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    SPRITES/SPRITERS NEEDED!! Coders Appreciated!

    Terraria Continued is a continuous W.I.P. mod that I have been working on since sometime last year and it has been a blast creating random items that do things I never thought would be in Terraria. However this mod doesn't change the original feel of Terraria too much as I wanted this mod to be an alternative update to Terraria as Red and Blue quit working on it December of 2011. I really want this mod to be a re-balance of vanilla Terraria with some new content along the way, so adding more tiered content for magic, ranged and melee will be a large part of this mod. I plan on releasing this on the 29th of February this year.(It ain't coming!) That's a lie, but I am going to release this when i'm happy with the content and re-balancing.

    NEW CONTENT BELOW(With Damage, Crafting, Effects and Images.)
    All Items + Images! (open)

    Bloody Dagger Bloody Dagger.png
    Damage: 18
    Output: 25 Bloody Dagger
    Items: 25 Throwing Knife
    Tile: Demon Altar

    Cobalt Tinkerer's Workshop Cobalt Tinkerers Workshop.png
    Items: 1 Tinkerer's Workshop,20 Cobalt Bar,5 Soul of Might
    Tile: Workbench

    Cross Shield Cross Shield.png
    Effect: Cross Necklace effect + Cobalt Shield effect +4 Defense
    Items: 1 Cross Necklace,1 Cobalt Shield
    Tile: Cobalt Tinkerer's Workshop

    Crossbow Crossbow.png
    Damage: 12
    Items: 30 Iron Bar
    Tile: Anvil

    Crossbow Bolt Crossbow Bolt.png
    Output: 5 Crossbow Bolt
    Items: 1 Wood,1 Iron Bar
    Tile: Anvil

    Crossbow Tri-Bolt Crossbow Triple Shot.png
    Damage: 19
    Effect: Shoots three arrows
    Items: 1 Crossbow,1 Triple Shot Attachment
    Tile: Mythril Anvil

    Crystal Storm (Modified Recipe)
    Items: 1 Spell Tome,30 Crystal Shard,20 Soul of Light,5 Mana Crystal
    Tile: Bookcase

    Cursed Fire Scepter Cursed Fire Scepter.png
    Damage: 29
    Effect: Uses Mana
    Items: 1 Fire Scepter,25 Cursed Flame
    Tile: Mythril Anvil

    Cursed Flames (Modified Recipe)
    Items: 1 Spell Tome,30 Cursed Flame,20 Soul of Night,5 Mana Crystal
    Tile: Bookcase

    Cursed Flower of Fire Cursed Flower of Fire.png
    Damage: 52
    Effect: Uses Mana
    Items: 1 Flower of Fire,25 Cursed Flame
    Tile: Mythril Anvil

    Diving Set Item_268.png Diving Suit.png Diving Pants.png
    Effect: Unlimited breath underwater + Flipper accessory
    Found: Rare drop off Sharks and Mermen

    Fiery Dagger Fiery Dagger.png
    Damage: 39
    Effect: Can inflict On Fire + Uses Mana
    Items: 30 Hellstone Bar,1 Magic Dagger
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Fiery Muramasa Fiery Muramasa.png
    Damage: 25
    Effect: Can inflict On Fire
    Items: 1 Muramasa,25 Hellstone Bar
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Fire Scepter Fire Scepter.png
    Damage: 17
    Effect: Uses mana + Can inflict On Fire
    Items: 1 Aqua Scepter,20 Hellstone Bar
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher.png
    Damage: 24
    Items: 25 Iron Bar,10 Wood
    Tile: Anvil

    Ice Harpoon Ice Harpoon.png
    Damage: 28
    Items: 1 Harpoon,30 Snow Block
    Tile: Ice Workbench

    Ice Workbench Ice Workbench.png
    Items: 10 Snow Block

    Icy Dagger Icy Dagger.png
    Damage: 34
    Effect: Uses Mana
    Items: 1 Magic Dagger,30 Snow Block
    Tile: Ice Workbench

    Invisibility Cloak Invisibility Cloak.png
    Effect: Grants Invisibility
    Items: 1 Robe,10 Invisibility Potion,1 Soul of Sight,5 Soul of Light
    Tile: Cobalt Tinkerer's Workshop

    Jungle Blade Jungle Blade.png
    Damage: 32
    Effect: Auto Reuse
    Items: 15 Jungle Spores,20 Stinger,1 Diamond
    Tile: Anvil
    Credits: Unknown:/

    Legendary Emblem Legendary Emblem.png
    Effect: All three emblems combined + 4 defense
    Items: 1 Warrior Emblem,1 Ranger Emblem,1 Sorcerer Emblem,5 Soul of Might
    Tile: Cobalt Tinkerer's Workshop

