Terraria "Bug Fix"/Update 2.0

Discussion in 'PC' started by JoshHarmony, May 24, 2012.

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  1. JoshHarmony

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    I've been searching around like crazy and I've found a couple things that are... let's just say interesting, and my goal here is to show you that Terraria is going to recieve a MAJOR update. Possibly bigger than 1.1. Here we go.

    Redigit's Plannd Things.PNG
    Here we see Redigit's "Moving Forward" post. A post made after the 1.1 update. "Whatever. It's just a bunch of stuff he wanted to do but never got to."

    The likes.PNG
    Here we see the amount of like. Likes that BY FAR surpass any number of likes of any other post. Now that wouldn't mean much, except it shows something. It shows that these ideas, were extremely liked. It shows the community supported all of these ideas, and no developer could pass on all the publicity/support shown here.

    What is already known.PNG

    Now we already know Redigit is planning something big, but let's eliminate some things here. It DEFINITELY is not a new game. Why? He's saying this to a community a fans that support this game. He would say big news on his Twitter alone for very close followers. Also, he'll be adding new content. This isn't JUST a bug fix. Redigit wouldn't troll us this hard.

    An original issue with Terraria is that he had no real connection with his fans, because he had Blue to help him. So what way to build a better connection than taking the fan's ideas, and putting them directly into the game?!

    What you see.PNG
    Here we seem a paragraph from "My Fellow Terrarians" A.K.A.- Redigit's resignation letter. What you see is that he is quitting, starting an even better project, and promising another bug fix.
    What you SHOULD see.png

    Highlighted, we see the name of his old post, "Moving Forward". Coincidence? Then we see "even better project". Such as possibly an update? Better than 1.1? Finally, "at least one more". There could be multiple updates. Possibly a new season of updates. Or even possibly... Terraria 2?

    I'm going to wrap it up here. We have three options here that I'll detail out.
    A) Terraria 2
    B)Terraria Update Season 2
    C) Terraria 2.0 (An update bigger than 1.1)

    Terraria 2 (An unlikely option)
    Redigit has been known to think outside of the box. And a sandbox game having a sequel. How crazy would that be. Minecraft will probably never have a 2, and same with other games, but Terraria wouldn be setting a whole new INSANE standard for 2D sandboxes, that would change how they're made. Though this is still unlikely.

    Terraria Update Season 2 (A somewhat likely option)
    Redigit coming back for another season of updating. Seems possible. Him just taking a break, never truly being sure. He did plan for another update, excuse me, "Bug Fix", but that idea is beyond dead after him browsing the suggestion forums. His idea of "Moving Forward" might be coming back. Nice troll move on Redigit's part. And way to get publicity while taking a break.

    Terraria 2.0 (The most likely thing he'll do)
    Redigit coming back for last insanely huge update is extremely likely. In this option, he'll be adding (most likely) EVERYTHING from "Moving Forward", and then some. Also indefinitely mod support for continued fan devolopement.

    So, the question is, what's Redigit's next move?
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  2. youpi

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    Aug 29, 2011
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    He could be working on a new game. Maybe he just said it to get more publicity?
  3. Blu

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    Please keep the speculations on Redigit's intentions to the Redigit update thread. He is definitely working on a new game, is definitely also planning a final patch/bug fix, and will not be returning to Terraria.


    Sorry, thread closed.
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