Pre 1.2 Terraria Beginner Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mister Tickles, May 24, 2011.

  1. Mister Tickles

    Mister Tickles Green Slime

    Hey guys,

    Here's a small beginners' guide I made for new players.

    Teaches the basics of surviving your first few nights and getting set up and all.

    Enjoy! :)

  2. Daniel Neher

    Daniel Neher Green Slime

    This guide helped me tons! Thanks!
  3. Ghostlight

    Ghostlight Green Slime

    Good tutorial.
  4. Mister Tickles

    Mister Tickles Green Slime

    Both of you are welcome, I'm glad you liked it. :)
  5. Rigolax

    Rigolax Green Slime

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I found it very interesting and I enjoyed watching the 3 first parts.

    Hope there will be others to come. Cheers !
  6. Maestr0Pain

    Maestr0Pain Green Slime

    Thank you vey much for this tut. it's easy to understand,you voice is easy to listen to,i hope there will be more of them! :)
  7. brotherlar

    brotherlar Green Slime

    Thank you for making this is really helped me get started on this great game.
  8. Kouen

    Kouen Green Slime

    Wasnt really that helpful to me as i dont know yet how to USE or PLACE
  9. Newominus

    Newominus Yellow Slime

    You are meant to use your MOUSE to CLICK. He even told you while he was talking about the workbench.
  10. Kouen

    Kouen Green Slime

    After a while i figured it it has to be in the top bar of items to be used, this you see was my issue, it wasn't explained by the in game guide and what nots. so i was throwing around my workbench and collecting it again for a while wondering why nothing was happening
  11. Newominus

    Newominus Yellow Slime

    He ALSO covered that. Why you do dis.
  12. mayhem22

    mayhem22 Bunny

    I liked this guide. I made a stone house orignally and I had people move in without a double layer of tile for the second story house.
  13. Liza

    Liza Green Slime

    Thanks for the tut ! ^^
  14. Swift4

    Swift4 Cursed Man

    Mr Tickles hello im new to the game. To make a long sotry short i lost my pickaxe and hammer. B/c of that i am pretty much....stuck. Like i cant make any dirt blocks cuz thats what pickaxes do. How would i make another pickaxe if i were to somehow lose my old one?

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