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  1. Alterrain

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    This is the Castle I have been working on in Terraria. The initial design and build/layout was created legitimately in game, and later detailed and remodeled in TEdit. It is a highly detailed castle, with ideas developed from other inspirational works that I have come across here online, so some similarities might be noticed, but all ideas have been reworked or improved.

    I have attached Terrafirma screenshots of my castle to show the complete build, and will be posting in game shots and hopefully a video to show the mechanics and actual in-game appearance. For now, here are the terrafirma pics of my creation...

    Surface View...

    Subterranean View...

    Close-Up View...

    I had the actual game create a few new worlds until one was created with a terrain that suited the original idea I had for my castle. I then built upon that initial idea and created the castle above. I kept adding to it in game until the entire structure was complete. At that point, I used TEdit to finalize the detail for the original design.

    In addition, I came across a build a few months ago that I thought was very impressive and wanted to incorporate that build into my world somehow. Check out the creation by DoomFox and his thread DoomFox's Castle to see the amazing build he created in Terraria.

    I was hoping for a download schematic for DoomFox's Castle, but after a while I decided to just build it myself block for block in TEdit. As I built it from the youtube video he posted, I again made changes and what I considered to be improvements that were to my liking. The entire castle was built in the sky in my original world so that I could later paste the schematic on the surface of my world when it was complete. Here is a Terrafirma image of the DoomFox recreation...

    DoomFox Castle Rebuild...

    I left some of the herb farms out of the rebuild since they were already present in a much larger scale in the subterranean portion of my original castle. There have been quite a few DoomFox Castle changes and improvements that I will show in greater detail once I post a video of the castles themselves in game.

    I will also be uploading the schematics of my castle and my DoomFox recreation, along with more detailed pictures in the near future!
  2. PamTech

    PamTech Bunny

    damn man. Talk about having time to do this. Really love it! Especially the design. I really how it takes on this aspect of a castlevania game. Really sweet stuff. I just have a small house in my game lol. To go in and out quick. But this stuff is nice. major props bro.:)
  3. Alterrain

    Alterrain Cursed Man

    Thank you very much for the kind words! Here are some additional up-close screenshots of my original castle in game to show the detail of the design...

    Central Interior (Entering Subterranean Level)...

    Central Interior (Surface Level)...

    Subterranean Interior (Approaching Underground Fountain/Herb Farms)...[​IMG]

    Interior (Upper Level Above Throne Room)...

    Interior (Upper Level Above Pool)...

    Outside (Sky Level)...

    Subterranean Herb Farm (Present on Left and Right Side)...

    Subterranean Glowing Mushroom Farm (Present on Left and Right Side)...

    More to come!
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  4. razortazor

    razortazor Doctor Bones

    one word-wow
    on another note however, i like the use of lava and wooden platforms, in the subterranean interior
  5. wedge27

    wedge27 Green Slime

    i need this map
  6. Alterrain

    Alterrain Cursed Man

    Here are the two Terraria castle creations I made. I have uploaded a zip file of the TEdit schematics for each. The first is my original castle and the second is my recreation of DoomFox's Castle originally seen here. I spent the last few days making sure both were complete and free from any imperfections and I am quite pleased with the result.

    I want to also thank DoomFox for creating such an amazing castle, and for not uploading it so that I could have the chance to REBUILD it and improve upon it with features I liked! ;) Great build DoomFox, thank you for first sharing your creation and inspiring my rebuild!

    Simply upload the schematic of your choice in TEdit and paste it on your map. I have framed the schematics so that they can easily be incorporated into any Terraria map. Hope you all have as much fun with them as I had building them...Please let me know what you think!

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  7. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    These are really well done!

    I love your use of detailing to do the interior. Also a neat idea for your single spiral staircase, I may have to steal that, lol ;)
  8. Crunk

    Crunk Green Slime

    If only i could build like that. I definitely dont have the knack for that lol but i love looking at everyone elses creations. So cool.
  9. Alterrain

    Alterrain Cursed Man

    Thank you all! I have actually tweaked this castle and the map it is in to the point at which I would say it is completed. I even added my version of DoomFox's castle to the map and am very pleased with the results. Hopefully the downloads I provided have made it easier for everyone to enjoy them as well!

    Really want to get a video of the entire map up, any suggestions on the best program to use to do this?
  10. septor

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  11. PuLSe

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    WOW! Love those sweeping staircases in the central interior! Nice work with arches throughout the castle - love the variations. Wonderful scale in those big rooms... really nice all around!

    Septor is right - even an idiot like me can make 30 sec. vids with the free version of fraps, though it may crash every third time.;)
  12. septor

    septor Penguin

    I don't make videos, so I have no idea how well Fraps does, I just know it's the only "good" free video capturing tool (or I guess, I can't say that I've really looked into it that much -- on a count of, I don't make videos :p).

    If you really want to make videos and you're serious about it you're going to have to shell out some money.. or you know ;)..
  13. Sercease

    Sercease Herpling

    If you want professional and lots of controls then yes you require money.

    But Fraps and Windows Movie Maker (WMM) are both free and very easy to use. They have all the basics, record videos, stitch them together, add titles, captions, etc if you want.

    OT: I love your interior decorating skills, I struggle with decorating a lot :(
  14. Alterrain

    Alterrain Cursed Man

    Still building in Terraria, and exciting to hear about the news of a possible update for the game! Here's a small floating island I created for fun...


    The possibilities for this game are endless! So much to do, so much to explore, so much to discover, and so much to build!!!
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  15. PuLSe

    PuLSe Cactus King

    Just terrific. Not as easy as it looks to keep it this simple and look this good:)

    Edit: You should build a PoD for The CraTeR!
  16. Paringo

    Paringo Green Slime

    Your ideas are incredible. I love the way you use walls, especially the planked walls. You're a master of subtlety. The glass table in the dining hall is fabulous. Its simply breathtaking. I'm amazed with the way you've meshed various architectural styles, especially with DoomFox castle.

    You're a master of Terraria as an art form, if not The Master. Awesome job.
  17. Alterrain

    Alterrain Cursed Man

    Thank you very much for that! I spent a good amount of time learning how to build by observing many of the great work that people have done here. I then incorporated a lot of my favorite styles into my own to make my creations as interesting and as detailed as possible.
  18. dimelin

    dimelin Green Slime

    Great work Alterrain! I've been trying to come up with a similar staircase for my project and been trying for hours trying to figure out how you got yours to look like that. It looks like two platforms stacked, one lite colored (top) and one dark (bottom). Though that can't be it, is it all an illusion with wall tiles?
  19. Canti

    Canti Blazing Wheel

    That is planked wall and plateforms which were used to create that illusion.

    Alt: Great work! I look forward to seeing your new builds in 1.2.
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  20. dimelin

    dimelin Green Slime

    Yeah it took me a minute to figure that out but I caught it, thanks for trying to help though!

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