Console Terraria confirmed for PS Vita!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by 505Games, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    That's right!!!

    Following this week of releases - Terraria for PS Vita is now confirmed - due for release this summer!

    To celebrate CorridorDigital, who are masters of bringing videogames to life, have come on board to do what they do best! Get ready to transport yourself into the world of Terraria!

  2. Bobrocket


    should you not focus on 360/ps3 first?
    i mean, the game has a lot of bugs (but ps3 has more by the looks) and focusing on a different port won't help too much in the terms of fixing bugs (unless you have 2 separate teams working on the ports?)
  3. connery0

    connery0 The Wiremancer

    I'm prety sure the guys fixing bugs arn't the same as the ones that have to rewrite the terraria engine to work on the vita.
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  4. SovietShark

    SovietShark Green Slime

    Is there going to be Cross-play or Cross-save compatibility with the PS3 version? If not, will PS3 users get a discount if they own that edition of Terraria?

    Either way, thanks for all of your work. It's nice to see developers listening to their consumers demand. :)
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  5. celo753

    celo753 Clinger

    I'm trying to update the wiki, but I don't seem to be able to edit the main wiki page. Can someone help me with this?
  6. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Guys I assume there working on the bugs as well as expending at the same time. Not even sure what they were using Unity maybe? If this is the case or something similar then a lot of the bugs are going to be the same on the hand held device as well as the consoles. Meaning they will benefit both.

    Either way I don't think you have to worry they been working hard clearly. One their devs or I assume devs been on our forums every day since reading each bug thread. Who knows who else is also doing the same.

    Anyways keep up the good work 505 Games :)
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  7. mrericdude

    mrericdude Green Slime

    All I can say is thank you. This is definitely a day one purchase for me on the Vita. Ever since you hinted the possibility of a PS Vita release last week I was impatiently waiting for it to be announced, and now that it's official i'm very excited.

    I just hope that it will have the same content as the consoles, and not be some watered down mobile version.
  8. Dragonized

    Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    Love the vid.
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  9. Ov3r

    Ov3r Mouse

    Will it be coming to lower grade PSP's too?
    Just a question...
  10. dish0ut

    dish0ut Gastropod

    I'm now thinking of buying a vita. I was planning on getting one a while ago, but now i'm really thinking of one. This plus the webcomic that I love's new two comics are about the vita ( go to ) so i'm really excited. I love the video as well.
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  11. Bit

    Bit Giant Worm

    Any chance of getting Terraria on the 3DS? I love that thing to death, and the second screen is ideal for menus, maps, inventory, gear, you name it.
  12. Onionspam

    Onionspam Mouse

    I would think that if you HAD to do a game in 3D then a game like Terraria where you only have like two or three "depths" to deal with would be ideal...right 505? Of course there is the lack of a second stick to deal with...
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  13. Bit

    Bit Giant Worm

    The circle pad pro, though cumbersome, is actually really handy. That'd work well enough.
    It's disappointing that Nintendo didn't put it in either model, and that it sticks out of the side of your 3DS making it look pretty ugly, but you'll notice that people never complain about the way it functions. Everyone's complaints are focused on the way it looks or the fact that the extra circle pad isn't built into the console, but I've seen maybe one complaint about the way it controls. In a world where a lot of people seem to hate everything, that's a big deal.
  14. i don't think i need 3 versions of terraria...
  15. MrRudi

    MrRudi Engine Dev Staff Member

    Hey Kane, Unity is not being used...Terraria on XBLA uses XNA just like the PC version, the PS3 version is written in a custom engine.

    The 3DS is unfortunately not capable of handling the memory requirements that a game like Terraria requires. It was originally the first platform we looked into and discussed with Red, but quickly found out it was not a realistic goal.
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  16. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the information :) Good to know. I totally forgot about XNA there. Seems like more and more devs been going with Unity these days. I think XNA Might have gotten canned or at least as in its future?
  17. duduzinho73

    duduzinho73 Angel Statue

    The Next version will be in April?:)
  18. dish0ut

    dish0ut Gastropod

    Alright, I lied about the ps vita. I just got a chance at a 100$ laptop and i'm taking it.
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  19. Kane

    Kane Administrator Staff Member

    More then likely since its the end of march and Easter weekend :)
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  20. ahamling27

    ahamling27 Map Expert/Admin Staff Member

    This is great news indeed, and will probably be the game that makes me purchase a Vita. I still have a launch PSP that was used to death(still use it occasionally, when I'm away from home) but the 2nd stick of the Vita combined with a touch screen makes it a great candidate for Terraria. :D
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