Pre 1.2 Terraria : Class Setup Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by darkness12375, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. darkness12375

    darkness12375 Cave Bat

    Basically post key items in the inventory of different Class setups

    Jungle Armour
    Nature's Gift
    Band Of StarPower
    Rocket Boots
    (2 other Accessories)
    Flamelash/Magic Missile
    Vile Thorn
    Demon Scyth
    Flower Of Fire/Water Bolt
    Playstyle Tips

    Use plenty of potions and be wary of your mana levels to be most effective

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  2. Mcdumsuker

    Mcdumsuker Demon Eye

    Best bow you can get
    Dark Lance
    Unholy arrows
    Set of Necro Armor
    Rocket boots
    Band of Rejuv.
    Cloud in a Bottle
    (Optional!) Obsidian skull
    Cobalt Sheild
    I am still upgrading, this is just my setup right now.
  3. oreo

    oreo Bone Serpent

    Starfury is OP now, FYI so you should include it.
  4. Clump

    Clump Green Slime

    Survival / Exploration :
    Night's Edge
    Phoenix Blaster
    Demon Scythe
    Orb of Light
    Magic Mirror
    Dark Lance (*Optional)
    Obsidian Skin & Gravitation Potion(s).

    Molten Helmet
    Molten Breastplate
    Molten Greaves

    Accessories :
    Cloud in a Bottle
    Rocket Boots
    Lucky Horseshoe
    Hermes Boots
    Cobalt Shield

    // Obsidian Skull (Hell and Meteorite Digging)

    Playstyle Tips :
    You can switch out the Molten Armour for Necro Armour or Jungle Armour depending on the situation.
  5. Riotpopper

    Riotpopper Bunny

    I actually find the Flower of Fire more effective with only two pieces of jungle armor and the wizard hat. The increased damage allows you to hit over 100 with crits, downs skeletron in no time. Effective as long as you have potions to gulp down.
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  6. TheWierdo

    TheWierdo Demon Eye

    the funny explorer:
    shadow armor(4 speed)
    guide voodoo(to be funny)
    cobalt shield
    flippers or obsidian skull
    night's edge
    flower of fire
  7. A Pixel

    A Pixel Penguin

    Cool here's one

    Diving Helmet
    Copper Breastplate
    Copper Greaves
    Breathing Rod
  8. Mr Fox

    Mr Fox Green Slime

    Just saying, why would you not use the Shiny Red Balloon instead of the cloud in a bottle? It gives you 1 extra jump height to begin with, plus it gives you extra boost for the rocket boots.

    Ninja Assassin:
    Ninja Armor (Vanity)
    Grappling Hook
    Shadow Armor
    Phoenix Blaster =D

    FOR THE WIN!!!
  9. darkness12375

    darkness12375 Cave Bat

    to be honest i started this thread as a joke to see what yous came up with but it was started after my store and got 2 replys in the 1st day
  10. hbninja

    hbninja Green Slime

    Galactic Bounty Hunter:
    Meteor Armor, full set
    Space Gun
    Phoenix Blaster, Meteorite ammo
    Star Cannon (optional)
    Rocket Boots
    Shiny Red Balloon
    Cloud in a bottle
    Lucky Horseshoe

    Demonite Armor or Necro Armor, full set
    Ninja vanity set
    Molten Bow
    Poisoned Throwing Knives
    Thorn Chakram
    Spiky Balls
    Feral Claws
    Rocket Boots
    Shiny Red Balloon
    Lucky Horseshoe

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