    Meteor Bow Meteor Bow.png
    Damage: 18
    Effect: Shoots 2 arrows + Uses mana
    Items: 25 Meteorite Bar,3 Mana Crystal
    Tile: Anvil
    Credits: AaronC

    Meteor Masher Meteor Masher.png
    Damage: 29
    Effect: Flail
    Items: 20 Meteorite Bar,1 Bll O' Hurt
    Tile: Anvil

    Meteor Pickaxe Meteor Pickaxe.png
    Damage: 9
    Items: 20 Meteorite Bar,5 Meteorite
    Tile: Anvil

    Molten Anvil Molten Anvil.png
    Items: 5 Hellstone Bar
    Tile: Anvil

    Molten Harpoon Molten Harpoon.png
    Damage: 32
    Effect: Can inflict On Fire
    Items: 20 Hellstone Bar,1 Harpoon
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Molten Musket Molten Musket.png
    Damage: 36
    Effect: Shoots Molten Shots + Uses any bullet ammo
    Items: 1 Musket,20 Hellstone Bar
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Molten Pistol Molten Pistol.png
    Damage: 26
    Effect: Shoots Molten Shot + Uses any bullet ammo
    Items: 1 Flintlock Pistol,15 Hellstone Bar
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    Molten Shot Molten Shot.png
    Output: 25 Molten Shot
    Items: 1 Hellstone Bar,25 Musket Ball
    Tile: Molten Anvil

    MP40 MP40.png
    Damage: 14
    Items: 20 Iron Bar,10 Silver Bar
    Tile: Anvil

    Organic Carrot Organic Carrot.png
    Effect: Spawns a pet bunny
    Found: Rare drop from bunnies

    Power Core Power Core.png
    Effect: Used for special crafting
    Bought: From Marksman on Blood Moon for 15 Platinum

    Scythe Scythe.png
    Damage: 14
    Items: 15 Iron Bar,5 wood
    Tile: Anvil

    Seed Cannon Seed Cannon.png
    Damage: 22
    Effect: Allows the collection of seeds for ammo + Shoots seeds
    Items: 1 Star Cannon,1 Blowpipe
    Tile: Anvil

    Soul Snatcher Soul Snatcher.png
    Damage: 29
    Items: 1 Scythe,25 Demonite Bar,10 Vile Powder,5 Soul of Night
    Tile: Demon Altar

    Spikebook Spikebook.png
    Damage: 19
    Effect: Uses Mana + Penetrates enemies
    Items: 1 Spell Tome,30 Spike,5 Mana Crystal
    Tile: Bookcase

    Spiky Ball (Recipe Added)
    Output: 5 Spiky Ball
    Items: 1 Spike,5 Musket Ball
    Tile: Anvil

    Spiky Ball Cannon Spiky Ball Cannon.png
    Damage: 8
    Effect: Fast speed + Shoots Spiky Balls
    Items: 50 Spike,1 Star Cannon,5 Soul of Sight
    Tiles: Adamantite Forge

    Triple Shot Attachment Triple Shot Attachment.png
    Effect: Used in crafting Crossbow Tri-Bolt
    Bought: From Marksman for 20 Gold

    Ultimate Shotgun Ultimate Shotgun.png
    Damage: 16
    Effect: Full Auto + Shoots 8 Bullets
    Items: 1 Shotgun,5 Soul of Might,5 Soul of Sight,5 Soul of Fright,15 Soul of Flight,15 Soul of Light,15 Soul of Night,1 Power Core
    Tile: Demon Altar (Possibly a Soul Forge at some point will be added and used)

    Ultrashark Ultrashark.png
    Damage: 33
    Effect: Insanely Fast
    Items: 1 Megashark,15 Soul of Might,15 Soul of Sight,15 Soul of Fright,20 Soul of Night,20 Soul of Light,20 Soul of Flight,25 Cobalt Bar,1 Ruby,40 Shark Fin,1 Power Core
    Tile: Demon Altar (Again Soul Forge one day)
    Credits: AaronC

    Unihorn Unihorn.png
    Damage: 26
    Effect: Super Fast
    Items: 1 Night's Edge,25 Unicorn Horn,15 Soul of Fright
    Tiles: Adamantite Forge

    Zapinator Zapinator.png
    Damage: 16
    Effect: Doesn't require ammo
    Items: 5 Soul of Sight,5 Soul of Might,5 Soul of Fright,10 Soul of Night,10 Soul of Light,10 Soul of Flight,1 Phoenix Blaster,1 Power Core

    Some Old Content (open)

    The Fire Scepter and its Hardmode Counterpart The Cursed Fire Scepter + Images

    First up we have the Fire scepter and Cursed Fire Scepter. These are moderately powerful magic items that shoot cursed flames and normal flames, that differ in range. The Fire Scepter is somewhat of an upgrade to the Aqua Scepter, it is found in shadow chests along with a few other items I will go into detail about soon. The Cursed Fire Scepter is an even better upgrade over the Fire Scepter as it does more damage and deals the cursed inferno debuff, it uses the Fire Scepter as a crafting material along with 25 cursed flames.

