Terraria console new content will not come to PC.

Discussion in 'Console' started by lambo, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

  2. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Damnet lambo, that's not how reverse psychology works.

    Also, saw that coming. Not even disappointed.
  3. Crazyon

    Crazyon Undead Viking

    Well, I already expected this...
    Honestly, I don't care :p Got my moneys worth of this game.
    I just hope its better than minecraft on console...
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  4. kingicarus

    kingicarus Floaty Gross

    What a terrible let down. I mean really, Andrew could have at least given engine the rights to port the content to PC. It isn't a total loss though, someone could just mod it in I guess.
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  5. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Moderator Staff Member

    "So Spinks’ Re-Logic studio were being truthful when they said they wouldn’t be working on Terraria any more – it’s just that, as it happens, someone else offered to do the work for them." [linked article]

    Others offered to continue the PC version, too, and were turned down. Red said, "This isn't going to happen." [MFT2]

    My disappointment is gone, and the rest should start letting it go too. It's not healthy (or helpful) to hold onto rage this long.
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  6. -EagleEye-

    -EagleEye- Squirrel

    Meh, I expected this. Oh well.
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  7. Rokas :3

    Rokas :3 Clown

    I aint even mad...
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  8. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    Everyone should've already expected this, it was pretty obvious that those creating new content for their ports would not share it with a console that has nothing to do with them. It's their right to withhold any new features and content they create for the game.

    Lame for us, I would've bought a DLC pack, but oh well *shrug*

    ETA: For the record - the new content is not coming to PC because Red would not extend their rights within the contract to include the PC version. 505 is legally restricted from anything involving Steam's version of Terraria, and this is not their choice, it was Red's.
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  9. Gmodlol61

    Gmodlol61 Necromancer

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  10. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

    Glad to see people are handling it better than expected. :) Still the community should look to the modders to add in the content. I can expect that whoever does it first will be liked by a lot of people... *Cough*W1K do it*Cough*
  11. kirabook

    kirabook Ex-Min

    At last the line has been drawn. Now I hope people will leave 505 to their thing and leaves Red out of their work.

    Maybe Red wants a bigger company to take over the PC? Was he not happy with Gaslamp Games?
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  12. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    Surprise surprise. But still, Red does seem a bit douchy now.

    Eh. That's that. Anger may subside, and we will be back to fluffy rainbows soon enough.
  13. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    To be honest, I always had a strong feeling that the content wouldn't be seen in the PC version, why?, because they are releasing on the console more than a year after the game was released. If they just slapped the game on consoles with the exact same content as is on PC, not many people would re-purchase just to have the same thing on another system. However with the promise of new content, it has peoples ears open to find out what this new content is, and perhaps repurchase Terraria on a console.

    Am I mad about this news? Not at all, not one bit. Why? Because I payed 10$ for Terraria and what did I get? 124 hours of fun, that's way more hours than what I got out of other games I have purchased such as Skyrim, Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and many more.

    Now, I know Minecraft was ported to console with no exclusive content, but they didn't need to offer exclusive content as there is still tons of stuff being added to Minecraft.
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  14. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    Like the rest, ain't even bothered anymore.. It's as if Red KNEW we were going to be mad so he gave it away and ran away and said, "AINT NOTHIN' TO DO WITH ME".. I know that's not what happened but I wish he could have formally announced it like he did when he said no more updates. :(

    Ah well, plenty more games out there. :>
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  15. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    I would translate that in "searching for the best offer".

    I hope 505 will do a great job. I don't care if we'll get the extra contents or not. I'll mod them in anyway.
  16. Battle Kid

    Battle Kid Blazing Wheel

    The only thing I'M pissed about is that I have to get all the Items all over again. Other then that I really don't care that the PC isn't getting the new content. I'll download the Xbox 360 version of sight and play the hell out of it. In my opinion it's not douchey that Red chose to do this. Really it isn't his fault you don't own a MAINSTREAM CONSOLE.
  17. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    Does anyone know if it's going to be a physical copy of Terraria or purchase from the console stores online?
  18. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    Yup! Along with a keychain and a plush toy!

    ...Okay, maybe a bit too far.
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  19. Malaana

    Malaana Oh Canada

    It will be purchaseable through the Xbox Live Arcade, and whatever Playstation calls their store. I highly doubt there will be a physical copy for console as they will be released as "arcade games".
  20. walllster

    walllster Piranha

    Oh God...

    Not interest now.
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