Terraria Capture the Gem server

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Igotrice, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Igotrice Bunny

    Okay i have decided to put back on server

    server is online ip is join fast
  2. furylust Green Slime

    whats IGN? either way i'd love to play :D watched hero's toury and it looked sick lol...
  3. I'll join.
  4. Neox28 Green Slime

    Me too :D
    IGN: Sneak
  5. Skreeper Green Slime

    I'm joining ^^

    IGN: Skreeper
  6. Igotrice Bunny

    IGN in game name like name of your character.
  7. Igotrice Bunny

    You are in
  8. Igotrice Bunny

    You are also in
  9. Wetish Green Slime

    Ill love to play
  10. Igotrice Bunny

    You are in
  11. Igotrice Bunny

    You are in but just tell me your in game name ( name of character)
  12. Wetish Green Slime

  13. furylust Green Slime

  14. Auralynx Green Slime

    I'd be happy to do some CTG. IGN is Auralynx, though I'll probably use something else since we'll need fresh MC characters and all.
  15. Igotrice Bunny

    oh and just saying i will be playing too
  16. Igotrice Bunny

    well well looks like we have enough people for a 3v3
  17. Igotrice Bunny

    You are in
  18. Igotrice Bunny

    now we just have to find time for when
  19. Wetish Green Slime

    I should be available all day today
  20. Neox28 Green Slime

    me too, im free today

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