    Fire, Ice and Blood Covered Daggers! + Images

    Next up we have the Fiery Dagger, Icy Dagger and Bloody Dagger. Going from strongest to weakest we have the Fiery Dagger. This is somewhat of an endgame magic weapon, its based on the Magic Dagger but does more damage and also has a chance to cause the on fire debuff. It has high damage and low mana consumption make it a highly desirable weapon to any mage. It is crafted using 30 Hellstone Bars, a Magic Dagger and 30 Hellstone Ore and can only be crafted at a Mythril Anvil. The Icy Dagger is made at a ____? (Something I haven't quite figured out, but so far an ice workbench seems like a good idea), it has higher damage than that of the Magic Dagger but has less than the Fiery Dagger, but makes up for it through its insanely low mana consumption. It has a small chance to inflict the slow debuff or maybe even a frozen debuff. It is crafted using a Magic Dagger, 30 Snow Blocks and 30 Ice Blocks. Lastly we have the Bloody Dagger. The Bloody Dagger is an upgrade on the Throwing Knife which has higher damage and faster throwing speed than the Throwing Knife. It is made at a Demon Altar using 25 Throwing Knives and possibly some sort of "Soul" that has a small chance of dropping from every hostile mob.

    Soul Snatcher + Image

    This weapon may have a higher chance of looting more "Souls" and may resemble a scythe of some sort. It would be crafted with a normal scythe and some assorted souls be it souls that i add that are dropped from every mob or the already existing souls in Terraria, making it hard to craft. I envision it looking somewhat like a scythe version of the Nights Edge.

    Scythe + Image

    I imagine this to look like a "Grim Reapers" Scythe, and could maybe be dropped from "Grim" who could be a moderately difficult boss that would turn into a friendly NPC and move in after being killed. It would also be used to craft higher tier scythes. Moderate-High damage.

    MP40 + Images

    I've always liked how this gun has looked in the cod series and i think it would make a pretty cool addition to the Arms Dealers shop. It could also be used to craft a laser rifle that would somewhat resemble the MP40. Low-Medium damage with a moderate rate of fire. Can also be combined at an anvil with rapid fire attachment to increase rate of fire.

    Great Muramasa + Image

    This would be a hallowed upgrade to the weapon we all once loved. I imagine it to be somewhat mechanical looking while still resembling the Muramasa. Crafted using the Muramasa and some assorted Souls.

    Grenade Launcher + Image

    Launches Grenades, explodes on impact as they do has a low-medium rate of fire. Resembles either a M79 Grenade Launcher or a more modern looking MM-1 Grenade Launcher. If you dont know what either of them look like make whatever you want, i'll be happy with pretty much any sprite given to me.

    Crossbow + Images

    Shoots Crossbow Bolts and does a moderate amount of damage. It would look modern, black and gray would be primary colours. Would be crafted using some sort of alloy that i would implement and have a fairly high damage. You could also add Tri-Bolt attachment and it would shoot like a shotgun but with 3 bolts. This would also increase damage thus making it stronger but less accurate over a distance.

    Legendary Emblem + Cobalt Tinkerers Workshop + Images

    The Legendary Emblem combines the abilities of all three "Emblems" that are in vanilla Terraria. It may seem as though it is an extremely overpowered or possibly useless item depending on how you play but I think I will balance it out by using 5-10 the three types of boss "Souls" and all three emblems to craft or Tinker it. While i'm bringing up tinkering I also thought it may be a good idea to tinker some much more useful accessories, which is why i plan on making the Cobalt Tinkerers Workshop. We have the Mythril Anvil, the Adamantite Forge but still no Crafting tile made from Cobalt. To craft one must first acquire a Tinkerers Workshop and gather 10-15 Cobalt Bars for its construction. You will need to use a Mythril Anvil to craft. This would resemble the Tinkerers Workshop but maybe have a little different decoration on it.

