Console Terraria confirmed for PS Vita!

Discussion in 'News & Features' started by 505Games, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    We cannot give release dates until it goes into submission, which happens very close to launch. Digital games are harder in that sense because for boxed retail, there are weeks-months of staging and prep after submission allowing for release dates to be published long before its out.

    Just doesn't happen with digital, so all we can do is estimate until we get final release date approval after submission; Which is looking like late fall.
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  2. Romeo Tatted

    Romeo Tatted Angel Statue

    for those of you who dont know,late fall will be around december,thanks for the explanation 505
  3. The Gravy

    The Gravy Angel Statue


    MIGITO Bunny

    GIVE US A DANG MONTH!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Koalakid72

    Koalakid72 Mouse

    Wasn't it supposed to come out during the Summer? Then they changed it to Fall, and now Winter. Come on.
  6. Murayama

    Murayama Angel Statue

    Nobody ever said winter. Winter officially starts December 21, which makes "late Fall" some time in early December most likely. It's still pretty disappointing news.
  7. Brapp347

    Brapp347 Yellow Slime

    Ok thanks for clearing that up. Of course, I would love to have the game now, but atleast now I know I can put it off to the side for now. Killzone mercenary, here I come! Don't worry 505, I'll still buy terraria the very same day it comes out :D
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  8. Koalakid72

    Koalakid72 Mouse

    They said the same thing about late Summer.
  9. Rakuen33

    Rakuen33 Zombie

    Actually, it's like this

    Spring: March, April, May
    Summer: June, July August
    Fall: September, October, November
    Winter: December, January, February.

    We're looking at, worst-case scenario, end of November.
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  10. MIGITO

    MIGITO Bunny

    I say winter when whitr shit falls from the sky. o.o
  11. Romeo Tatted

    Romeo Tatted Angel Statue

    spring starts on march 21st, summer starts june 21st, fall starts september 23rd, winter starts december 21st-22nd, hence why fall ends on december, a season doesnt start on the last day of a month js
  12. Rakuen33

    Rakuen33 Zombie

    It's not that black-and-white though. Mr. Groundhog would like a word with you. I believe he let us have some extra weeks of Winter a few years back?

    And 505 Games like'd my comment c;
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  13. MIGITO

    MIGITO Bunny

    any news? what would the next gaming event be... Times like this is newsless... also is anyone having youtube problems. cause my subscriptions are jacked up...
  14. Rakuen33

    Rakuen33 Zombie

    I already have this game for PC and PS3, and I'll gladly buy it again for the PC. But a few questions I've been wondering, Mr. 505 c;

    1) Will this be cross-buy? (Like many PS3 games, you buy 'em on PS3, you get em on PSVita free? - I wouldn't mind paying for it again!)
    2) Will this be cross-save? (meaning, saves compatible with both PS3/Vita games, and transferable? Like, play it on PS3, then transfer the save to Vita and continue? I'm not a fan of starting over with each new platform :p)
    3) Can we transfer PC worlds to the Vita version? (We can do it with the PC > Xbox 360, and vise versa, but not with the PS3, and I'm a bit disappointed with that, as I'd like to be able to share saves between my two platforms)

    Thanks 505 :)
    I'm patient! Release it when you're ready! I'm looking forward to it, big time :)
  15. Brapp347

    Brapp347 Yellow Slime

    Have fun with your second PC copy :p
  16. Rakuen33

    Rakuen33 Zombie

    LOOL! Woops! PSvita****

    Hahaha! Good catch, friend c;
  17. Brapp347

    Brapp347 Yellow Slime

    omg version 1.2 trailer is
  18. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Keep in mind that the trailer reflects the PC version update ONLY.

    Though plans for bringing at least some of this content to other platforms have been announced, no details or specifics are yet available.
  19. MIGITO

    MIGITO Bunny

    If iOS gets a hardmode update then ps vita needs 1.2 just up an update
    For all consoles then were sqaure 505... JK luv you and hope to die... With terraria in my pants...

  20. Aadrian1234

    Aadrian1234 Fire Imp

    Anyone see the 1.2 update trailer? I can't wait until i get the money to build a PC just for the update, it's that awesome

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