just not happy at all by the direction of monsters and bosses so far. All my reasons for wanting modding is here. I hope they improve on this. And I hope they make some more hard stuff. Whats the point of getting ultimate gear when there's nothing that can challenge you? Yes, I am asking for ridiculously hardcore end game bosses.
  6. BloodFreak

    BloodFreak Green Slime

    15h is pretty much your average single player game and those cost 60$.
    Now add multiplayer and 30h is worth 10$, BUT WAIT!
    your going to get update! So be happy and wait.
  7. MysticBlackie

    MysticBlackie Green Slime

    Its a $10 game that was made in 5 months...I think 30+ hours is pretty damn good considering there will be more content updates. It took me half that time to beat the Black Ops campaign. And another half of that to beat the Halo campaign....thats saying something.

    Not to mention a certain old school SNES games HAD to be beat in 3 hours (Super Metroid anyone?) to get the best ending and I have played that umpteen times. I personally like the fact that i could take days and days slowing mining, building and farming enemies in this game or hop on a server and beat it in a sitting with some friends.
  8. Ninami

    Ninami Green Slime

    Well I'm not going to be like "Oh no I can't play today becuase then everything will be over" I play when I feel like playing. I haven't been playing that much either, but even so the game does not have that much content anyway. 2 bosses, goblin invasion, hellworld (over in like 20 min) and dungeons with chests you can just run down and loot. That's not much endgame content even if you drag it out.
  9. Herostratus

    Herostratus Green Slime

    I'm at this point myself with around 20 hrs in, but for 10 dollars I think Terraria is a great value. Just think of all the 60 dollar games that last all of 6 to 8 hrs. Hopefully Blue wasn't exagerating, and I don't think he was, when he said on PBats LP that Red is a coding machine
  10. qbicfeet

    qbicfeet Green Slime

    I completely agree here. Why do all the enemies (except for maybe the casters) have making contact with you as their only attack? Why don't we get to see enemies with swords and melee attacks, enemies with bows and guns, enemies with tactical spells like the Fire Flower, etc. There are a lot of monsters right now, but they all play the same.
  11. Zachlol

    Zachlol Green Slime

    I guess thats what we get for having it released like a month early. Im sure there will be more enemies and bosses added in the updates we were promised.
  12. AZCards

    AZCards Green Slime

    I've said in the past that monsters are too similar. They either hit you to attack or cast something at you. Kind of boring if you ask me. Event he bosses could be labeled the same. They just dive at you to attack. Hopefully we get some variation.
  13. devilkingx2

    devilkingx2 Green Slime

    i thank god your not a developer, you'd ruin this game

    hooks are too hard to find

    usefullness - necessity = rarity

    only really good items should be rare, but not necessary ones like the magic mirror and the grappling hook and obsidian skulls
  14. Ninami

    Ninami Green Slime

    I'm completely with you on this one. The time you play can be changed SO easy, just make everything harder to get. I mean I got 2 sunfurys in 6 Serpent kills and that is like the best endgame weapon in the game.

    Goblin invasion is hardly endgame anyway, when you got molten armor they hit for 5! and you kill them in 2 hits. I just soloed Skeletron with molten armor, I don't want to be the BEST with BEST gear without anyone to challenge me. If I have the best gear, then I want at least 1 hard fucking boss no one can beat without having 5 friends with full molten armor and best wepons.
  15. MysticBlackie

    MysticBlackie Green Slime

    Isn't the point of having good gear the fact that you are totally boss? If you guys are complaining end game is so easy take off the super armor when the goblins invade?

    I mean...that's the whole point to this game. Spending hours farming and then owning with the Phoenix Blaster.
  16. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster


    Whats the point of getting gear if there's nothing to challenge you? The point of getting something stronger, is that you can take on something stronger, that will let you get something even stronger, to beat something even stronger.

    Thats the basic idea, anyway. Rolling over weak monsters is a fun feeling but can in no way drive you to anything.
  17. Lord Sevein

    Lord Sevein Yellow Slime

    You see threads like this after every game release, expansion, or major update. A game will be released and players will dedicate some insane amount of play time trying to rush through the content as quickly as possible. After they finish everything they get bored and post about there being enough content. These days you don't really see people stop and smell the roses.

    Nothing against the OP or anyone else that agrees with him - I've done the same thing with WOW expansions before. Hell, i leveled through Cataclysm in less than 24 hours and I actually stopped to read the quest text! I'm just saying you can't expect to stay entertained for too long when you dedicate 30 hours of play time in less than four days.

    That being said I think that Terraria could use some more content when it comes to monsters and bosses. I'm sure we'll get that in a future update though. Based on the dev team's record so far I think we have nothing to worry about.
  18. Ninami

    Ninami Green Slime

    What? What kind of gamer are you. Who wants to take off the molten armor just to see if I can kill the goblins, that doesn't do me any good now does it? It's NOT the point of having good gear... So now I'll just go to different servers and brag about my awesome molten armor and sunfurys? No, because everyone already have molten armor and sunfurys. THAT'S the problem, it's too easy to obtain good gear and weapons.

    People saying hooks are hard to get only farm like 1 hour and kills 5 skeletons... The whole point of getting good armor is to get reward for your hard work! Not getting reward for killing 1 Serpent and then get the sunfury or "Hey I found Hellworld" "Congrats! here's 1 million hellstones, go make the best gear and win"...
  19. Alvin Flummox

    Alvin Flummox World Feeder

    I do sort of agree, I beat the game in roughly 6 hours and I have basically all the items. But they made this game incredibly fast, and there's still a lot of content for a £6 game. AND the updates that they say are coming are there to look forward to, so i'm sure they'll start working on more end game stuff to add :)
  20. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    Watch out, don't transform hardwork into tedious. You seem to be suggesting that, like it should -really- take hours and 500 skeletons to get that hook of yours.

    Hard should mean challenging and fun. I'm not saying low drop rates are bad, but there's a line somewhere.
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