    Magical Watch + Images

    This watch will change the time by either putting it forward a certain amount of time or switching directly to night or day. Not exactly sure what this would look like, maybe somewhat based on the watches that already exist in game. Also I could make the Copper, Silver and Gold Watches change time a certain amount each, so its tiered. They would cost a medium to high amount of mana to use and could possibly need to be enchanted before being able to be used. The Magical Watch however, does not need to be enchanted as it already is. It speeds up time much faster than the others and uses less mana. A wise man once told me "With great power comes great responsibility" well that man was wrong. Great power can be given to anyone for a fairly hefty price. This may use Mythril or something thats Hardmode based to craft but i'm kinda unsure of what to use. Also i've been thinking about adding a Mana Potion Sickness that activates once the clock is used so you can't just change time 1000 times in a row. The magical one may have a lower Potion Sickness duration.

    Vilethorn Upgrade + Images

    Not overly sure what this would look like but maybe either a "hallowed" version as it seems as though it would be the opposite or a molten version as it wouldn't be a huge leap in damage for the Vilethorn. I may be able to do this one if no one wants to do it as its kinda boring.

    Spike Spellbook + Image

    Definitely not the actual name but basically it shoots spikes as ammo and for obvious reasons i'm gonna make spikes craftable. The spikes will explode on impact and send out shrapnel like the crystal storm. It will be crafted using a spell book and about 30 spikes. It is weaker than the crystal storm but only by a little and uses around the same as the crystal storm. I hope to see this used fairly regularly as it is something that i'm looking forward to alot. Spell tomes may also be found in dungeons rarely or crafted so this spell can be crafted in Pre-Hardmode i will keep in mind a spellbook costs 5 gold and can be sold for 1 so i will try to balance the value for what i use to craft with. Definitely see some balance issues already but hey thats why we have alpha testing and if worse comes to worse a beta tester will find an imbalance with it and alert me of it so i can fix it.

    Dark Wand/Nights Staff + Image

    This staff is a very dark and powerful staff, when i implement more types of staffs it will be crafted out of all of them (Like the Nights Edge). Shoots a stream of projectiles that lights the area. Fairly high damage, medium mana consumption and may also have a chance to drain health from the mob.

    Cross Shield + Image

    This accessory combines the power of the Cross Necklace and Cobalt Shield. It will be made at the cobalt tinkerers table using the Cross Necklace and Cobalt Shield along with a couple of Souls. It will have a slightly longer invincibility time than that of the Cross Necklace and also have no knockback. I may also make it give you a little defense boost so the souls dont go to waste.


    More Friendly NPCs
    First off i've seen on the forums that someone suggested more NPC's that just populate buildings but don't sell anything. I actually loved that suggestion and i think it was made by Loki ISP (Sorry if i got the name wrong just going off of memory). This is definitely something i want to add as it will definitely make the work more alive. However there may be more to doing this code wise as i don't want this to be abused and have NPCs on every inch of the world causing no hostile npcs to spawn. It may be simple to make them not stop the enemy spawns but then again it may be impossible and if thats the case i'll probably only add 5-10 more. Probably look somewhat like the guide but a lot of varied types would be cool. Try using the Guide Npc sprite sheet as a guideline for sizing. Will attach if needed

    Pumpkin NPCs
    These NPCs will spawn in an invasion like event something to do with Halloween would be cool.
    They would have a large pumpkin head and a stem for a body with stems and leaves for arms. Legs could look leafy as well or possibly look as though they have uprooted themselves and have roots and dirt attached to their legs. This probably wont need to be coded for a while, but would be nice to have so id be able to test them.

    Bartender NPC
    Pretty self explanatory I guess. Would like him to look like a stereotypical bartender that you would see in movies and T.V. shows. He will sell alcohol which you couldn't brew yourself. However I am going to add more brewing recipes so we have more uses for the Keg.

    Sniper Rifle
    Upgraded musket that would cost a Power Core and some souls in order to craft. High damage, slow fire rate but high speed bullets is what the sniper is all about. Will probably make it armour piercing, so it wont matter what the defense of the NPC is. Probably overpowered in PVP so I will probably restrict the armour piercing effect to only NPCs.

    Health Regen and Teleportation Spellbooks
    Self explanatory items; Health Regen will heal you a certain amount at the cost of a fairly large amount of mana. Teleportation will have a cooldown and use almost max possible mana. Health Regen would have a heart on it, while the teleportation could have an ender pearl or something?

    Some new shotguns
    Low to Molten tiered shotguns, could possibly be re-textures however it might be nice to get some variation. Already have an extreme high tier that costs a hefty amount that is sprited off the vanilla shotgun. Possibly craftable or sold at the Arms Dealer. Maybe use some COD shotguns as a reference to shape?

    Healing Stone
    Much like the Crystal Ball, it will give you a Health Regen buff of some sort when you right click it (not the vanilla regen buff). Will nerf it down to account for the fact it will probably be an 8 minute buff. Sold at the Wizard for twice as much as the Crystal Ball.

