PC Terraria Collector's Edition (Pre-Order)

Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Redigit

    Redigit Developer


    We are pleased to announce that the Terraria Collector's Edition is now available for pre-order on Amazon now for the UK and Germany! The UK version will start shipping March 16th, and the German version will start shipping March 1st.

    The Collector's Edition contains:
    • Physical copy of Terraria
    • Pickaxe key-chain with the Terraria logo
    • Terraria poster
    • Terraria trading cards
    • Unique in-game pet bunny!

    We are still working on getting the Collector's Edition to the US and other countries. Thanks for your patience and we will let you know as soon as a US version is available.

    Terraria CE on Amazon UK
    Terraria CE on Amazon Germany

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  2. Kidef242

    Kidef242 Paladin

    Let me piss off my parents to get money.
    I'll be right back.
  3. Jack33

    Jack33 Cave Bat

    I WANT.
    Also, second.
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  4. remco200

    remco200 Green Slime

    that cpu on the right... could this mean there is a mac version coming?
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  5. KLouD KoNNeCteD

    KLouD KoNNeCteD Crimera

    Nice! Can't wait to get my hands on this! :D
  6. Valanthril

    Valanthril Rikku

    Wait. There is a Collectors edition?
  7. Monta

    Monta Herpling

    I don't plan on buying it , but good job ... Maybe Terraria will now get even more popular in Germany :D
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  8. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, so it is actually legit. I'll be sending you my money then <3.
  9. Kidef242

    Kidef242 Paladin

    The trolling master appeared.
    Are you serious ? People been talking an talking about it xD
  10. Seth Core and Clarence

    Seth Core and Clarence Eskimo Zombie

    yep with trading cards a keychain a poster and some extra content!
  11. Emcitement

    Emcitement Eskimo Zombie

    i gotta' get those stickers:D
  12. [​IMG] All I'm wondering on are what these "trading cards" are, but thats because I've been working on a Terraria TCG...

    Edit: Actually I think I'm going to put my Terraria TCG on hold until I see what kind of trading cards the ones in the C.E. are. (As in if its a "info card" kind of TCG, a battle TCG, or something else.)
  13. Redigit

    Redigit Developer

    I just realized that I made the post without even mentioning what the Collector's Edition is all about. (facepalm)
    The post has been updated.
  14. Memeej

    Memeej Eskimo Zombie

    I want it. Now ;(
  15. Dialga95

    Dialga95 Green Slime

    Dear Redigit, WE WANT IN ITALY TOO!
  16. Mythril Guy

    Mythril Guy Bone Serpent

    I want, so please could you hurry up with making it available to the US?
  17. Gingermace99

    Gingermace99 Green Slime

    will players who already bought the regular Terraria get a discount?:D
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  18. Nexusblitz

    Nexusblitz Green Slime

    Isn't enough that I bought the game 5 times already :/
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  19. Xesh

    Xesh Green Slime

    Oh it's just some stupid
    >Trading cards
    >Pickaxe key-chain with the Terraria logo
    ...! But It's just-
    >Terraria Poster
    Okay..might be cool but what about
    >Physical Copy of terraria

    :( Damnit. I want it.
  20. Jack33

    Jack33 Cave Bat

    This has been discussed over 9000 times, and the likely answer is no.
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