Terraria Auto-Clicker: The Mouse/Finger savior

Discussion in 'PC' started by Miffy, May 20, 2011.


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  1. Miffy

    Miffy Green Slime

    Never had "good" times with mass crafting? Or how about pain in finger because of mass mining?

    Well then this is for YOU.

    Miffy's Auto-Clicker

    What can it do:

    - Rapic auto-click for crafting (left click)
    - Hold left click for mining (or woodcutting, dunno)

    What it can't do:

    - Something we dont need

    How to use:
    1. You can launch this before launching terraria, or afterwards.
    2. Press & Hold "R" button to rapid left click
    3. Press "T" button to hold left mouse button (You dont have to hold!!), and again to stop it.
    4. Press "U" to exit script (It will exit automaticly if Terraria closes)
    This script was created in Autoit in one night, when i was tired of f***ing my mouse buttons up.
    Code is pretty crappy, and it may jam sometimes, but mostly it works fine if you use it right :)

    Please post if you have any suggestions or similar.

    Here's virus scan for skeptic people (Okey i know you never cant be too sure):

    And here's source code to those who are interested (It's pretty basic):

    And here's download from my webpage:

    (Oh and this is first, public script/code i have ever published)
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  2. Kagesha

    Kagesha Green Slime

    works brilliantly, thanks a ton. :D
  3. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    You can already hold the mouse button for mining and all other tools.
  4. Miffy

    Miffy Green Slime

    Yes, but this holds mouse button for you. Just press T, and it will hold mouse button down, so you dont have to.
  5. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    Ah, I see. Nevermind then :O
  6. Kinjiru

    Kinjiru Green Slime

    Don't download, probably some custom virus. Why else post it.
  7. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    Yes, let's post a virus along with a scan and the source code!
  8. Miffy

    Miffy Green Slime

    Why not? Many have had troubles with mass crafting/mining. Take a look at source code, and download autoit, and compile it if you want to be sure...
  9. Miffy

    Miffy Green Slime

    Thanks for backing me up ;)
  10. Lavatis

    Lavatis Green Slime


    Assuming this works for making bottles/glass, thanks a ton!

    Edit: Works amazingly. Thanks again.
  11. Xylon

    Xylon Green Slime

    Why? How about being helpful and giving something to the community?

    He even gave the source code. I bet you didn't even bother to look at it.
  12. Kinjiru

    Kinjiru Green Slime

    Ok, I missed the source code, personally I'm just overcautious when it comes to strangers posting .exe files, there is alot of things you can do with code. You think every virus scanner can catch newly baked custom made viruses that isn't even in the database? Just saying.
  13. Miffy

    Miffy Green Slime

    That's okey. New member (with no avatar) posting code/script, which is only 50 lines long and file is 200kb big... Would make me very suspicius. That's why i always post source code.
  14. Lavatis

    Lavatis Green Slime

    Yeah, but if I was going to engineer a virus I wouldn't post it on anything smalltimey like this. I'd be on the WoW forums or something.
  15. Jaber

    Jaber Green Slime

    On the WoW forums you could probably post a virus and the source code for it and still have people running it.
  16. Xylon

    Xylon Green Slime

    This will most likely be very useful for turning sand into glass into bottles to make a nice profit. Gotta try that out tomorrow.
  17. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    I'm closing this as I consider this a cheat and we have pledged to prevent any and all cheat talk on these forums. I will give you a clue though the next update will make life a lot easier.
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