    Household decorations
    New lights, chairs, sofas, refrigerators. Just some household stuff, look around your house and get some spriting ideas from your material goods. Nothing really to say here, just try to get it to be the right size for tiles.

    A blowdart
    Shoots poisonous darts, maybe a re-texture/re-size of the blowpipe. Darts can be crafted out of iron ore and wood or stone. Poisonous darts crafted with vile powder at a demon altar.

    Crushes ores, into two dusts which can then be crafted into the bar of that tier. It will need a coal fragment or charcoal fragment, which will be crafted from 1 coal or charcoal and outputs 4-5 fragments. If the ore needs 3 ore to craft a bar, it needs 3 dust. This will effectively double your ore output. Need a Hellforge in order to craft the bars that require a normal Furnace, Adamantite Forge for ores that require a Hellforge. May need to make a better Forge for Adamantite ore.

    Remember this isn't a huge overhaul to terraria, i just plan to add a little bit of content and change a few things in terraria, ie mob drops, item recipes and change some items that spawn in chests. I'd love to update this thread every couple of days with more ideas and more information on items that I've implemented into the mod. I will also be doing some small beta tests which will just be for people to have a go at using weapons with different sets of armour to see if there are any imbalances or too check that the particles are looking right and whatnot.

    Old Updates (open)
    Update #1 (open)
    It has dawned on me that it wouldn't/couldn't be a bad idea to get some coders to help out with this mod. Nothing too major needed skill wise just some basic understanding of Tconfig to help with items and whatnot. We may only speak at weird or random times as i live in Australia and im guessing the majority of people on this forum are from US or UK. With that being said I plan to update this thread daily and if not every two days so coders would have something to work on. I possibly could have another person working on this mod with me, just need to speak with him. This isn't anything overly serious as a mod just something to pass my time and also hopefully get some more people interested with modding as it may be the only future for PC terraria, which is definitely not a bad future for it as Modders would take a more interactive approach to the community IMO. Definitely getting off topic and probably could start some PC > Console debate or whatever but this thread is not about that. Anyways if you are interested in coding some weapons message me on here and we'll find out the best way to chat/share codes and whatever. Alright thats more than enough of a ramble for today be sure to check out the items/ideas that i've added and have a nice day :----)
    Update #2 (open)
    The initial release for the mod is looking good so far however it seems to be highly magic based. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing as it could be the magical update or something along those lines. I may choose to make it more diverse with the weapons/items i add in this update. But as of right now it looks pretty magical. Added another item to the already implemented/sprited section. More items added to the Sprites Needed section. Just a short update for today because my brain juices aren't flowing too well and i seem to be repeating myself a lot:/ You stay classy San Diego!
    Update #3 (open)
    Ok so today i don't have too much information content wise to share with you people, just a few small things i wanna share that i will put in the ideas/need spriting area at some point. First off i've seen on the forums that someone suggested more NPC's that just populate buildings but don't sell anything. I actually loved that suggestion and i think it was made by Loki ISP (Sorry if i got the name wrong just going off of memory). This is definitely something i want to add as it will definitely make the work more alive. However there may be more to doing this code wise as i don't want this to be abused and have NPCs on every inch of the world causing no hostile npcs to spawn. It may be simple to make them not stop the enemy spawns but then again it may be impossible and if thats the case i'll probably only add 5-10 more. Next up we have ender pearls :D If you play minecraft you will already know what these do but for any of you who dont know what they do they basically are an item that you throw and wherever it lands you are teleported to that spot. Already have the item coded and it works almost flawlessly (Multiplayer seems to bug it out causing everyone on the world to teleport to the spot and it also seems to make you get stuck a little bit inside the wall). Just a couple of glitches that i will work to resolve and if there is no fix for the multiplayer bug i will make it un-throwable on mp. Couple other little things ive thought about. One being a diving suit with a set bonus if you wear the full suit. What it will do is make it so you can breathe underwater forever, or an extremely extended period of time and it will make it so you can swim like the flippers accessory. I want the suit to use the already existing diving helmet but i want to implement the armour and pants that will make you look like one of the ornamental fish tank deep sea divers. Lastly i want to make a halloween mob or invasion type deal with pumpkin headed monsters and a halloween boss, the Grand Pumpkin (Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XIX). Not sure what he'll do yet or what i will base his ai on if i dont make my own. But yeah a few small teasers as to whats going on in this head of mine. Anyways thanks for reading if you have and sprites for these would be coolio but not needed too soon. Meow! God my updates are annoyingly long.
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    Update #4
    Hello everyone my name is Seanan... Wait a minute. Hey guys its me again with another update (if you couldn't tell by the big bold letters above) on what ive been thinking about content that i would like to see added in this mod. Firstly i would like to add more decoration items to terraria, more walls/blocks/tiles and all that good stuff so people will be able to build more extravagant houses without being so repetitive, boring or plain. Also i've been thinking about the possibility of travelling into space with the mod, however one would need a rocket and a spacesuit. This is something thats no more than a thought in my head and words on a screen but i would like to one day add this. Also i wanted to add some more uses for existing items that have little to no use at all, one being the decorative statues. Another thing i was thinking about is making the beds skip night and set spawn, although i probably wouldnt add an animation although the pokemon screen fade out and back in (pretty sure this happened when you healed your pokemon, its been years since i played that :p) would be pretty cool. Last thing for today is helmets! Id like to see more helmets for each of the "elemental" tiers (Shadow, Jungle, Necro, Meteor and Molten) so it gives people the chance to use different classes better earlier on in the game. Well i do believe thats enough for today. Please leave a reply to this thread with what you think would be a good addition to this mod. Smell ya later.

