Terraria Console Delay?

Discussion in 'Console' started by calstin898, Feb 22, 2013.


What do you think 505 will do?

  1. Announce the release date at the last minute.

  2. Announce the release date soon.

  3. DELAY the game. :(

  4. Other (comment what you think, if you pick this)

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  1. calstin898

    calstin898 Green Slime


    Frankly, I'm worried.

    505 told us they'd release Terraria on consoles in late Febuary. There is 6 days until the end of February. On the official twitter (@Terraria_Logic) people have asked. And asked. And asked. For days now, and here's the usual answer:

    It basically goes on like this. One problem: those tweets were from yesterday. And they've been replying to people with similar messages for days. Seeing as it's so close to the end of February, there are 2 main possibilities:

    1) They're going to announce the date at the last minute, or,
    2) A delay.

    Unfortunately, a delay seems likely, as they haven't said anything with 6 days to go.

    What do you think? Vote in the poll, and comment what you think they'll do (if you want).

  2. PowerCosmic

    PowerCosmic Werewolf

    I believe they said late February / early March.

    In any event, it'll come out when it comes out. What's to be "worried" about?
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  3. calstin898

    calstin898 Green Slime

    I just really want to get it >:3
  4. PowerCosmic

    PowerCosmic Werewolf

    You and me both. I was really hoping that it'd have been out by today.
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  5. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    I'd say a delay is highly likely.

    I'd also speculate that said delay might be out of their hands (I.e. the M$/$ony approvals process)

    Just a SWAG though....
  6. Saaif Hakim

    Saaif Hakim Green Slime

    if they're still fixing bugs in the game than it probably won't be released until after march starts
  7. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Hey, I got it! Someone should leak the half-baked game because some gamers are too impatient to wait for the whole thing! It did wonders for the PC version, right? Right? >_>
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  8. Lbphart3

    Lbphart3 Green Slime

    I think we will here the date soon,March is all most here,So mabe we will here something next week.:).

    Id rather them delay it than bring it out with problems they should take there time.!:D
  9. Aadrian1234

    Aadrian1234 Fire Imp

    It would be decent enough for them to state that there was a delay. Even though they said early march too, they dropped that and only said late feb almost every single time they were asked for the release date. Sure, I don't mind a delay to fix things up, but if 505 themselves that it would come out late feb, then the gamers watching for a release date will also assume that 505 would release the game in late feb, since 505 seemed so confident it would come out at that time
  10. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    If it is held up at the console makers' offices, what makes you think they even know when it will launch? (If that is the cause...but who knows)

    Them coming out and saying "delay, no idea when it will launch" wouldn't mollify one person here.

    Just sayin ;)
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  11. Lord Carver

    Lord Carver Spore Zombie

    They will release it on the last day. That's late february.
  12. TheUnrealMegashark

    TheUnrealMegashark Corrupt Goldfish

    Oohh, I hope they don't delay it. I just wish they would give us some news regarding it.
  13. Aadrian1234

    Aadrian1234 Fire Imp

    I still hope its a last minute thing, where they announce it a day before and then it comes out the next day. I really want to play this game
  14. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    Don't be pesimistic,terraria on console will come to us ! Calm Down ! :cool:
  15. ChizFreak

    ChizFreak Green Slime

    I think that they will launch early or mid March, and that they will announce the release that at end of February or the first days of March.

    I find it very unlikely they release it in Feb, PSN updates Tuesdays, only 1 tuesday is left in Feb, it's the 26th, so, I doubt they announce the game to give 3 days maximum for everyone to know about it.
  16. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Wait, I thought TO didn't care about the console version... :p

    Kidding for effect, obviously. Just calm down a notch and know that it will arrive when it dies - not one moment sooner nor one moment later. ;)
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  17. Scorpius1981

    Scorpius1981 Cursed Man

    Well, there is still one more weds left (27th) so we will hope and see! If NOT, hopefully the first weds of next month!
  18. krel31

    krel31 Green Slime

    it is coming out march 27 (most likely)
  19. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Wandering Eye

    They will do what Apple does, announce and sell it at the same time :')

    The points I ordered wont come for a few days anyway so I hope I get them before the game comes out!
  20. Scorpius1981

    Scorpius1981 Cursed Man

    It could. Depends on how much content they want. They DID add some new stuff to download on the Xbox market place though. In the past, that was done shortly before the "new" game was released (like a week or so early).

    Maybe they put March as a precaution, that way we cant get mad and say they lied about a release date (though with what I seen on the videos, unless it is more content they want to have on the get go, they are pretty much done). Better early than late, and those release dates have been horribly wrong in the past year (often change the day it is announced)
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