Terraria: Corruption Islands

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  1. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    This is my Terraria Story. I'm basically writing the game with a few twists and backstories, anyways, enjoy the first chapter!

    Click this link to read:

    Originally I had a prologue, but it was so short that I decided to merge it with the first chapter. The transition is kind of choppy, but I'll fix it eventually...
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  2. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

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  3. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Chapter three, entitled "Once in a Blood Moon" is now up!


    In chapter three, Jeremy decides to map out the surface of the island, takes the whole day doing so, and wounds up getting caught outside during a Blood Moon.

    Oh, and leave your comments, I appreciate your opinions!
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  4. Aelov Zombie

    Pretty decent, though in chapter 2 you didn't mention Jeremy smelting the ore before "smashing the iron"
  5. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Eh, heh... heh... er... uh...

    Darn your right.
  6. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

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  7. jumper869 Green Slime

    Very fun but lucky horseshoe must be on floating island right?
  8. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Yeah, right. Forgot about that... Let's just say, I'm not exactly following the game rules.

    By the way, I know progress is slow, but chapter 5 is about half-way done.
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  10. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    I've uploaded Chapter 5! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8797614/5/Terraria-Corruption-Islands

    Here's a teaser for Chapter 6:
    OK Jeremy, you have to sit up. You've defeated a gigantic floating eye, defeating a giant skeleton twice the size of that eye shouldn't be much different, should it? Come on! You've got plenty of grenades, and, oh, CRAP.
  11. jumper869 Green Slime

    In Chapter 5 "I throw all I've got at it, arrows, shurikens, throwing knifes, ect," ect must be etc XD
  12. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    I think I should hire you as my editor.
  13. jumper869 Green Slime

    :p You should know this. I am from Thailand. XD
  14. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

  15. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    WHOOPS! Another 3 month break! Today I've edited all the chapters, bringing lots of change to chapter 1 whilst adding and changing little details throughout the rest of the chapters. (Most notably I changed the dryad's name to Emerenta instead of Celestia.)

    I'll be posting up chapter 7 soon, stay tuned!
  16. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Sorry for the delay, meant to have this out in October, and had about 90% of it written in October... but... life happens. Here's chapter 7, "Elemental Swords" Introducing some more of Terraria's lore!
  17. Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    I LOVE this story! Please make more chapters!!
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  18. Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    I do often tend to forget and get carried away with other projects (for instance, my work as a spriter for Terraria Avalon mod), but I will try to write as much as possible when I can! Thanks for your support!
  19. Carcharodon Slimed Zombie

    No, thank you!
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