    Update #5
    Sorry for being so inactive over the last couple months. Between being put up to year 11 mid way last year, exams, family stuff and moving to my new school I've been pretty busy, but now that I have more spare time as I only have three subjects, one of which is PC Gaming (Which allows me to code at school) I have decided that I am able to come back to work on the mod more often. Been getting quite a few suggestions from the thread that Redigit posted a few days ago, but I am hesitant to add some of the content as it is possible it will be added next release. However I am planning on trying to release it by the end of this weekend or just after the weekend, just waiting on a few sprites to be finished and some minor tweaks to some items then I should be at a point that i'm happy with.

    Huge thankyou to Orkuspay for his amazing help with most of the sprites for this mod!!! He has a thread with all his sprites over here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/orkuspays-sprites.95825/ A few of the sprites on there are made specifically for Terraria Continued so you may need to ask me and him whether you can use it but if he says yes, i'm more than likely to say yes to you as well.

    Credits (A list of threads or people/mods that have helped the development of Terraria Continued)
    http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/dr-deaths-sprites.86007/ For a couple of the weapon sprites.
    http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/simple-terraria-equipment-tier-sprite-sheet.94149/ For a couple of the weapon sprites.
    http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/wip-new-and-enhanced-biomes.93423/ For the Unihorn and Merman sprite plus some help with coding.

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  2. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    I tried to upload my sprites but it said there was an error. Quite specific, huh? I will try again later.
    I have made sprites for everything except:

    Laser Rifle (what color did you want it?)
    Souls (Again, what color?)


    The MP40 has two sprites, one with a stock, one without. There are additional sprites for both of them with the speed upgrade.

    The crossbow also has a separate sprite for its tri-shot upgrade.

    Can cookie monster haz cookie now?:rolleyes:


    It just occurred to me that currently ice can only be found by placing it using the ice rod, and can never be legitimately placed in your inventory. Maybe you could make it spawn on the top layer of all water in the snow biome, or make it craftable using snow when standing in water (sort of like how you craft mud) .
  3. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    Wow thanks a bunch man :D I'm pretty excited to see the sprites that you've done! The laser rifle i guess would look more mechanical than the MP40, so i think it would look cool silver with some red or something. The souls would probably be red but whatever you come up with is good as i could always modify the colours for it if needed. Thanks for the alternate sprites for the MP40 and the crossbow, I will definitely make good use of them! I did plan on making ice, it would spawn in the snow biomes in place of water. I would be collectible and place-able but also drop water if you arent using an Ice pick? Thats a possibility that i'll work out when i do some extensive coding later on today. Thanks again for the sprites :D You can haz cookie and credits in the mod, or maybe even your own friendly NPC ;)
  4. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Yellow Slime

