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    Hello everyone, my name is MegaMunchkin, and welcome to the official Terraria: Continued forum page. Currently this mod is in very very early development, and there is no download links available.

    Production Team
    2 of my friends who are helping with ideas and such​
    This is my very first official mod, but I have pracitced before with stuff like sword, boomerangs and armor. I never really learned where all of it went, but oh well.​
    A quick note on how to determine a items state
    If the item is said to be In-Progress, it can't be compiled by tconfig​
    If the item is said to need Fine-Tuning, it can be compiled by tconfig, but it doesn't work the way it is intended to​
    If the item is Finished, it can be compiled with tconfig and works exactly like it shoul​
    P.S: This does not include adding particle effects to items.​
    Production Progress:
    1: Mod production begins​
    2: Chaos Blade sprite and code created​
    3: Chaos Crystal sprite and code created​
    1: The Ocean Fury (Sword) is created, but requires fine tuning​
    2: Ocean Essence is finished​
    3: Chaos Infused Bar is finished​
    4: Chaos Chakram (Boomerang) is created, but requires fine tuning​
    5: A lot of ideas have been pitched in including a new armor set, 2 bosses and 2 mobs, plus lots of extra weapons. I'm declaring the first official release after all these things have been finished.​
    6: And to celebrate the Valentines Day spirit, we have thought up a few things that theme around it.​
    7: Images will be posted in the next update
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    Forgot to add, there is going to be a mechanical based suit of armor in this update. It includes an entire set of new armor and weapons to play around with.
  3. CapnJ

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    Will this be through Tconfig ?
  4. MegaMunchkin

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    Yes this will be through Tconfig. I'll fix that soon.

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