    awesome idea, I came up with an idea to add even more levels of play after hardmode, and I've just started modding, it's great to see that there are still people upgrading Terraria. Good luck with this ;)
  5. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    bolt.png Crossbow bolt. It could probably be made out of steel?
    crossbow.png Crossbow. This would be made out of steel.
    tribow.png Tri-Bow. This would be made out of a Triple Shot attachment and a crossbow.
    trishot.png Triple Shot attachment. This can be used to make a crossbow shoot 3 bolts.
    MP40.png MP40 (With Stock)
    no stock.png MP40 (No Stock)
    I wasn't sure whether it should have a stock.
    MP40 ammo.png MP40 Ammo. Used for MP40 guns. (I should probably make it longer on second thoughts.)
    MP40speed.png MP40 SpeedShot (With Stock)
    speednostock.png MP40 SpeedShot (No Stock)
    speed upgrade.png MP40 SpeedShot Upgrade. You could probably buy this from the arms dealer on blood moons or something.
    steel.png Steel Bar. Since real steel is made out of iron and carbon, it might be craftable out of iron ore and a diamond. (This is the new alloy, if you don't like it I'll make something else.)
    scythe.png Scythe. Dropped from the grim boss. (I think.)
    snatcher.png Soul Snatcher. Gives a higher chance of dropping Souls Of Aggression. (Sprite yet to be added.)
    grenade launcher.png Grenade launcher. Might need to be bigger. Fires grenades.
    icebanch.png Ice Bench, Or Ice Workbench. Used to craft ice daggers and, I assume, everything the standard workbench can craft.
    And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for!
    hallowmurasma.png Hallowed Murasma!

    Attached Files:

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  6. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    I absolutely love every single one of these sprites, they dont look out of place in Terraria which overall is what im going for with this mod, also love that you went ahead and made the attachments, the ice workbench and the ingot as it will definitely save me a bunch of time! Once again thanks a tonne for your help and the ideas with the steel ingot, which i'll think about implementing although i was doing some reading and came across a crossbow that looked quite like that one and it was made from carbon fiber, so maybe have carbon as an ore or a craftable item would be a great idea!
  7. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    Huge overhaul to the thread, extra information/ideas written and some images for the old ideas thanks to Orkuspay. Spent the last hour or two writing this and thinking up ideas while nibbling very slowly on food so please interpret this double post as a mere update for people so the information gets seen :)
  8. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    I don't really understand the purpose of this mod, though of course this tends to be the case with mods in progress.

    Are you looking to generate new weapons such that Hardmode will become easier? Or are you looking to simply expand the Terraria universe? Or, perhaps, you are working toward a post-Hardmode-mode?

    Except for the last case, I'd argue that what you're creating drastically unbalances the game by adding more complicated weaponry. Though, I have to admit, your weapons are cool.
    As far as scythe sprites go though, keep in mind that the swinging motion is top-down, so you might need to reverse them before they can be swung properly.

    Phlebas and I are currently working on a mod that enhances already existing biomes with more content, while still keeping the game balanced. We'd love spriters and ideas and I think perhaps our goals are even similar, though yours looks to be a bit more technological. We're still doing pre-hardmode alterations like spawning coral reefs in the ocean, making the standard grass biome look more interesting, and giving enemies more drop options so that every single biome gives you a varied set of items.

    All of this is under the umbrella of keeping the game balanced.

    If you guys would like to join our project, do come by. Phlebas is all kinds of skilled with programming, and I'm a mad spriter. I think I've done 47 sprites for various items in the past 2 days. With you two, we'd have a ridiculously competent team that could actually crank something out rapidly.

    Additionally, you'd be free to do literally whatever you wanted. We split the work based on biome: I'm working on the revamped Ocean and Grassland biomes while Phlebas is doing pyramid-generation in desert biomes, for example. You guys could jump on in for Snow, or for Hell, or Jungle...we're still pre-hardmode, like I said.

    We also have an experimental cloud biome and swamp biome you can play with. If you're interested at this point, come on over and check out what we have. We could collab.

    have a working "Ballista" item which is basically your crossbow. It doesn't shoot bolts, it uses arrows, and it's based off of the repeaters, but it takes 60 frames per shot, so it acts more like an early game musket.
  9. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    Oh. And we have an item called a "Haystack" from which you can get a "Needle".

    So we have a sense of humor too. Mixing the Needle with Muramasa and Suspicious Looking Eye gives you "Eye of the Needle" which is a sword currently way unbalanced, but essentially an upgraded Muramasa that looks completely different.

    Here's some of my spritework for the 'Enhanced Biomes' project.

    Band of Duality mixes the two bands Band of Duality.png
    Blue Rose Dirk is a Jungle-Tier shortsword that can be fixed to a bow later in the game Blue Rose Dirk.png
    Bundle of Hay is a bundle of Hay Bunch of Hay.png
    Eye of the Needle is a dangerous looking Cthulhu-ian rapier Eye of the Needle, Kusanagi.png
    Grasshopper is a classy cocktail that gives you the "Minty" buff and also makes you "Tipsy" Grasshopper.png
    Hellstone Rebreather allows breathing under lava, but is really hard to craft Hellstone Rebreather.png
    Seastone Shackle is made from coral reefs and the shackle Seastone Shackle.png
    Amazon Arrows are a set of three arrows with different focus: knockback, poison, and speed-shooting Amazon 'Bludgeon'.png Amazon 'Sting'.png Amazon 'Swift'.png

    As you can see, lots of expansion, lots of cool sprites, trying to nonetheless keep the game balanced.
    We'd love to have you!
  10. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    I love the sounds of your mod it doesn't seem to deviate from Terraria itself, while adding all new content to it. With the mod you two are working on, do you plan to add more mobs and friendly NPCs to kind of expand on what the game is as of right now. I love your items but really it would still get boring if there was no new mob to kill or be killed by.

    I'd be more than happy to take on the jungle or underworld but tbh working hard on the snow biome is kinda a stupid idea as its not even certain that it will spawn with every world unless you were to make it a) Think its December forever or b) change it so that it spawns once per world.

    Just let me know how we'd be able to keep in touch and share ideas and the rest. Really like what you guys have going, and by "you guys" who exactly do you mean as the other one, that question has me kind of confused:/
  11. Jojiro

    Jojiro Hornet

    You and Orkuspay. Him for sprites, you for ideas and coding.

    The concept of boredom is solved, in our case, not by things that will kill you, but more biomes, exploration, and crafting options. For example, a larger Jungle gives more exploration options. Cloud layers make the sky more viable for exploration. The game just got larger by a factor of like 1.5x, and that's fun, even if you aren't dying or killing. However, if you've looked, we also have plenty of deadly NPCs. They're just not immediately present and take some looking for, just like one would expect in a sandbox game.

    I think the snow biome is so empty because of that mentality that it's a gimmick only. We want to make it worth something, even if it only has a 33% chance of being generated. Hibernating bears and possibly penguins.

    Post on the forum thread, and you'll automatically be watching it for updates. Give us your feedback and thoughts there! Same to Orkuspay.

    Alternatively, you could join us, and everything you've worked on could just be tacked onto the post-hardmode expansion of our expansion. Currently we're a team of two (I sprite a lot and code a little, and he codes a lot and sprites a little) plus an occasional guest. With you two we'd actually be able to have rolling updates. It would be mutually beneficial and we could inspire each other!
  12. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    I can work on sprites for two mods at once, so it's up to Ragetuts.
  13. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    More than happy if that's what you wanna do :) I updated the ideas list on here if you wanna have a read and try come up with any of the items at some point.
  14. Gabriel91SatanGod

    Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    Why do we need fire sceptres, we have flamethrowers, 600 hundred fire sceptres used at a same time.
  15. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    The fire scepter uses mana so it is kind of the mages alternative to the flamethrower + it can be acquired before hardmode. Cursed Fire Scepter is pretty much the same, some extra damage and causes cursed inferno instead of on fire. The point of this mod is to kind of expand on what Terraria is without deviating too far from the vanilla version.
  16. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    Yeah maybe I'm just a noob but I found the flamethrower pretty hard to get.


    legendaryembalm.png Legendary Embalm. Has an eye in the middle.
  17. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    I hated having to kill skeletron prime for the damn flamethrower, it just gets so frustrating. I kinda wanted the fire scepter early game because it gives you a tase of what the flamethrower is like :D As for the sprite, I love it! Thats gonna be one item i'm looking forward to getting as well, although its not everyday you use all three types of weapons. But hopefully the emblem will kind of motivate people to evenly distribute their accessories between magic, melee and ranged :D
  18. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    tinklershop.png There. I tried to make it be faithful to the original without just being a recolor.


    watch.png Enchanted watch. It would probably cost 1 gold watch, 1 copper watch, and 1 silver watch as well as some cobalt and maybe other stuff to craft.

    watch 2.png Magical Watch. Among other things, it would probably cost an enchanted watch and some Mythril.

    watch3.png Empowered Watch. Requires Magical watch and Adamantite. Maybe other stuff, too.

    watch4.png Possessed Watch. Requires Enchanted watch, Magical watch, and Empowered watch, as well as maybe some souls. Maybe it would increase the likelihood of a blood moon when you use it.


    vileness.png The extra-vile Vilethorn and
    firethorn.png The Vilethorn (lava-soaked.)


    book.png SPIKEBOOK! Yay! All done! (till you add more, of course!)
  19. RagesTuts

    RagesTuts Demon Eye

    Updated Thread, added a few new ideas and also added a few more items to the sprited list along with the images for them. Still have some more items that are already implemented just not on here so i might get around to doing that some time soon. And i love those sprites Orkuspay definitely looking forward to seeing more from you :D Stay tuned
  20. Orkuspay

    Orkuspay Demon Eye

    Minecraft used sugarcane as a sort of multipurpose plant to give sugar, and make paper, both. If you want it to be realistic then I would make it be papyrus, unless you plan to add sugar.
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